I love my team

Jan. 27th, 2015 02:23 am
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Such wrangling with helpdesk. First the guy with the Fear & Loathing poster who fled the Monkey House had an entanglement with helpdesk.

Things I did not say to Helpdesk included: "Just because I write 'Dear
Santa, I've been a very good Lunatic this year. Please send me a shiny new Macbook with all the trimmings! Here is a picture!' on the whiteboard,
doesn't mean that Santa will have gotten the message; your ass is supposed to know how things are assigned to Logistics, and just because Chip wrote a Dear Logistics note in the ticket doesn't mean that they got it."

Things I did do: give Fear & Loathing some chocolate: some for him, some
for Chip.

Lennon Glasses Guy is dabbling gently at bitcoin mining. I had some
"helpful" ideas. Purple pointed out that the usual suspects for bitcoin
mining are probably against all parts of the concept of a solar-and-bike-powered miner.

After lunch, a helpdesk guy had just pinged me about a particular
contentious open ticket when a senior engineer commenced letting off steam about a known issue in IRC.

The helpdesk guy thought I was talking about another thing. I helped him see what I truly meant. He had thought I meant I couldn't see un-triaged tickets at all, which was wrong. What I meant was, if a person makes a ticket and adds me to the cc, I need to see it before it's triaged. He
tried to make such a ticket and failed because that is not a thing helpdesk
can do (it makes them triage first). I walked him through creating it like
a normal user. He sounded shocked and hurt when the ticket he created
didn't appear on my board.

He had to go rethink everything. Next, the very angry engineer. It was a
known issue: helldesk notification emails were sending bad links.

Senior Engineer: WTF is with helldesk? I don't understand any part of it, and the link they gave me is 404-ing.
Azz: hang on, I'm chatting with helpdesk about another thing right now, but after that I will be right with you.
Senior Engineer: wtf wtf wtf do they even have QA?
Azz: *grimly* I think we're their QA.
Senior Engineer: *further detail about the 404 shenanigans*
Azz: Ugh, right, that one. I've CC-ed you on the ticket I've already filed, here is the ticket number, here is the link to the less-broken view of helldesk, and here is how you get back and forth.
Senior Engineer: I think you mean, *you're* their QA.
Senior Engineer: Thanks, this is a lot less broken. I'll bookmark that.

Much later, Researcher Polkadot said something hilarious in email. A
crudely made animation ensued.

animated gif )

Later still, the guy who empties the bins came around. A brief but surreal
chat about names ensued.

Purple was summoned. We headed out.

I do not know what the m2ma would say about off label uses for extra large finger cuffs, but they had best not have splinters.

Purple cannot have fruit punch on account of it punching back.
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Thanks for everyone's comments on my last, somewhat hysterical post. Things are going okay - I'm going okay. My little sister is going okay. I really appreciate knowing I can blow off steam here, in safety.

Anyone here play Howrse on the Australian server? I'm about to delete my game, and I've got some stuff I'd be happy to pass along to another player here before I advertise on howrse. Some unicorns, some black market items. Leave me your username, I'll message you and we can set it up.

*sending hugs to everyone*

Daily Happiness

Jan. 27th, 2015 12:11 am
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1. It did start raining this evening, but we managed to grill in time!

2. A while back Carla bought a 12-pack of Mug rootbeer for me as I have been in a rootbeer mood a lot lately. But as it turns out, I don't really like the taste of Mug, and neither does she, so it's just been sitting there. But today we got some vanilla ice cream and had ice cream floats! At about half a can per float, that should last us for a while (longer than the ice cream).

3. I did a lot more faffing about reading stuff on the internet than I had wanted to today (to the point of making my arm hurt with all the scrolling!), but I did get some stuff done that needed to get done.

I really love the Dumpster, you guys

Jan. 26th, 2015 11:12 pm
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So, uh, if you read my journal here, you... may have noticed that I have slid into a corner of Captain America fandom known as the Hydra Trash Party. In case you have not worked out what that phrase signifies, here is the fanlore article for the Hydra Trash Party. (I wrote that! I am weirdly, intensely proud of it.)

We've gone ten rounds of "non-con fic is awful and no one should write it" wank over on Tumblr lately--there is always going to be one more outraged person on Tumblr tagging their outrage for trash partiers to find and argue with--but in the last 24 hours I've been really, really feeling my love for the Dumpster and all my trashmates.

