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Keep Hoping Machine Running ([personal profile] thefourthvine) wrote2013-10-23 10:35 am


Okay, this is totally self-interested. Shinny Studio is considering printing a run of t-shirts with this on them:

Steel City Penguins

And I really, really want one. But she can only print them if she gets enough orders. So if you're a Penguins fan (or, I guess, just a fan of helmeted lowercase penguins), check out the order information post. (More pictures there, including an actual shirt on an actual person!)
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I am so excited there might be a run of these. I've loved this drawing since I first saw it. All the little details are so perfect.

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My apologies for not finding the right post to include this. I know I read the blanket permission statement here earlier, but this evening I can't seem to find it. Nevertheless, I did want to say thank you for posting it. As suggested, I've included it in my profile ( brennah_k ) at AO3 and linked it back here. Thank you again.