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219: An Assortment of Things

The One Featuring the Same Safeword I Originally Used. I Would Prefer to Have Less in Common with Sherlock, in All Honesty. Indecorous, by [personal profile] basingstoke. Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson/Tai Morstan.

I love this story because people talk in it. No, I love it because they communicate. This sticks in my mind because when I first read this story, I was also reading a (published) book in which the characters somehow managed to speak many, many words to each other without ever actually communicating at all. It started out like this:

A: I think I like you.
B: Song, sung, blue, everybody knows one.

But in the fullness of time, after they went through many struggles together and learned about each other, their conversations basically all went like this:

A: Bindlestaff Capricorn!
B: Sheepleweepwit. Skanderhoff wormington. Soaply dundoo.

You get the picture. These people started out talking past each other, and ended up with no actual semantic content to their exchanges at all. It was like watching two people make a game try at ballroom dancing, except one of them is anesthetized and the other one is an octopus.

That may be why the first thing I noticed about Indecorous was that, okay, John and Sherlock and Tai don't necessarily understand each other, let alone live in perfect harmony while chanting a lot and occasionally ascending to another plane of existence (and that is just as well, because the other plane of existence would definitely send Sherlock right back), but they do communicate. They start talking and then keep right on talking! To each other! In actual sentences containing meaning! They have misunderstandings and resolve them with functional interaction! They identify problems and solve them! They negotiate boundaries! They learn about each other! It's amazing. It's like they're actual real people. I spent the entire story not wanting to punch any of them. (Except Sherlock occasionally, but who doesn't want to hit Sherlock from time to time?)

I mean, okay, yes. There are many other things I love about this story - the humor, the characterization of everyone, the incredible way it all works together, the way the relationship makes all three of them more than they would be on their own, Sherlock in a vampire costume, Lestrade having an actual life - but, really. For me, it keeps coming back to the way everyone actually talks like they are real grownups and not malfunctioning plot devices. My new motto, drawn from this story: More people, fewer plot devices.

The One Featuring the World's First Texting Ghost. Okay, He Doesn't Actually Text. He Just Writes Like He Is. Must You, Harry? Really? Cross, by [personal profile] lightgetsin. Dresden Files series, Harry Dresden/John Marcone.

I have not read any Dresden Files books. I keep bouncing off the early chapters of the first one, largely because I am not entirely sure that I want to spend that long in Harry Dresden's head or Jim Butcher's hands. But I have grown to love and adore the fan fiction. And I especially love and adore this story, even though - well, let's just say, in my head, there is already a sequel. It is full of ice cream and mermaids.

So, yes, okay, the ending of this one is not quite as happy as I would like (although it's not horrible, and you can get through the rough spots simply by reminding yourself of the fantasy sequel). Don't care. To me, this story is basically an exercise in examining how many layers of denial you can plaster over yourself before you crack into a million pieces. Answer: John Marcone is nearly there. (Sequel.)

I love that. I love John Marcone, too, in the same way I love Lex Luthor. (To me, they fit into the same general category: Too Competent for Anyone's Good. It's a small but well-loved group of people who get shit done, but it would probably be better if they didn't. You want to give these people hobbies, and then you remember that they'd start out collecting stamps and end up conquering Switzerland to gain control of its post office, and you just kind of give up in despair.) And I particularly love this John Marcone, who is complicated and deeply fucked up and practicing denial like it's his religion. And then you pair him with Harry Dresden, who is, let's be honest, maybe not the healthiest guy parading around Chicago with a giant staff, and you watch things explode. (SEQUEL.)

Of course, before things can start exploding, Marcone has to, um, bring Dresden back from the dead. These things happen occasionally. I just love that this story starts with one half of the pairing dead, and then he comes back, and then the real fucked-up-ness starts. (SEQUEL SEQUEL SEQUEL.)

Read it! It's amazing! And then come back here and tell me alllll about your own personal fantasy sequel to it.

The AU in Which Movies Are Presumably Way More Fun Than in Our Universe. Which in Your Case You Have Not Got, by [personal profile] dira. Generation Kill x A Companion to Wolves. (I really don't think you need to know either fandom for this to work, for the record.)

