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Keep Hoping Machine Running ([personal profile] thefourthvine) wrote 2016-10-11 09:45 pm (UTC)

I did have an Incredibles request before! And I do still want it very much. (I deleted it because a friend offered it and we avoid matching each other, as it makes idea bouncing/beta-reading impossible.)

Here is what I had for the fandom, in case you feel inspired!

Request: There are so many stories that would delight me in this fandom. I would adore some worldbuilding – what was the deal with supers before the lawsuits? Clearly they worked for some kind of government agency, since the government covered their lawsuit costs and helped them disappear, but what agency? Why? What did the recruiting and training process look like? And if that was how it was in the US, what was it like in other countries? What is this super-y world even like? We get glimpses, but I’d really love some details. If you go this route, no need to use my requested character at all.

OR I would love fic about Helen’s pre-canon life. Helen clearly has a military background (given the stuff she says when she’s flying) and pilot training (given the stuff she does when she’s flying), so – how did that happen, exactly? She doesn’t seem that old in the bits at the start of the movie, but she’s clearly had quite a lot of life already. And something made her better able to give up being a super and hide who she is, even though she is AMAZING at supering. (I am always stunned by how well she uses her powers and how good she is at the whole superhero gig.) I just want to know MORE.

Okay, so one of the things about being a parent is that you watch certain things over and over and over. My son has gone through not one but TWO Incredibles phases, and as a result I have spent many, many hours of my life watching the movie. And it holds up! It does! Pretty much! Except I find myself wondering about the world it’s set in. There’s insufficient worldbuilding. (This is essentially my feeling about every single canon that has ever existed. I really love worldbuilding.) And since the wondering intensifies with each viewing, that is QUITE SOME WONDERING at this point.

I’m pretty flexible in terms of characters. If you go the worldbuilding route, almost any character is fine. So if you’d rather tell me the story of how superheroes are recruited, trained, and handled with Frozone, go for it! If you want to tell the story from Mr. Dicker’s perspective, do that thing! Basically feel free to pick whoever you want, except Bob. I like Bob! I do! I just have spent so very much time watching him, and honestly I feel I have adequately experienced his perspective already.

If you go the Helen backstory route, obviously Bob is either on the horizon or already there, and that is entirely fine with me. My love for Helen extends to her entire life and everyone in it, so include whoever the heck you want and I will be delighted.

Mostly, no matter what you write, I’m hoping to get some of the details the movie leaves out. (There’s so many of them!)

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