Fond musings on the trash party under the cut, including non-explicit discussion of a kinkmeme prompt involving rape in a character's backstory. )

PS, tonight Tumblr led me unto the Internet Archive's collection of every episode of The Joy of Painting, in case you need some soothing palate-cleanser and/or a kindly affirmation that you can do whatevvvvver you want with the fictional worlds you create.

(Bucky cries a lot in mine, that's just how I like things to be. Maybe in yours he's happy and eats pizza and has a lot of happy sex with the partner or partners of his choosing! Everybody gets to make their own world. Thanks, Bob Ross.)

new term, same connotation?

Jan. 26th, 2015 09:54 pm
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Warnings for language and sentiments, obviously.

I am enough of a New Englander that "wicked redacted for the obvious ableist term )" has a unique connotation that I've never found a replacement for. I don't use that descriptor anymore, but I would love a replacement with the same connotations.

I wouldn't mind a replacement for "transphobic term for a group in which men predominate )." It doesn't have unique connotations, per se, but it is humorously snide in a way I enjoy. But all the the alternatives I've though of are also transphobic, because they all rely on synecdoche for the humor.

Otherwise usually when I'm looking for a replacement for a word I realize the connotation itself is one I'm trying to avoid, not just the term and its associations. Eg. when I wanted to replace racism and classism )

(Consider this a warning label that people might talk about similar problems in the comments.)
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Title: A Thousand Lights in Space, 10/13
Author: Seperis
Series: Down to Agincourt, Book 3
Codes: Dean/Castiel
Rating: R
Summary: You're not a drop of infinity, none of you are; you are its creators.
Author Notes: Thanks to nrrrdygrrrl and obscureraison for beta services, with advice from [livejournal.com profile] lillian13, [profile] scynneh, and [personal profile] norabombay.
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] bratfarrar for the series name and summary from her sonnet Harry Takes the Field.
Spoilers: Seasons 5, 6, and 7

Series Links:
AO3 - Down to Agincourt
Book 1: Map of the World
Book 2: It's the Stars That Lie

Story Links:
AO3 - All, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10
DW - Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9

a thousand lights in space, 10/13 )

a bit of bitterness for today

Jan. 26th, 2015 03:19 pm
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Someone posted to a mailing list I'm on about a scifi conference at Oral Roberts University ("Science, Faith, and the Imagination" - keynote speaker Orson Scott Card). I clicked through to "Experiencing Tulsa", whose second paragraph begins:

We are proud of our cultural diversity, and of the cultural activities that celebrate our part and our future.

Unfortunately, the next sentence is not:

In 2021 we will be commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the Tulsa race riot, in which envious, racist white residents killed at least 39 of their black neighbors and destroyed the most prosperous black community in the United States.

And the list of key city attractions -- opera, ballet, the jazz district -- doesn't mention that, as a bonus, if you visit one of Tulsa's parks, you may well be standing on a mass grave.

The scifi conference is requesting submissions of short stories. Alt-history counts....

Daily Happiness

Jan. 26th, 2015 11:36 am
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1. All my Sunday night shows were on last night and they were so good. omg Galavant! I really hope it gets a second season.

2. There were a lot of good bentos left over last night and Saturday night, so I was able to bring home some tasty stuff and have an easy dinner. (And breakfast.)

3. It's supposed to rain today, but not until this evening, and we're planning on grilling for lunch so that works out.

4. I've been dragging my feet on the next chapter of Gunjo because I actually have to scan the manga first. But yesterday I finally got started scanning!

5. Starting this week things should be getting a little easier for me at work as I will not have to be in charge of the drink section anymore. (And I won't have to be training someone new to take it over, either. Last time I was supposedly not in charge of the section it was so much work to train the girl who was taking over (and then she quit anyway) that it actually felt like more work than just doing it myself.)

Après moi, le deluge

Jan. 26th, 2015 01:33 pm
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Well, not a deluge so much as some snow. And I don't think we're going to get socked nearly as hard as New York or Boston.

But I did my pre-storm shopping this morning anyway. I have a chicken marinating now (my favorite roast chicken recipe), I have potatoes to roast along with it, I have ingredients for baking chocolate-chip cookies with Mr. Kid, I have some proteins in the chest freezer and broth and so forth in the pantry in case we don't manage to leave the house for a few days.

