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Loving the Spacetoaster

The other night, Best Beloved and I were reading before sleeping, as is the custom of our people, and I had to take a break from the story. In the days when I did most of my fan fiction reading on a computer, that meant just switching to another tab. But now I do most of it on my Kindle, and I can't switch in and out as quickly. (On the other hand, it's way easier to read fan fiction before bed.) So for short breaks, I just kind of - look away from the screen. Which is what I did.

"What?" BB said, looking up from her own Kindle.

"It's getting gross," I told her. I may have sounded a trifle grim when I said it.

There was a pause as she tried to figure out if she wanted to know, and decided she probably didn't, and then realized she couldn't stop herself from asking anyway. (This is, by the way, self-destructive curiosity. Normally I'm the one who has it. Not this time.) "Like - blood?" she asked. "Serial killers?"

"They're having feelings all over the place," I said. And I meant it.

See, even in stories, I prefer feelings in small doses. When people start having impassioned conversations in which they share their innermost thoughts, I have to stare into space for a while, even if they are totally great and in-character conversations and the story is awesome.

I realized, after BB finished laughing openly at me and returned to her book (in which people probably had feelings left, right, and center without her flinching at all, because she is weird enough that she believes a serial killing is more disgusting than emoting) that this was totally related to a question [personal profile] bethbethbeth posed quite a while back, about people's favorite character types.

This might lead you to believe that my favorite character is the strong silent type. And, okay, I do enjoy reading about people who, if they have a feeling, have to go ford a stream or hack through a jungle or venture into deepest space to deal with the trauma. But that isn't my type.

My type is the spacetoaster. I love spacetoasters. I can get into all kinds of fandoms and I can like all kinds of characters, but only a spacetoaster will force me to turn my brain into a sort of heart annex to hold all my feelings of love. (Yes. Irony: I live it.)

So it's probably pretty obvious, but I'd still like to define the spacetoaster.

A toaster, see, is someone with a feelings dysfunction. Maybe the toaster has few feelings. Maybe the toaster has lots of feelings and is totally bewildered by them. Maybe the toaster has spent a lifetime getting distance from any and all feelings, only to be suddenly confronted by them and fail to deal. Whatever. My point is: toasters don't get feelings. They spend a lot of their lives watching other people emote and wishing to be elsewhere, or having feelings themselves and thinking they're maybe hungry or something. (And, yes, there is a bond of sympathy here. I once had an argument with an art therapist in which I finally said, "But I don't have feelings all the time." "You do," she told me, using the tone that therapists used to get with teenaged me after half an hour or so of attempted therapy. "Everyone has feelings all the time. You just don't acknowledge them." And then the hour was up, thank god, but I still think I was right. Sometimes I don't have any particular feelings.)

But not all toasters meet my character needs. There are lots of people who are coldly efficient, or coldly correct, or coldly distant who in no way grip me, or at least don't specially grip me, because I am specifically interested in spacetoasters: toasters who are alien, or alienated. Or maybe just easiest to describe in alien terms. Whatever. My point is, if you have an alienesque person who dreams in black and white, a person who acts like all her feelings are beamed in from a space station orbiting Jupiter, you have a character I'm going to want to meet, and read about, and write about, and possibly pin up on my super-secret Wall of Spacetoasters.

This is why my reaction to Spock was, basically, where have you been all my life, you dreamy, dreamy spacetoaster? Spock is the exemplar, the archetype, the essence of spacetoasterdom. If you're looking for a spacetoaster, you can do no better than Spock. And if you're trying to build a better spacetoaster, I'm just going to have to laugh at you, because they don't get better than Spock. (Although I encourage you to try. So, so strongly encourage you to try.)