First, let me say: I have never read A Companion to Wolves. If you have a really intense squick, you generally learn to avoid things that sound like trouble. (Or, I suppose, you turn into a twitching wreck. I prefer caution.) Like, BB and I learned to avoid movies described as "poignant," because it turns out we don't enjoy watching people die horribly. Of, say, cancer. Or being beaten to death. When they say "poignant," what they mean is, "will leave TFV huddled on the couch under a blanket, wheezing, with her eyes swollen shut." In the same way, I look at the summary of something like A Companion to Wolves and know that at some point, a wolf will die, and I will end up crying for three hours, at the end of which BB will say, "Why did you even read this book? You should have known better."

I do, however, know some Generation Kill (I read the book, and also Nate Fick's book, and no I did not see the TV series because are you kidding?), and I have to say, if the real US military had involved being telepathically bonded to a motherfucking wolf under the weight of thousands of years of Norse history, Nate Fick would have had nine million orgasms just thinking about joining the military. And you'd have had to shoot him to get him out. Nate Fick is a guy who would say, in all sincerity, that they just don't do manly warrior bonds like they used to, back in the good old days (B.C.).

So, yes, this story is an awesome commentary on all the military Test of Manhood and Noble History and I Am Warrior shit. But that is not why I love it. I love it, basically, because the entire story is told through the eyes of a dude who does not have a clue. I mean, seriously, Evan the reporter, in this, could not find sand in Iraq. He'd just be staring around going, "I know it's here somewhere. I can, like, smell it. Hmmm. Sand. Where could it be?" And yet it's very clear to the reader what is going on. I love that. I love writers who do that. And I really, really love this story.

The telepathically bonded magical wolves and manly warrior bonds do not hurt, either. For the record.

The One That Shows That You Should Pick out the Minds You Visit Carefully. Take Note, Charles Xavier! Synergy, by [ profile] airgiodslv. Inception x Criminal Minds. Arthur No Family Name Given Because Seriously, Christopher Nolan? Seriously?/Spencer Reid. (Sorry. Just, I mean - one of the core team characters in Inception gets two official names. One. It's like Nolan wasn't even trying.)

Another crossover! Involving yet another fandom I don't know! It's almost like this set has a theme. (Actually, I could do a set of those. Several sets, even.) Everything I know about Criminal Minds I know from this story; before reading it, I sort of generally classed it with the Letters Fandoms - NCIS, CSI, probably some other ones I've forgotten about; shows full of people who, to go by the vids, spend a lot of time in offices staring at things, and occasionally someone cries or gets killed or buried. Now, um, I still don't know that much about Criminal Minds, although this story did answer some searching questions I had about certain terms that have started showing up in non-fan-fiction locations. (Unsub, for example, which always makes me say, "...So, do you mean dom?")

But it is a tradition with me to recommend fan fiction for sources I know nothing about. And I love this story. The details! The consequences of inception! The researching and bugging and theories! It's casefic. With extra adventures inside the head of someone who could probably use a few visits with a shrink. Joy!

Plus, I love this for the portrayal of Arthur. Inception is one of those fandoms where I'm willing to entertain almost any story an author wants to tell about a character, as long as the three basic traits remain the same. (In other words, I won't buy stupid Arthur, but if you can make a case for magician Arthur, or demonic librarian Arthur, or robot Arthur, I am prepared to read it.) And I loved this version of Arthur, though of course I will not tell you what it is. (It would be a spoiler, and that would be wrong. I will tell you that he's not a robot, though. Which is fine, of course. But where have all the robots gone?)

I also love Eames in this one; I have a weakness for competent people who can roll with the punches and get shit done. (My ideal hero would, presumably, speak seven languages and not sleep much.) And I even like Spencer Reid, who seems anal, intelligent, and really, really complicated. I am guessing his show has run for a lot of seasons.

The One That Proves That the Side with the Biggest Teeth Wins. Jaws, by [ profile] JoeLawson. Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett/Daniel Williams.

Okay, so when I was figuring out what fourth story I wanted for this set, I ended up with one of those painful quandaries that fandom occasionally puts me in. (Like, you know, "Wingfic or amnesia?" The hard questions, in other words.) Eventually, though, I realized: no one should ever have to choose between weresharks and casefic. It's just not right to ask. So, since I don't have any stories that combine weresharks and casefic (a sad lack, in my opinion), I'm just going to have to recommend both.

Don't get me wrong: I still think Hawai'i needs werewolves. Or vampires. (Wouldn't it suck to get vamped in Hawai'i? Surrounded by moving water. Sunlight all the damn time. Pineapples. Palm trees. I bet Hawaiian vampires routinely win the Most Emo ribbon in the vampire shows.) But I am pretty damn pleased that the fandom has weresharks.