Also have plenty of milk and water -- especially water, since if we lose power we also lose water. (The joys of life with a well.) On the upside, now that we have a gas stove, we can cook even if the power goes out. Though I am hoping the power doesn't go out, and honestly, it shouldn't -- there's no ice projected, just the fluffy stuff.

Am also charging all of our gadgets, just to be on the safe side. :-)
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I mean, it's basically the same damn story. The start point and end point? Pretty much the same.

The stuff in between? Sometimes altered, usually expanded, and basically inspired by me deciding to clean it up and going, "OK, but why?"

On the one hand, I haven't gone to the gym since I started this a week ago.

On the other hand, hey, I'm discovering the joy of treating things like a first draft.

don't waste your time waiting

Jan. 26th, 2015 01:10 pm
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I did a small grocery shopping this weekend before the news about the storm got serious, and since I'm not going to be around for 12 days after Friday, I didn't really get much - ham and bread for sandwiches for lunch, applesauce cups for breakfast, some tissues. But now we might really get a snow day tomorrow, and all I can think is that I want to ride out this storm with BACON. I need to go buy BACON and I need to do it NOW. Or as soon as I get home this evening. Since I already have bread, I could also get some arugula and have excellent BACON sandwiches (I can't really call them BLTs because no tomato).

I might also purchase some extra flour - I don't know if what I've got is enough to make both cinnamon rolls and focaccia, and while odds are I would not make both, you just never know how the mood may take me if I actually do get a snow day!

Mostly right now, all I can think about is BACON.

But I did enjoy last night's Brooklyn Nine Nine. spoilers )

I really should get a Holt icon.


daily gratitudes

Jan. 26th, 2015 08:10 am
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  1. loose-leaf assam tea
  2. corduroy trousers for what is probably going to be a cold windy day for the eight minutes I am outside
  3. insurance check reimbursing me for therapy expenses
  4. I have to use up 10 vacation days by June 30 oh noez who wants to lobby for me to visit them?
  5. Amy Macdonald's song "Let's Start a Band", from "This Is The Life," which I am in love with
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Posting this here because it's easier on the eyes and my formatting soul than it would be on tumblr. Basically this is just a collection of media (specifically: beat reporter Chris Kuc) quotes about Kane and Toews circa 2007-2009 from this old blog; I went through the entries and copied any bits I found interesting about Kane, Toews or the team.

Hockey people - feel free to c/p/report at will. (Non hockey people, I assume you've already moved on to the next post :-))

a long long time ago )

(no subject)

Jan. 26th, 2015 08:22 am
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Still writing. I've been writing the action climax of the new book for a while and it's getting ready to build-up to the end, so that's exciting.

We got a lot of cold rain last week, to the point where I came home and found water building up in one of the flower beds against the wall of the house and starting to come into the garage. It was also building up across the front of the house, to the point where there was a debris line across the porch. The garage water was worse, because we have neighbors with an oversized lot and a huge vegetable garden, and they did something to it last year which causes the water to run off toward the side of our house. I thought I had moved enough landscape rocks around to get it running down the slope of the front yard to the street, but that wasn't working with this much rain. So I had to rebuild the side of the flower bed in the cold rain, and dig bricks out of the mud, and so on, but eventually I got the water level to drop. It was not fun! And I was soaked and had numb hands and feet afterward but the house didn't flood.

Other than that, not much exciting is going on. I have been working on a wikithing The Three Worlds Travelers Guide. It's not near to being done yet, but hopefully it'll make it a bit easier for people to write fanfic. (ETA: Live Journal apparently won't let me link to it, but here's the URL: http://www.marthawells.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page )

I also need to transplant a small tree, and I'm not looking forward to that either.

FYI: you can also find me on tumblr and twitter.


Stories of the Raksura I is available in ebook, paperback, audiobook, (and reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes and Noble, etc are very much appreciated and really do help the books sell)

And Stories of the Raksura II is up for preorder and coming out in June.


* Diverse Fantastic Fiction this site is building a searchable index for diverse SFF books and comics.

* Study: Who Reads Books in America, and Why

* SF Signal: Catherine Lundoff on LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy 2000-2010 Catherine has done a whole series of these posts, starting from pre-1970.