But there are other spacetoasters out there, of course. Benton Fraser, I would submit, is a spacetoaster - a guy routinely labeled a freak even by his fellow Mounties, whose only successful emotional relationship, as the series begins, has been with a dog. (Many spacetoasters are better with animals or babies than with adult humans.) Aeryn Sun would rather shoot everyone in a building, or indeed on a planet, than have a single heartfelt sharing moment, and she is, again, an actual alien: spacetoaster! (And, man, maybe it's just that I never really watch - uh, anything, basically - but to me it looks like there is a serious shortage of lady spacetoasters out there. Someone needs to get to work on that, stat. I mean, I get the sense that Temperance Brennan may be a spacetoaster, but I also get the sense that she's on an ensemble show, and I still have scars from the last ensemble show I tried to watch. Beyond that, and of course my beloved Queen of Attolia, I've got nothing.) Jamie Hyneman has three certified expressions, last had a feeling in the fall of '39, and is weird even to other Mythbusters: spacetoaster, spacetoaster, spacetoaster. Abed Nadir is, as far as I can make out, the result of Dan Harmon's actual attempt to build a better spacetoaster. (He failed, of course. There's only one Spock. But Abed is awesome, even so.) And then there's Sidney Crosby, who only has feelings during and about hockey, and who may actually be from space. Spacetoaster. (In fact, the word itself comes from a pathetically long email exchange on the subject of one Sidney Crosby. I am not going to implicate my co-conspirator, though, on the grounds that she might then refuse to finish a story I really want to read. Guess what it's about!)

So, you believe you may have a spacetoaster on your hands, but you aren't quite sure? Here are some signs! (Please note that, like many tests, this is not intended to diagnose. A high score merely provides a basis for further testing. The real proof of the spacetoaster is in the story.)
  1. Is your character highly competent at something that is not feelings or people? (If yes, +10 spacetoaster points.)
  2. Try writing a story from your suspected spacetoaster's first-person point of view. Then write the same story from some other character's point of view. If the first character requires more words to get to the same place, and those words aren't in dialogue, you may have a spacetoaster on your hands. (+1 spacetoaster point for every additional thousand words. In extreme cases, you can just stop the test here; some spacetoaster points of view can add 50k words to a story.)
  3. Imagine writing a story in which your suspected spacetoaster is a robot. Now imagine writing a story in which the same character spends fifteen minutes discussing his or her feelings intensely and sincerely. (+5 spacetoaster points if the robot was easier. +10 spacetoaster points if you fell over laughing when you tried to picture the second scenario. +15 if your character is actually already a robot.)
  4. Picture your possible spacetoaster receiving a heartfelt hug from an acquaintance. (+5 spacetoaster points if the character stands there stiffly. +10 if he or she recoils, flees, or flinches. +15 if it is impossible to picture an acquaintance hugging your character because the Do Not Touch field is so strong with this one.)
  5. Take a random sampling of five stories about the suspected spacetoaster, or five episodes, whatever you have. Count the number of times the character fails to understand some extremely basic human concept. (Example: if you want to kiss someone, that might mean you are attracted to that person!) (+1 point/incidence.)
  6. Consider the same random sample. Give one spacetoaster point for each incidence of the following:
    • Someone calls the character an alien.
    • The character must engage in some level of research (reading texts, calling friends or relations, setting up an elaborate double-blind study, whatever) to understand a joke.
    • The character avoids an emotional scene.
    • The character fails to notice an emotional scene.
    • The character wishes to be a robot.
    • The character fails to respond appropriately to a fairly basic cultural concept. (Example: not really understanding the rules of visiting a friend at home.)
Total up your points. The higher the number, the more likely it is that you should email me with news of your spacetoastery discovery. What, you thought you were taking this test for you? Don't be silly. (You might not even appreciate spacetoasters. Although I hope you do.) This is my attempt to get you to tell me about your favorite spacetoasters, because I might have missed some. And I'm sick. There's nothing like a spacetoaster when you're sick. The hopeless way she stares at you in distressed confusion, pats you awkwardly on the shoulder, and then disappears and comes back with a welding torch - it just sets you right up.
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[personal profile] derryderrydown 2012-07-22 03:15 am (UTC)(link)
Brad Colbert is totally a spacetoaster.

