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Yuletide Fandom

So, this was in actual fact supposed to be a private post for future (Yuletide!) reference - yes, I really am the person who makes private posts with Yuletide fandom suggestions throughout the year, and it has always served me in good stead - but since I made it public I think I should leave it public. Bottom line:

Watch this commercial, which features basketball players growing up and then fucking each other. You think I'm kidding? You tell me what comes after the last shot. I seriously can't think of anything that doesn't involve cock no matter how hard I try.

(And then prepare to write it for Yuuuuuuuletide!)
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I am from Indiana -- I don't know if you know what that means in terms of basketball, but rest assured that basketball is not merely a sport or a hobby there, it is a way of life.

I feel like someone just took the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird story and did a remake, updated so that the eyefucking and implicit porn could actually be written. OMG.

For anyone who knows nothing about basketball but would like to hear some things that ACTUAL BASKETBALL PLAYERS in an ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP LIKE THIS said, behold:


From "When The Game Was Ours", which is a book about the rivalry and relationship between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the '80s. A slashier, more soulbondy book has never been written, I am not even fucking kidding. I think the ghostwriter, Jackie MacMillan, is secretly a Magic/Larry slasher, because look at this:

Bird: What I had with Magic went beyond brothers.

I never let on how much he dominated my thoughts during my playing days. I couldn't. But once we agreed to do this book, I knew it was finally time to let people in on my relationship with the person who motivated me like no other.


Bird: We didn't like each other that much. It was too hard. We were trying to beat each other year after year, and people kept comparing us. I wanted what he had, so I didn't want to get to know him, because I knew I'd probably like him and then I'd lose my edge.


Bird: It's hard to explain what it's like to be linked to someone like that. We didn't choose for it to be that way, it just happened. And now we're stuck with each other.


Bird: We fought like hell for the same thing for over 12 years, and through it all, the respect was always there. For the rest of our lives, we're connected.

I used to mind.

I don't anymore.


Magic: "You're special, Earvin," Fox [his high school coach] used to say. "But you can't stop working hard. Just remember-- there's someone out there who is just as talented as you are, and he's working just as hard. Maybe even harder."

When Coach Fox told me those things, I'd nod my head, but in my mind I was thinking, "I'd like to meet this guy, because I haven't seen him." Truthfully? I wasn't sure anybody like that existed.

That changed the day in 1978 when I walked into a gym in Lexington, Kentucky, and met Larry Bird for the first time. Then I knew he was the guy Coach Fox was talking about.

Larry was a different kind of cat. He didn't say much, and he kept to himself. But, oh, could he play. I had never seen a player with his size pass the ball the way he did. Right away, we had chemistry.


Magic: I knew I'd see him again, and I did -- everywhere! When I got to the NBA and played for the Lakers, I watched as many Celtics games as I could so I could keep track of what he was doing.


Magic: Larry got the best of me. It took me years to get over it. Actually, I'm not sure I'm over it yet.


Magic: He admitted he was jealous, which really shocked me, because he never ever showed it back then. Of course, as you'll learn when you start reading this book, I had my own bouts of jealousy when it came to Larry.


Magic: I'm tied to Larry -- forever. That's just how it is. I wanted the two of us to walk into the Hall of Fame together, but we didn't get a chance to do that, so this book is the next best thing.


Magic: I knew while we were playing I was doggedly scrutinizing Larry's every move, but I had no idea until we started talking for this book that he was following me just as closely.

I can't get away from Larry. I bet he can't get away from me either.


Magic: What we try to do in this book is put you right in the thick of it -- like in 1984, just after the Celtics have won the championship. I'm stuck in a Boston hotel room, looking down at all those Celtics fans going crazy in the street. And you won't believe where Larry is!0


Magic: Can you imagine what it's like to have a player of Larry Bird's caliber pushing you night after night? It wore me out.

It took some time for us to get to know each other. It's hard to develop a relationship with someone who wants exactly the same thing that you want.


Magic: Inside, I knew, his heart was pounding just as fast as mine, but there were countless times I'd look at him and wonder, "What's he thinking?"

Now -- finally -- I know.00


The forward [Bird] looked away, as if he had pressing matters elsewhere. For one brief instant, Magic was disappointed. "I guess he's not going to give it to me," he murmured.

(spoiler: Bird gives it to him.)


[Bird] was a young man of few words -- until he went home to French Lick, Indiana1, and tracked down his brother, Mark Bird.

"I've just seen the best player in college basketball," Larry gushed2. "It's Magic Johnson3."