You can't control the weather

Jan. 26th, 2015 07:38 am
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I finally come to terms with believing that it is perfectly acceptable for me to love 3 feet of snow and blizzards and dangerous winds and ridiculously cold conditions, because I don't control the weather. Yes, bad weather hurts people, especially poor and disabled people, but my enjoying the snow is not actually going to increase its odds of falling.

If I were Ororo Munroe, I would have a moral dilemma. But I'm not.

sick :/

Jan. 26th, 2015 11:39 am
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I was so happy that I'd never been sick this year! But last night I apparently caught a cold. Was going to watch the NHL All Star Game with [personal profile] roga but started falling asleep like 20 minutes into it (which NEVER HAPPENS I have to be near catatonic under normal circumstances to fall asleep when I'm actively trying to stay awake) and that probably should have been my first clue that I was sick, I guess.

I don't have a fever (or at least didn't in the morning, now I'm not so sure anymore), so I went to work (UGH. I have a 12 hour workday coming up this week and I am dreading EVERYTHING about it.), dressed in two sweaters and my warmest coat (and a scarf, and earmuffs) while it's 17c outside. Obviously didn't sleep well. Ugh, I had shit I needed to do today.

:/ :/ :/

In order to not be totally useless, have a rec for an original fic series I really enjoyed recently: The Boston Verse.

The first fic in the series is Hookup. Please note the tags, they serve as content notes.

The author has also written three original novels, all posted on her LJ, although I didn't like them as much as this series of shorts (they're well written but the plot/kinks didn't work for me).

In other news, yesterday [livejournal.com profile] toxic_hedgehog reminded me that I really need to read Olga Onoiko's Sphere 17 already. It's an original m/m novel by a Russian fic writer that I've seen recced around a lot. It's described as a story about a human colony on the edges of known space (in the far future, obviously) with revolution and spying and oppressive regimes and you know, an m/m plot. Seeing as I absolutely adored the last original m/m SFF novel I read by a Russian fic author, I am looking forward to this! Now if only I weren't too sick for reading new stuff right now :/

(I would also like to point out the bitter irony of Sphere 17 getting published in hardcover in 2014 (marketed as Social Scifi and not as a LGBT book specifically, as is typical in the Russian scifi scene), probably right before Putin's new laws came into effect. You can still buy it online in Russia, but I'm sure the new laws have had an impact on the willingness of physical bookstores to stock it.)

Gratitudes, Sunday evening edition

Jan. 25th, 2015 09:17 pm
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1. Kid is in bed.

2. I have a snifter of Jefferson's bourbon.

3. Tomorrow morning I intend to pick up some staples (including coconut milk and some proteins I can freeze) so that if we get snowed-in, I can cook tasty foods.

4. I'm pretty sure there will be preschool tomorrow, until the nor'easter hits. Huzzah for preschool.

5. I have two of my three [community profile] purimgifts stories drafted and I am happy with them! \o/

How are y'all?

Big Hero Six

Jan. 25th, 2015 09:40 pm
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So last night I went to see Big Hero Six at the new cheap movie theater! I approve of the new movie theater. It's nice to be able to just go to a theater and see a movie without first having to walk through a quarter-mile of mall and endure an "entertainment experience" or whatever. Plus, 1/3 the price, and showtimes that work with what I want to see!

Also Big Hero Six was lots of fun. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen if you can. Very very pretty with some great design work and I love how much the whole thing was a love song to the tech we're just on the verge of having. Fun characters. Other than the one giant gaping plothole, nice story. why is all the fanfic incestshipping

Then I came home last night and this happened:

"They couldn't even manage ten years without destroying it?" Newton Geizsler exclaimed, surveying the still all-too-familiar devastation that had flattened several blocks of the center of San Fransokyo. ficlet, mildly spoilery )

daily gratitudes

Jan. 25th, 2015 05:45 pm
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  1. comfy boots for long walks
  2. the nearby coffeeshop where I can pop in for a chai latte, read Ancillary Sword, and kill an hour
  3. delicious leftovers of braised cabbage and sausage
  4. the fact I experience only mild trepidation at the horrible forecast for the next few days
  5. I have books in case I get snowed in

Good thoughts welcome

Jan. 25th, 2015 07:47 pm
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Tomorrow morning MrGiraffe is having spine surgery to fuse some vertebrae (T4 through T10) and have diskectomies (T6 and T7).