Supremely competent at Being A Marine, and my Directed-verse Gen Kill story would be finished by now if Brad could accept that he's in love and this is not the end of the world.
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"But I don't have feelings all the time." "You do," she told me, using the tone that therapists used to get with teenaged me after half an hour or so of attempted therapy. "Everyone has feelings all the time. You just don't acknowledge them." And then the hour was up, thank god, but I still think I was right. Sometimes I don't have any particular feelings.

This is *absolutely* true for me. Lots of folks in fandom write about emotions in stories being "delicious" or "tasty," but for me emotions are neither of those things. They are mostly reasons to have bad days. This seems to be true for men in general, which is one reason I usually find stories about men getting in touch with their feelings to be deeply annoying. For me, feelings are things to be aware of (because otherwise they'll bite you), but not glorified.

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One thing I keep noticing about my love of fanfic is that I love reading about people who vomit feelings all over the place (with crying and pining and getting drunk and - okay, Kaner.) But when I write, I can't bring myself to write all those icky feelings out on the page, so I write spacetoasters.

When I write, I feel like it's rude and patronizing to spell out everything for the reader, that a hint and a bit of showing is enough, but dragging them down into Feelings is just rude. (And when I read, I want to be dragged down into Feelings and wallow with Kaner while he cries over Johnny not loving him/thinking he's good enough/losing hockey games.)

I don't quite understand this dichotomy, but I roll with it.

(I wrote 23k words of Sidney being a spacetoaster and may even post it in a few days. But I have come to the conclusion no one but me and 5 other people are excited about this, but, whatever. I've bribed my 5 excited fans with pre-reading, and I've convinced myself to stop expecting anyone else to like it.)

I also agree that people don't have feelings all the time. Some people maybe do, but some don't, and it's always annoying when a therapist tries to tell you you're wrong about something inside your own head.
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I wrote 23k words of Sidney being a spacetoaster and may even post it in a few days.

i for one can't wait to read it! :)

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In fact, the word itself comes from a pathetically long email exchange on the subject of one Sidney Crosby. I am not going to implicate my co-conspirator, though, on the grounds that she might then refuse to finish a story I really want to read. Guess what it's about!

...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHAT IS THE ETA OF THIS FIC? :D
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Spacetoasters!! They are so fabulous. I adore writing and reading them both. "How does I feelings??!?" is one of my favorites.

I think possibly the reason I gave Naruto canon a try was that I'd seen somebody writing fic that had a supporting character spacetoaster being obviously way more capable of knifing people than understanding what they smiled for. (Turns out that's canon; the character, Sai, was part of a secret-even-from-other-ninjas training program as a child and had his emotions pretty much wiped out. Now he's trying to learn to act like an ordinary teenage ninja. It doesn't always work.)

There's a strain of Naruto fandom that also likes to write Kakashi as kind of a spacetoaster, presuming that his habits of taking nothing seriously & reading porn in public are distancing measures to keep people from trying to interact with him meaningfully.

Icha Icha Debonair kind of plays with that; all you need to know about the canon is that all the humans are magical ninjas, and the characters talking to Kakashi at the beginning of the story are talking ninja dogs.

"I don't want to go out," Kakashi sulked. "Normal people make me nervous. I don't know what they're up to and they're not attacking, so I can't figure out a defence and counter-strike."

...Definitely the battle cry of a spacetoaster.

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aris_tgd: Dureena from Crusade, text: "Thief" (Dureena-thief)

[personal profile] aris_tgd 2012-07-22 03:34 am (UTC)(link)
Parker from Leverage.

She's a super-competent thief who even after getting better at hugging people and actually starting to date someone still lists her money above everyone else on her team when listing "stuff that's important to me." She's AWESOME.