And not just any weresharks, let me add. It's not just that Danny is perhaps the best wereshark ever recorded - it's that there's a whole werecommunity in this one. (Although that makes it sound like the residents transform: half the time they're loners! And then the sun comes out and, bam, they're hugging and sharing and cuddling and tossing leis. But you know what I mean.) I love the hints in this story of something bigger just behind it, a whole world of people turning into sharks and wallabies and pangolins. And speaking bastardized Greek. It doesn't get better than that.

Note that there is some animal harm in this one. Shark harm, to be specific. I dealt with it by telling myself those were actually weresharks, and thus technically humans. (No, we will not discuss what it says about me that this worked as a coping mechanism. In my world, it is okay for sharks to eat people, but not for people to eat sharks, apparently.)

[personal profile] tevere 2011-07-16 04:05 am (UTC)(link)
Nate Fick is a guy who would say, in all sincerity, that they just don't do manly warrior bonds like they used to, back in the good old days (B.C.).

Ahahahaha, oh, Nate. He really would've been happier back in Spartan times, when it was all so heroic, manly and homoerotic, and everyone knew and performed their duty to Society.

Now we must all pester Dira for her promised 30,000 word slash epic in this universe.
dira: Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Nate - Watchful)

[personal profile] dira 2011-07-16 04:09 am (UTC)(link)

Given this one was nine thousand words and spanned FIFTEEN MINUTES, uh. 30,000 might be ... optimistic.

Also, &NATE;
dira: Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Nate - Watchful)

[personal profile] dira 2011-07-16 04:12 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you for the rec! :D The epic version of this is going to be ALL ABOUT NATE, thanks to me reading One Bullet Away just as I was trying to figure out what to do with this universe.

Also, I didn't read Evan's book until just this past week--when I opened it to the dedication page and found that it said The strength of the pack is the Wolf I almost broke something laughing. CLEARLY THAT IS A SIGN FROM EVAN AND/OR THE UNIVERSE THAT I NEED TO BE WRITING THIS AU. RIGHT? RIGHT.

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[personal profile] frostfire 2011-07-16 04:17 am (UTC)(link)

"Man, that story Indecorous that I just read the other day was pretty awesome! I'll mention that to TFV today, I bet she'd really like it."

ANYWAY. Going to go write a little more, talk to you soon. Although given the available evidence, maybe we should do away with words and just communicate WITH OUR MINDS.

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quinfirefrorefiddle: Van Gogh's painting of a mulberry tree. (Criminal Minds: Err)

[personal profile] quinfirefrorefiddle 2011-07-16 04:25 am (UTC)(link)
Regarding Spencer Reid: he has two or three doctorates (which he got to spite his father), he's extremely awkward around girls in the series, he had his mother committed for her own safety immediately upon turning 18, grew up in Vegas and knows all possible odds and stats for every gambling out there- and picked up some card tricks for fun, was hooked on Dialuid for awhile due to a "well meaning" unsub on a really nasty case, spent a lot of his life convinced his dad had killed a kid when he was younger, and once killed a guy with a perfect headshot the day after flunking his handgun quals for the FBI.

Oh, and his beloved mentor (played by Mandy Patinikin) abandoned him two years into the show.
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[personal profile] feanna 2011-07-16 07:34 am (UTC)(link)
One thing I love about the show is Spencer's mother! I mean, she's got schizophrenia (which is why he had her committed) and she still gets to show up and actually contribute stuff sometimes. The show definitely has some major fail in it on the feminism and other isms front, but also some really good stuff! Garcia, who's pure awesome, the way Hotch, the male emotionally constipated teamleader is MOM (and Gideon was Dad) and so on.

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[personal profile] samvara 2011-07-16 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my, since I've already read 4 of these and loved them, Synergy must be AWESOME!

*goes to read*
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[personal profile] basingstoke 2011-07-16 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
My stalwart beta Jacquez has a MASSIVE hate-on for stories that hang on grown characters never actually talking to each other. She has beaten any such tendency out of me with sticks. (If Sherlock doesn't occasionally behave like a spoiled child, though, he's not in character.) And you know, I read a shitload of Dickens last year and took from him that you should write every character in a story like they are the hero of their own novel, because, well, they are.

Oh, and also bweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D thank you!

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auburn: Girl With Book Painting (Girl With Book)

[personal profile] auburn 2011-07-16 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
God, I love your reviews. It doesn't matter if I'll never read Generation Kill or Sherlock (though I will read Criminal Minds mashed with Inception, you betcha) or watch Coffee Prince. I adore the reviews and the glimpses into other fandoms.