Good thoughts appreciated.

Sunday evening post

Jan. 25th, 2015 05:59 pm
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How the fuck did it get to be 6 o'clock already?

Oh, right. I have had an AWESOME DAY, that's how.

Everything went swimmingly today--bellies were (over)stuffed with food, there was plentiful tea, and we watched two Renner movies which were...both great to watch? But one of them was TERRIBLE and yet the kind of terrible that is AWESOME, and the other was just pretty much awesome except for the end (which wasn't a surprise to me since I'd seen that one before). Basically, many more people need to see both of them, so we have more people to talk about them with, and also so there can be fic. They both really need fic.

The terrible and awesome movie was Monkey Love. )

We were originally going to watch some of The Unusuals after that, but I declared that I couldn't deal with anything else that had surreal elements and a prominent diner setting (most of Monkey Love takes place in a diner), and [twitter.com profile] bloodredrache and [twitter.com profile] belle_abroad agreed this was for the best, so we watched Neo Ned.

EVERYONE needs to see Neo Ned. No, seriously. EVERYONE. )

Anyway. So after that, Rachel and Demi helped me hang my Michael Walsh inks of Clint and Phil, and then they left because it was nearly 5:30.

IN CONCLUSION: AWESOME FUCKING DAY. And go watch Neo Ned. And maybe Monkey Love. But definitely Neo Ned.

(do I really have to go back to work tomorrow?)

(no subject)

Jan. 25th, 2015 05:19 pm
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ita's obituary.

It's kind of sinking in, but I think I mostly still don't believe it. I know it's true, but I don't believe it, not really. It's come at a bad time anyway, so I'm just treading water and waiting for the doctor's appointment I have next week.

I did make plans yesterday to go to Escapade. Escapade! And [personal profile] shrift and I are going to do Mardi Gras this year for a few days -- hit a few parades, eat a shitload of good food (shrift, I hope eating a shitload of good food was on your list), and possibly do some drinking, though I'm really an amateur at drinking in New Orleans, so we might need to get some locals involved.
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Tonight's dinner was a definite win. Two lamb shanks, browned in oil. Two small onions, chopped large and sweated in oil + rendered dripping, with large quantities of cumin, coriander, fenugreek, and smoked paprika, and smaller quantities of white pepper, cinnamon, and saffron (bloomed in water). Braised with a baby red kabocha squash, peeled and chopped; a handful of baby turnips, halved or quartered; a can of chickpeas, a can of tomatoes, juice and zest of one lemon, two Turkish bay leaves, and two handfuls of prunes. (One would probably suffice, if you're less fond of prunes or want a less sweet stew.)

Add water, if necessary, to almost cover shanks. Braise in a covered pot at 300F or less-- my oven was at about 275 most of the afternoon-- until the meat is falling off the bone and the shanks are coming apart at the joint. Let sit, off heat, still covered, until cool enough to shred the meat back into the stew. It should get quite thick.

With the chickpeas and squash, it doesn't need a lot of additional starch-- just something to sop up the extra sauce.

i enjoy being a girl

Jan. 25th, 2015 04:28 pm
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Okay, I have been waxed and polished and dyed and cut and blown out, so I am ready to roll with this trip. Sadly, I still have to wait a week, and a week which may contain a blizzard for that matter. As long as it's over and it's clear flying weather by Saturday (and maybe if we get a snow day), I will be pleased.

The hair cut only took two hours (almost exactly! I sat in the chair at 12:44 and I walked out of the salon at 2:45), which is good (and also because I didn't get highlights so no double process adding an hour to my time in the chair), and then from 3 - 4 was pedicure and brow waxing time. I know it's odd, but I really do find getting my eyebrows waxed kind of soothing, for all that it's got a sting to it. *hands*

Now I need to eat something, because my god am I hungry.


Episode Rewatch: 2.03 Turnabout

Jan. 25th, 2015 09:10 am
killabeez: (Duncan pretty)
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2.03 Turnabout
Original air date: October 11, 1993
Director: Clay Borris
Writer: David Tynan


Synopsis: Joe Dawson informs Duncan that an immortal named Quentin Barnes, who was arrested for murder and given the electric chair 33 years ago, has returned to kill the people responsible for sending him to jail. Dawson wants Duncan to find Barnes and stop him, but Duncan still doesn't trust him, and he doesn't want to get involved. It takes the arrival of Duncan's old friend Michael Moore, whose wife was murdered years ago by Barnes, to get Duncan to agree.