(Icon is not a picture of her, icon is of Dureena Nafeel from Crusade, who sadly does not fit any of your requirements. But they are both lady thieves, so it is apropos.)
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I've always considered Parker to be high-functioning autistic. But what I cherish about her deep love of money is that she doesn't want to spend it on anything- she just loves money for itself!

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+1, +1, +1, +<3

I tell people that I am not a Spock girl, but that is not entirely true. My reaction when I found Spock was "oh thank heavens, it is okay to search your feelings and NOT FIND ANY". As I was at the time going placidly through what ought to have been a tormented adolescence, this was something of a lifesaver.

Then I discovered that pretty much everyone else's Spock love had the moral of "it is unhealthy to not have feelings! Come emote with us humans, Spock!" and I backed out of Spock fandom *fast*.

(I am a McCoy girl, because while he is not a spacetoaster (well he kind of is, in that he literally ran away to space in order to avoid having to deal with feelings, but not really in the classic way,) he is a passing-for-normal guy who understands and enjoys spacetoasters, and I enjoy this.

By the way you would probably enjoy Bones, because it contains two kinds of characters, spacetoasters and people who voluntarily spend time with them, and yes it is a semi-ensemble show, but none of the characters look alike! Just... don't get attached to Zack.)

Although I am not sure I agree with your #2? It probably depends on what you are trying to convey, but I tend to enjoy characters who are good at AVOID, and can fit an entire messy breakup or personal revelation or childhood trauma into the space between two adjectives, whereas another character would spent five hundred words emoting at that point.
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But definitely re: Bones, warning for ensemble show, and warning for the writer's strike in season, um, two? Maybe three? The point where they panic and go completely off the rails is um. Widely agreed upon by fans, so maybe get someone to rec you the episodes.

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I have read some terrific Hawaii Five-0 fics where Steve is a true spacetoaster. In the canon of the show, he's not quite so incompetent at communicating, but Danny does needle him about having trouble with "mammal-to-mammal communication".

Of course, Danny has enough feelings spewing out all over the place to compensate for Steve, the very stoic Chin, and any and all minor characters who have not actually got lines in a scene.
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Weelll, I'm assuming you've met the BBC modern-AU Sherlock? I'm thinking he scores pretty high on the spacetoaster test.
devohoneybee: (sheep with fez)

[personal profile] devohoneybee 2012-07-22 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
which, interestingly for the alien part of the hypothesis, has led to a lot of AU of the AU stories in which Sherlock is a vampire, angel, Addams Family member, or other supernatural creature.

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Have you still not checked out Community? Parker is a total spacetoaster. There's a beautiful, beautiful moment in season one where you can total watch Parker's thought-process in real time:
1. I'm uncomfortable, I think I'm having a feeling.
2. I know, I'll stab someone with a fork!
aris_tgd: Dureena from Crusade, text: "Thief" (Dureena-thief)

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... You're going to post in half a second or edit this post going "Shit, I mean Leverage!"

But yes, PARKERRRR! "I did it! And I didn't even stab anyone!" "... Yes, that's... good, good job..."

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I'm thinking Anya, from Buffy, especially her reactions to social norms and dealing with death.

She used to be a demon (alien!), and yes, she has feelings, but her sense of how to behave in society is often based on such a different logic that she has to ask for remedial explanations of things.
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oulfis: A teacup next to a plate of scones with clotted cream and preserves. (Default)

[personal profile] oulfis 2012-07-22 03:50 am (UTC)(link)
I think the reason I like the Dr. Who episode The Lodger so much is because the doctor spends the entire episode being totally inhuman. Though perhaps he's a bit high-energy to be a spacetoaster. He is a time-travelling alien who has to pass as a normal guy, and he keeps flopping about in the middle of someone else's romance subplot, being ridiculous because he doesn't understand that they have feelings. It might be watchable on its own; this comment probably includes all the really critical backstory.
ellen_fremedon: overlapping pages from Beowulf manuscript, one with a large rubric, on a maroon ground (Default)

[personal profile] ellen_fremedon 2012-07-22 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
When the Doctor is a spacetoaster-- which isn't all the time; some of his incarnations are much more spacetoastery than others-- it's not because he doesn't have feelings, or doesn't know he's having feelings. It's because his feelings are so far removed from any emotion it would be remotely appropriate to express in the circumstances, and he either doesn't notice the disconnect, or he does notice and starts flailing around for whatever random goofiness will keep everyone else from noticing.