Also, an update: currently writing incoherent notes for that bootlegger AU. I know more about the Volstead Act than I ever, ever wanted to and I don't even drink.

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dine: (Default)

[personal profile] dine 2011-07-16 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
as always, you come up with the exact reasons (and much more funnily) I adore stories - I've read all (except the Inception crossover) and your summaries make me want to run and reread them all right now! even though I don't need to get up early tomorrow, I'm betting I probably can't make it through all four tonight.

sara: S (Default)

[personal profile] sara 2011-07-16 06:20 am (UTC)(link)
It was like watching two people make a game try at ballroom dancing, except one of them is anesthetized and the other one is an octopus. was probably really really wrong to read this section of your post, begin laughing hysterically, read it out loud to my spouse, and wind up laughing even more hysterically and saying, "It's like OUR MARRIAGE, OMG, OCTOPUS!"

Right, well, I am still feeling giggly but now I have to go perhaps mend some bridges. 'Scuse me.
puckling: (Smiling Nate)

[personal profile] puckling 2011-07-16 09:23 am (UTC)(link)
I do, however, know some Generation Kill (I read the book, and also Nate Fick's book, and no I did not see the TV series because are you kidding?), and I have to say, if the real US military had involved being telepathically bonded to a motherfucking wolf under the weight of thousands of years of Norse history, Nate Fick would have had nine million orgasms just thinking about joining the military. And you'd have had to shoot him to get him out. Nate Fick is a guy who would say, in all sincerity, that they just don't do manly warrior bonds like they used to, back in the good old days (B.C.).

alkdsfjadkfjlkajhahahahahahha I have officially died dead, because this is both true and one of my favorite things I read tonight/this morning (and trust me, the fics that you recced were top notch, so that's saying something).
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[personal profile] lilacsigil 2011-07-16 10:52 am (UTC)(link)
Wouldn't it suck to get vamped in Hawai'i? Surrounded by moving water. Sunlight all the damn time.

Brisbane, Australia has a big vampire scene!
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[personal profile] jesse_the_k 2011-07-16 11:49 am (UTC)(link)
Vampire sun block — there's a market.

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jesse_the_k: White tea cup with queer rainbow of sugar cubes in saucer (rainbow)

[personal profile] jesse_the_k 2011-07-16 11:50 am (UTC)(link)
You are awesomely awesome. That is all.
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[personal profile] twistedchick 2011-07-16 01:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I dearly love your recs. You get me into new fandoms (or different angles of ones I'm in) by telling me about stories so that I can't resist them.

::fangirls you::
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re: Dresden Files

[personal profile] niqaeli 2011-07-16 02:41 pm (UTC)(link)
As someone currently working her way through the series, it helps if you realise that it is professionally published Lord King Bad Fic.

Well, the first one was just badfic (no, really, wiki informs me that he deliberately wrote it to be as formulaic schlock as possible to fling at his writing instructor's head as Proof, PROOF! that formula was terrible and unsaleable). After he improved a bit as a writer but was stuck with the series being a commercial success, well, that's when it turns into glorious, idtastic Lord King Bad Fic. The prose and overall plotting improves! But it's very much got that heart of badfic at its centre. Delicious, delicious badfic.

Things worth knowing if you're going to choose to slog through the first couple to get to that delicious, bad-for-you candy centre of the series: Harry's an ass and an idiot and you will want to hit him frequently. That will not change. While you can't actually hit him, the narrative does beat him senseless quite a few times and it's extremely satisfying to watch. Also, something to be aware of is that Harry never quite gives up being sexist about the chivalry bullshit. He does lessen up a lot on telling people stuff is For Their Own Good.

In book... *thinks* eight? I think it's book eight, anyway, there's actually a fascinating relationship choice, wherein he and the other party have a discussion about why it probably will not work at well for either of them, and then put it aside because it's not a good idea and continue on being really good friends. THEY ACT LIKE REAL ADULTS ABOUT IT OH MY GOD, I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY THAT MADE ME. I mean, actually, for being an idtastic romp through a dude's urban fantasy series, it's remarkably believable on the romance/sex front, which is to say it occasionally comes up as these things do in real life, but not that often and, mostly, Our Hero is too busy for that shit.