Next Week: "The Darkness." Noooo, I'm not ready!

Please share your thoughts and reactions in comments. The master post for all discussion posts is here.
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Earlier in the week, there was a small layoff. The unofficial communications networks at work have consequently been getting a lot of use as people attempt to figure out where the missing nodes are, beyond the obvious. There is a tradition of people sending a farewell email to their team and other close contacts. And then there are the people who use not!Facebook to do the same, and @-mention every group and individual who they can think of. Thus it was that I learned that Mr. Noise-to-Signal was laid off. Of my friends, the only person I know of who was laid off was R. There were no layoffs on my team.

R has been sent the information on where to find #adventuresofstnono. So have Mr. Zune and radius. (Yes, guys, I use an alias for this as well, and now you know where to find it. I started the practice of aliasing obscure/semi-private venues after the Incident where someone showed up uninvited in a different channel which I had mentioned, then never fit in well, angsted in-channel about not fitting in, and I eventually asked them to leave because I dreaded their presence and they were after all uninvited.)

Also leaving this week was one of the newer people on my team, whose wife got a dream job in another country, and (also as announced on not!Facebook) the second-in-command of the helldesk software. No word as to whether she was part of the layoff, or voluntarily heading for a lawn that hadn't been pissed on greener grass.

It being Friday and that point in the gas tank, I had to get gas before work, which resulted in a later arrival than would have otherwise been. Lunch was pleasant. It was the Rollercoaster Tycoon's last day (he's heading to a startup). I gave him my card.

A conference call with the vendor for the proposed new software followed. Researcher Haystack appears to have taken point on this one. His queries of the vendor's salesdudes are shaped slightly differently than mine. He's coming to it quite naturally from the perspective of the research utility of the thing; I'm coming at it from the shoving-all-the-things-in-it direction. Some of the things I had questions about had not occurred to him. He looks at the data structure of the Excel export of their template and goes "whaaaaaaaa---!!!" and I look at it and I go "wow, I would not have thought to do it like that, but I can do the thing", and most importantly the current thing we are using does not do the thing.

I still have many questions about their alleged choice of primary keys, but I think I can work with the thing.

Haystack likes Salesforce.

I made a list of my favorite software, starting from worst favorite and improving:

[that helldesk software]
[the procurement and expense software]
Outlook Web Access
Kipper/Llama (fondness for the devs is coloring this)

Haystack was slightly surprised. I can't imagine why; it's not as if I haven't made my feelings fairly clear.

It was a beer bash day. I snagged a table. lb was not in, but Mr. Zune soon joined me, followed by Purple and large chunks of his team. radius also joined us. I waved hi to another friend, but the table was not quite large enough, so they sat elsewhere. Mr. Zune told college dorm tales. It turns out that when you freeze and then drop a pumpkin, shards get all over, and then they melt on your bike. This is not pleasant.

Joining #fishbrick is the fishdiscus, or fishbee -- first you #fishbrick the window, and then you throw the much more aerodynamic and prone to shattering fishdiscus through the hole. You can't really handle it barehanded, so you wear gloves. You keep the fishdiscus from sticking to the gloves with herring oil. In case they're gloves you might want to use again, you wear rubber gloves over them. A pair or two.

Shortly after Mr. Zune headed off, Lennon Glasses Guy wandered over.

radius regaled us with some of his OWA war stories. All he was trying to do was to move about 2,000 messages from one folder to another. Several months of swearing ensued. Presently, in the new folder, there are somewhere upwards of 40,000...

Lennon Glasses Guy observed that he's heard about an IRC channel driving some of this group's shenanigans from time to time, and he was curious about it. So he was issued a formal invitation to #cupcake. I think he will appreciate it, because he appreciates it when Purple and I bounce off each other at lunch, and has enjoyed the #cupcake table at beer bash.

The group split up. I went back to my desk and hammered on my inbox and the helldesk stuff a bit, although I was distracted by something terrible happening in Outlook when I tried to pick a conference room. It's always startling to watch the list of conference rooms populate and then vanish...