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neotoma: Supernatual, Team Free Will (Team Free Will)

[personal profile] neotoma 2012-07-22 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
This explains Castiel from Supernatural so incredibly well:

you'd think that it would be explained by him being an angel and thus not up on pop culture, but you'd be wrong. Other angels are fine with human pop culture -- sometimes to a frightening degree (ie Gabriel and the forced trip through TV Land).

Castiel is just a spacetoaster!
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out_there: Ianto is amused and very adorable (TW: Happy Ianto by cowboyhd)

[personal profile] out_there 2012-07-22 12:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Hee! Actually, you're totally right. The other angels communicate and get stuff in a way that Castiel just... doesn't. He's all blank stares and serious voice and solving things with violence and/or self-sacrifice, but actual emotions are things that clearly happen to other people.

And given Dean's general lack of comfort discussing anything that starts with "em" and ends with "ns", no wonder they're such a good pair.

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dragonfly: stained glass dragonfly in iridescent colors (Default)

From the classics

[personal profile] dragonfly 2012-07-22 04:06 am (UTC)(link)
Daneel from Asimov's robot trilogy. He is a robot, after all.

Re: From the classics

[personal profile] tevere 2012-07-22 04:38 am (UTC)(link)

Re: From the classics

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grey_bard: (Default)

[personal profile] grey_bard 2012-07-22 04:12 am (UTC)(link)
Both protagonists in Person of Interest are complete spacetoasters. It is, to quote Cesperanza, "clam on clam love". (Paranoid computer genius + former CIA spook + sci fi supercomputer = vigilante crime fighting!) They're both so spacetoaster that admitting what your favorite breakfast food is is a touching declaration of love and trust. (It makes sense in context.)

And conveniently for you, of the two protagonists one is about half a foot taller than the other, they have totally different hair, and one has glasses!
missmollyetc: by trascendenza (Default)

[personal profile] missmollyetc 2012-07-22 08:06 am (UTC)(link)
Oh God, it's so true. I think there was a hand to shoulder touch in one episode, and it was like porn.

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[personal profile] clairshadows 2012-07-22 04:12 am (UTC)(link)
Movie Daniel Jackson is a space toaster. He has all these people sneering down at him (fellow colleagues, soldiers, alien gods) and he just *doesn't* notice. Plus when Sha're gets hurt it's like you can see it clicking in his head that he actually 'likes' this girl maybe a lot.
megaptera: Megaptera novaeangliae (Default)

[personal profile] megaptera 2012-07-22 04:13 am (UTC)(link)
Oh yes, I love spacetoasters. Have you made a page on TV Tropes about them? Or maybe they already exist under another name, I dunno.

I'm positing that Elric is a spacetoaster, but since my books are all packed away I have to wing this quiz.

1. +10
2. +what? Oh god. I've never tried writing him but this is Moorcock's style, all the way. Pages and pages of emotion can go by in Elric's head while not much time actually passes.
3. +10, lolthud.
4. ... +15.
5. +10, which is a conservative guess. In pretty much every story some mention is made of his un-humanness, his alien concept of what love is, that he doesn't really have a sense of humour as humans understand it, the Melnibonéan emotions that humans would find incomprehensible, etc.
6. ... none, he doesn't do that stuff. But he's royalty, so he's trained to act like royalty or fake it if he has to. Also there are no aliens so nobody would call him one.