Anyway. Um. I'm not saying that you should read the Dresden Files, because god knows. They're -- ha. They're something. And if you don't enjoy badfic or its better-written cousin of LKBF, it's probably a really terrible idea for you to read the Dresden Files. Mostly, I just figured I'd toss out a few things I'd wished I'd known about the series, going in, so you can make an informed decision! (People kept saying "it gets better! really, it gets better!" but that's really not helpful -- it gets better how? So, thus you get sparkly teal deer about how it is bad and how it gets better, oh my god it really is Lord King Bad Fic.)

I mean, I think the books are fucking hilarious and awesome, but I suspect more sincere fans might accuse me of enjoying them wrong. *g*
Edited 2011-07-16 14:53 (UTC)

Re: Dresden Files

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Re: Dresden Files

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helenorvana: (X-Men - beginnings)

[personal profile] helenorvana 2011-07-16 04:07 pm (UTC)(link)
With one singular exception, I have never read outside fandoms with which I'm unfamiliar. But man, does that Generation Kill x A Companion to Wolves look tempting...

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[personal profile] ahouseforrain 2011-07-16 11:17 pm (UTC)(link)
The One Featuring the World's First Texting Ghost. Okay, He Doesn't Actually Text. He Just Writes Like He Is. Must You, Harry? Really?

This bit stood out to me in particular, because I'm familiar with a previous story about a ghost who texts: It Feels like Home when I'm With You. In fact, I thought I got it from one of your rec posts, but maybe not...

It's mentioned in the header notes so I don't think this is a spoiler. It's a Sherlock fic, taking the premise that John Watson is a ghost. There are some rather gruesome visuals, for anyone with problems with blood, death and murder. Also, probably obviously, there's a ghost. (He has better spelling on his messages than Harry does, though.)

This entire comment brought to you by the fact that my brain got fixated on what was probably a flippant comment, yes.

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(Anonymous) 2011-07-16 11:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Sorry to disagree with some of the other commenters on LiveJournal, but just in case you'd be interested in a different viewpoint regarding the Dresden Files books?

No, it doesn't get better: I was surprised and squicked after the first few chapters and so mad by the end of the first book that I am still irritated -no, furious- months later. And vaguely sick.

Reading that book left a horrible taste in my mouth and this is the first time in my life as a reader that I ever felt like throwing a book away. Seriously, this is icky, icky stuff. Subtle and probably not that noticeable by young kids, but.

As an unrelated point, Jim Butcher seems to be a pretty weird person in real life too: to be fair, his books are such bestsellers that he probably gets far too much fan adulation for his continued mental health - but then again some people like Neil Gaiman seem to manage being both incredibly successful authors and normal, nice guys, so...

The Dresden Files fanfiction, on the other hand is delicious and does not require any knowledge of any of the books to be oh so enjoyable! I have been reading tons of it recently and never did the lack of canon knowledge present any problem. By the way, 'Cross' is a great fic indeed, maybe a bit sadder than lightgetsin's usual, but very rewarding... and since you mention it, yes, it absolutely cries for a sequel!

Further note: if you like the premise of the Dresden Files and/or the TV series, you can give a try to Glen Cook's Garrett PI series which predates the Dresden Files by nearly 20 years and doesn't have the same repellent... undertone.

But the similarities are startling: first person narrative, main character is a private investigator in the classic mold who lives in a universe where magic, fairies, werewolves and the like co-exist with normal humans etc. The difference is the tone, which is at times funny, charming, sad or action-oriented, but never skanky. If that is the word I am looking for...

Another unasked for comment: about A Companion to Wolves? Not to worry, the wolves themselves are fine and any wolf death happens offscreen to unknown wolves, but you may still want to avoid it as it includes not just lots of dubious consent but also outright violent rapes and gang rapes. The fact that these are homosexual rapes is not a mitigating factor in my opinion.

I am aware that everyone's mileage differs on such topics, but this is one of those books that should come with a warning and kept out of the hands of the kiddies: and there is a real risk of it looking interesting to kids because the covers and summary make it sound like an update to the Dragonriders of Pern universe cliche - you know, the 'bonding with an animal who then shares your life' trope, 'mental bond', 'telepathic conversations', 'closer than family' etc. etc. (note that this is NOT the same concept as the universe of His Dark Materials where daemons are a person's actual soul or somesuch).

But the subtext that is politely ignored by McCaffrey is much more in evidence and in your face in A companion to Wolves. With pretty horrible details, even for someone like me who is not triggered by such things. One could argue that there is some justification for such details as this is an integral and important part of the story and universe the authors are building. But still, not for everyone.