When [Magic] looked down the roster, he was surprised and pleased to see Bird's name on the list. The Sports Illustrated cover had aroused his curiosity, and he figured he'd spend some time getting to know this Indiana State star.

0: I did not make that line up.
1: I am not making this town name up.
2: Yes, "gushed".
3: I realize that we have all been hearing the name Magic Johnson for 30 years, but please, please, think about it for a second. Magic Johnson? Seriously, you could make a major living in porn with that name, especially now that wizards are IN.


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There is also a documentary that, I shit you not, is called "Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals". Part biography, part epic soulbonding fic.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson was charming and extroverted, had a wide smile, and was part of the Showtime Lakers. Larry Bird was a small town, stoic, introverted, trash-talking, mean little cuss. Oh, and Magic was black and Bird was white, and that definitely matters.

Larry Bird has said he's only cried three times in his life. They were all because of Magic Johnson.
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I just came back and saw this comment and I am downloading that documentary SO FAST, you don't even know. XD Did you also read the book? I still can't get over it!
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I have not read the book though I probably should. (Right now I'm on and off listening to the audiobook of Those Guys Have All the Fun, The epic story of ESPN's rise to power. My next sports book will probably be The Dream Team.)

My relationship with that rivalry is kinda funny. On the one hand, I'm a Bostonian and a Boston sports fan. I honest to goodness hate the Lakers and they don't even relate to Magic seeing as I was born in 1989. (Fuck you and your team, Kobe.)

I mean, You gotta love Magic. Everybody thought he was a gonner. They were probably planning the cliche sad biopic ending with a scenic shot of his grave back in '91. But the joke was on us because he's still trucking more than 20 years later fronting business ventures and annoying the shit out of me with his inane chatter during halftime of every ABC/ESPN broadcast of an NBA game. It's beautiful, really.
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Butting in again, apologies!

But the joke was on us because he's still trucking more than 20 years later fronting business ventures and annoying the shit out of me with his inane chatter during halftime of every ABC/ESPN broadcast of an NBA game. It's beautiful, really.

HEE. Out of curiosity, have you seen ESPN's documentary, The Announcement? It was made on the 20th anniversary of Magic announcing he had HIV, and it's really astounding. The ending had me in tears.
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I have, but I waited on it, because I just knew there was going to be more than a few ;_____; ‘not the babies!’ moments and lo there were. There are many, many things that I hate about ESPN but one thing that they do right are their documentaries. One of these days I’m going to acquire all their 30 for 30 docs and have myself a marathon. (I personally recommend The Fab Five. Among other things, it answers random niggling questions you might have always had, like why men’s shorts in North America aren’t all that short.)

FYI, another good Lakers/Celtics rivalry is Wilt Chamberlain/Bill Russell. For the oldtimers.
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Sorry to butt in, but this comment just reminded me that I actually OWNED this DVD (picked up in a fit of curiosity at a DVD sale) and had never watched it, so I popped in into the player and watched, and HOLY CRAP. "Weird" doesn't even begin to describe how strange these two are about each other.

One of the best bits, for me, was Jackie McMillan describing Magic's response to Bird deliberately keeping him at arms' length during the beginning of their rivalry: "How come you don't love me? Everybody loves me!" Well, that and Magic Johnson coming to Indiana to shoot a sneakers commercial and charming not only Bird's entire family (including Bird' mom!) but Bird himself. As Bird put it, "I met Earvin that day."

This is a bit sadder, but perhaps my absolute favorite part was Magic Johnson choking up as he recounted Bird reaching out to him in the wake of Magic announcing he was HIV-positive, just as so many of Magic's friends and teammates were deserting him. It's such a shock, because up to that point in the documentary, Magic has been his usual charming, talkative self, smile a mile wide--and suddenly he's so choked up he can't even talk. And then you have Bird talking about how Magic retiring like that (combined with the excruciating back pain he'd been living with up to that point) just took all the love and drive he had for the game right out of him, and it's just--WOW. I was literally clutching at my chest, unable to believe what I was seeing.

So, uh, you should definitely track it down, is what I'm saying.
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And you won't believe where Larry is!

Actual water got inhaled up my nose. My hand to God.

Can you imagine what it's like to have a player of Larry Bird's caliber pushing you night after night? It wore me out.


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Hahaha, it's like they're RL shounen sports manga rivals.
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wow, I don't know if I can ever look at them again without blushing a little.
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THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER READ. It reminds me of nothing more than Harry/Snape accidental soulbonding fics.