= 45 points, give or take the bazillion I didn't count in step 2.
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megaptera: Megaptera novaeangliae (Default)

[personal profile] megaptera 2012-07-22 12:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Aaaand I read your post again and I'm not sure Elric fits. It's because of that last step. If that lack of concern for cultural and emotional things isn't there, you don't have a spacetoaster, you have someone who is quite a bit less alienated from his own world. On the surface, anyways.

I posted him because a lot of his qualities appeal to me as a fan of spacetoasters, so if you're looking for something to read you might like him. :)

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sabra_n: (Default)

[personal profile] sabra_n 2012-07-22 04:23 am (UTC)(link)
Chuck's Sarah Walker started out as a spacetoaster, and I loved her for it.
melodyunity: Close-up of cello being played. (Default)

[personal profile] melodyunity 2012-07-22 05:22 am (UTC)(link)
Yes! Sarah is a total spacetoaster! Although I haven't seen any Chuck past Season Two -- did her spacetoasteriness go away? :(

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[personal profile] sabra_n - 2012-07-22 16:31 (UTC) - Expand

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elf: Maple leaf on Dendarii mountains (Vorkosigan crest)

[personal profile] elf 2012-07-22 04:38 am (UTC)(link)
I tried figuring out if Bothari from the Vorkosigan series is a spacetoaster. I'm undecided..

1. +10
2. I tried writing fic from his point-of-view. I found myself writing in second person. I don't think he *has* a 1st-person point-of-view.
3. A) Check. B) Um. Now my head hurts. +5, maybe +10
It's not that I can't imagine him attempting to discuss his feelings intensely and sincerely, but such attempts could only mean pain for everyone within earshot.

4. +15. The only person to ever knowingly, willingly hug Konstantin Bothari is Miles Vorkosigan, and that's because Miles has no sense of self-preservation whatsoever was the target of all Bothari's protective skills from before birth, and therefore by the time he had the social skills to understand that Bothari is to be FEARED, not liked, the habit of trusting him was too deeply set.

5. Let's call it +5, with a possible bonus point for "overwhelming lust when facing a woman going into labor in the middle of a firefight." Which is not specifically spacetoastery, but waaaay up there on the "feelings: ur doin them rong" meter.

6. +2, I think. He's never done research to understand jokes; nobody's sure if he gets jokes and just doesn't laugh much, or doesn't get them and doesn't care. (And nobody's going to ask, either.) He avoids or doesn't notice emotional scenes regularly, but again, nobody's sure which or why. And he fails to respond normally to any number of basic social situations, and nobody's sure if that's because
(1) he's clueless,
(2) he doesn't give a damn,
(3) he's been through psycho-social torture including drugs and a lot of really warped situations, and nobody's sure how aware of his *actual* surroundings he is at any given time (canonical), or
(4) the treatment for the torture left him with literal holes in his brain, and again, nobody's sure yadda yadda, except that he's damn quick to take out threats to the family with rather extreme amounts of violence, so *some* level of cognitive awareness is working *just fine.*

I have a whole long epic angsty story about Bothari I want to write, and I'm terrified that the only way I can do so is with 2nd person POV. (2nd Person is my POV-of-choice for characters who lack self-awareness.) I'm also terrified of writing that much crazy into a fic.
oulfis: A teacup next to a plate of scones with clotted cream and preserves. (Default)

[personal profile] oulfis 2012-07-22 05:56 am (UTC)(link)
God, I love Bothari, but he is the most terrifying motherfucker of a spacetoaster ever imagined. I'd egg you on to write the fic, except I could never possibly face reading it.

Also, regarding #3: remember that one time Bothari had a really emotional conversation with Cordelia? The one where he wanted to know if he'd ever raped her, because probably then he'd feel kinda bad about that? But the feeling-bad part was mostly implied?

I repeat: scariest motherfuckin' spacetoaster.