(Anonymous) 2011-07-17 02:14 am (UTC)(link)

The book is largely about a male character who is put into a traditionally female role, which could be a worthwhile theme to explore. He fights some but also has to stay home while the others go out to fight, because his wolf is female and reproductively more valuable. He has to learn to mediate aggressions between other people. He's also sort of like the princess with many suitors, because leadership depends on which man/wolf pair his wolf chooses for them to mate with. And, of course, he doesn't really get a choice and he has to accept being raped as part of his lot in life.

But at least one of the authors has claimed it isn't rape. Which is preposterous and offensive. A lot of the cultural details just don't make sense, and the plot rests heavily on the culture. A bit of fridge logic and the whole thing falls apart.

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mermaid: mermaid swimming (Default)

Hawaii Five-0 werewolf AU

[personal profile] mermaid 2011-07-17 03:49 am (UTC)(link)
since I don't have any stories that combine weresharks and casefic (a sad lack, in my opinion)

Well, if you'll forgive a self-rec, I have just finished posting my H50 AU which combines werewolves and casefic. Here's the link, if you're interested:

Sympathy for the Werewolf
(Steve/Danny, NC-17, 50,000 words)
synecdochic: torso of a man wearing jeans, hands bound with belt (Default)

[personal profile] synecdochic 2011-07-17 12:21 pm (UTC)(link)
(To me, they fit into the same general category: Too Competent for Anyone's Good. It's a small but well-loved group of people who get shit done, but it would probably be better if they didn't. You want to give these people hobbies, and then you remember that they'd start out collecting stamps and end up conquering Switzerland to gain control of its post office, and you just kind of give up in despair.)

I am currently writing an epic about one of these people (Rufus Shinra, from Final Fantasy 7) and this is the best description of the trope I have ever heard. You want to tell him to take up knitting so he'd relax, and then you realize, he'd wind up taking over the entire mechanism of yarn production and wind up with a global monopoly on sheep.

(I love those bastards so much.)
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Well, yes, but as long as he makes the quality of the resulting yarn better, I'm happy to have him take over yarn production. I'll accept a lot of chaos to have Really Good Yarn.



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Jaws has to be my favorite story in H50 fandom so far. Why is tied to something you said--the whole world behind it, the hints of something bigger. Plus, it's a great story.

For a fabulous werewolf story in H50, may I recommend Sympathy for the Werewolf by mermaid? A really well-done werewolf-Steve story with bonus casefic.

There are also some cool were-octopus and were-starfish stories in H50, but I have to go look them over before giving you links, just to check for animal harm (is it okay if it's were-creature harm 'cause they're really human?)
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In terms of Dresden Files, I go back and forth on them- amd the last one made me furiously angry. Still, I have placed a hold on the new one at my library, because, OK, I want to see how hate-filled I remain afterwards. But, I have to tell you, if you want to laugh yourself sick, go for Dead Beat. Two words: zombie dinosaur!

And I am just getting started in H50 fandom, so I have to ask, where are the stories hiding? I feel like such a failure.
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FWIW, I totally love the Dresden File novels, they're a ton of fun and I'm eagerly anticipating the next one. If you're enjoying the fic you might want to give them another try. I have no less than three friends who initially quit reading on the first or second book (at least one because she couldn't stand Harry) but then later were convinced to keep going with it, and fell in love with the series. And judging by another friend's experience you can start with book 3 and not miss that much. Basically the series steadily improves until book 6, where it reaches an equilibrium of solidly entertaining that so far it's maintained.

ETA: erm, also if I have said this before please ignore me; I have given this spiel to various folks on my flist and easily lose track of who ^^;
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I'll concur with all of this, though I will warn that if you're sensitive to sexism you want to skip Proven Guilty entirely. If you're like me, that book will make you want to take 500 showers.
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And now you have made me want fic about the sort of werecommunity you describe! It sounds so fascinating!

Also I totally subscribe to your sequel to Cross. MMMHMM. THERE IS A HAPPY ENDING.

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I, too, would read werecommunity fic. Although I know better than to try googling it.

And oh, CROSS. Indeed there is a happy ending. MERMAIDS AND ICE CREAM ALL THE WAY.

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(Unsub, for example, which always makes me say, "...So, do you mean dom?")

*dies laughing* This just made my night. The recs don't hurt either. Thank you.

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Thank you! And, seriously, UNSUB? I'm guessing whoever came up with that doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about kink.

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Unsub, for example, which always makes me say, "...So, do you mean dom?"

For the win....

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Thank you! *beams*

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