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runpunkrun: john sheppard biting his lip, text: "I've made a huge mistake." (sheppard makes a huge mistake)

[personal profile] runpunkrun 2012-07-22 04:54 am (UTC)(link)
Ah, John Sheppard. Difficult to hug. Stares blankly when hot ladies flash their boobs at him. "Never sees it coming." Was married once and in the immortal words of, I believe, Helenish: "Didn't work out." The subject of countless stories where he actually is a robot. May have a better relationship with an alien city than with other human beings. Lives in space.
perfica: (fandom honey i'm here for the slash)

[personal profile] perfica 2012-07-22 06:40 am (UTC)(link)

I didn't even do the test for him; just reading tfv's description pinged JS. It's because of his sterling people skills that we have 'John Sheppard Compliments', i.e.

::wrinkles nose, looks at dirt::

You're sort of all right.

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minim_calibre: (Default)

[personal profile] minim_calibre 2012-07-22 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
If I have massive overidentification issues with them, they are probably a SPACETOASTER.

I am the Great Space Toaster. Damn it.
shrift: heart: secret valentine (secret valentine)

[personal profile] shrift 2012-07-22 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
Spacetoasters unite!

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l_elfie: (Default)

[personal profile] l_elfie 2012-07-22 05:13 am (UTC)(link)
enomoto kei from the jdrama kagi no kakatta heya is 100% a space toaster. he is SO GOOD WITH LOCKS (there is a point in the series where one of the people he works with says, "we forgot that he doesn't care about anything but locks!") and so so bad at understanding emotions, often staring blankly and uncomfortably at his costars with an expression that is a cross between "i am interested in what your emotions mean" and "i have no idea what to do with what you are trying to give me."

it's especially great because his costar aoto is SO EMOTIONAL and so ready to get into his space and be his friend--and they do strike up a friendship! just one where he is trying his hardest based on previous experiences and she somehow learns his tiny eyebrow twitches from each other.

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sqbr: Nepeta from Homestuck looking grumpy in front of the f/f parts of her shipping wall (grumpy)

[personal profile] sqbr 2012-07-22 05:15 am (UTC)(link)
HMMM. Spacetoasters have a lot of intersection with the kinds of female characters I like, but aren't quite the same, especially the double points for being a robot. Though I was a massive fan of Spock as a teenager.

Seconding Parker from Leverage and Anya from Buffy.

EDI from Mass Effect: a battle AI who killed everyone on her base when she became sentient, and is still figuring out this whole emotions/compassion/ethics thing as the games progress. EDI explains her equivalent of "emotions", tells a joke

Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender: cheerfully sociopathic teenage daughter of a colonialist overlord, gets incredibly awkward when trying to express positive emotions. Azula and her friends have fun at the beach
starlady: Aang with fire (aang can be asian & still save the world)

[personal profile] starlady 2012-07-22 05:35 am (UTC)(link)
Hmm, I think Azula is too angry most of the time to be a spacetoaster…

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mackiedockie: Wiseguy icon JB by Tes (Default)

[personal profile] mackiedockie 2012-07-22 05:35 am (UTC)(link)
Wow, now that you so artfully propound on spacetoastery-dom, I see that I've fallen for a series of spacetoasters, since I was a kid. Heck, there was that double whammy in 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'--Michael Rennie _and_ Gort klaatuing and baradaing all over the nicto.
sid: (Gort)

[personal profile] sid 2012-07-22 05:42 am (UTC)(link)
klaatuing and baradaing all over the nicto.

*applauds wildly* :-D

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starlady: David 8 holding the holographic Earth in wonderment. (when there is nothing in the desert)

[personal profile] starlady 2012-07-22 05:36 am (UTC)(link)
Partly because I am taking a break from clipping the movie to read this post and comment: David 8 from Prometheus. And damn is he awesome for it.

Actually also Meredith Vickers from the same film, god I love her and how she gives absolutely zero fucks.
helens78: A man in a leather jacket, seated on the ground, looks up hopefully. (Default)

[personal profile] helens78 2012-07-22 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
I was pondering David 8, but I wouldn't have thought of Vickers until you mentioned her! Only YES SHE IS. She so is! :DDDDD

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