Presently, Purple pinged me. This time he had indeed parked in the same parking lot as I had, and we walked out. He had a banana and a tangerine; he held them both out and offered me some fruit. I picked the one that would not cause me woe. He suggested a frying pan and some rum. We chatted for a bit, and then he zipped off, as he had places to be. I chatted with Nora on the way home.
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Thursday involved a conference meeting right after lunch, and then a team meeting right after that.

I headed to fetch lunch a little early, because I was hungry. This was a good choice. The only thing that looked remotely palatable at the moment was the chicken cheesesteak, even though that involved bell peppers. I put in the grill order form with a hopeful "Avoid peppers". The guy said they were integrated. I sighed that I could pick them out: I wasn't allergic, I just hated them. He said to not worry about it, and within a much shorter time than I thought, I was handed a takeout box with a pepperless cheesesteak. I took it back to my desk, just in time to see Purple's lunch ping. So I headed back out and had a pleasant lunch with the table.

The conference meeting was about coming up with a theme for the conference, and a bit slap-happy. We came up with a promising initial list. We had to wait a bit for the conference room. It holds about 20-30 people. 40-50 people came pouring out of it like the proverbial clown car. It had been a meeting for my admin buddy's team. He oversees Quite A Large Department.

Things we cannot have for swag: things that get our people arrested if they bring it with them on the airplane.

The team meeting involved meeting a new guy in a slot Substantially Up The Org Chart. He said many of the correct things. That was also a mildly punchy meeting.

I was walking back from that meeting and swung by Mr. Zune's office; there I saw lb. lb and I went in search of frozen treats, but at the near location rather than the far one. We then repaired out to the fire pit, as the past two hours of meetings had been nearly unbearably hot.

I often choose that spot to enjoy the outdoors, have my ice cream, and perhaps work-from-mobile. It's pleasant, I have a personal attachment to the fire pit, and Purple's window overlooks the fire pit.

This time, the implied extra feature of the location activated, and Purple emerged from his dev-cave to clear his brain and chat a bit.

I came back to my email to find that the desktop guy had got a bit of the wrong end of the stick with my Outlook bug (he was trying to troubleshoot my problem adding the RSS feed, not my problem with Outlook's silent failure when not adding the RSS feed) so I went upstairs with chocolate in hopes of finding him. I didn't find him, but I did find Mr. Zune, and introduced myself to his new* officemate with chocolate.

* A month or two new, at this point.

I saw Mr. Zune's Overlord on approach, so I extracted the third square of chocolate from my pocket for him, then wandered over the bridge into the adjacent building in search of my buddy the admin with the final bit of chocolate. He wasn't there, but the ducks were! So that was lovely. I left the chocolate on his desk, as a bit of a calling card. He will know.

It was eventually time to go home. Purple wasn't braining as well as he might, and neither was I. It was 7, so traffic was calming down. He had been in a hurry in the morning, though, so he'd parked in the most convenient parking lot (the one which fills up particularly quickly) for his building. Due to where his office is, the parking lot next to my building is almost as convenient, but not quite.

I contemplated. I was tired, but my step count was a little low. "I could walk you out for a change," I offered.

He went quiet on IM, but it was about that time, so I picked up, grabbed my things, and headed over. He was chatting with one of his teammates, so I went and refilled my water bottle, then came back and perched in the guest chair (now a proper office chair, not one of the chairs clearly filched from a meeting room) while he talked unit testing.

He hadn't seen the IM yet. He'd thought I was just dropping by to say goodnight. I explained that if I wanted 1,200-odd more steps, then walking him out to his car and then taking the long way back around to mine was a reasonably pleasant way of getting them. That was fair.

Somehow we started at the way I knock on doors and arrived (through secret knocks) at the utter fuckwit who, among other charming personal traits, blackmail, plus other related matters )

"Rebar" is an ominous name for a rooster.

My knees got cranky. Purple got cold. He offered to drive me back to my car, but I pointed out that folding my knees up after they were angry would not lead to good things, that walking it off was good after standing, that being friends with him had in fact increased my capacity for standing around chatting, I did need the steps, and my hands were much warmer than his.

I did get my steps in.

I had some slightly weird dreams.

Daily Happiness

Jan. 25th, 2015 12:12 am
torachan: nepeta from homestuck (nepeta)
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1. The new stocker seems to be working out well and just in general it finally feels like we have enough people working there so everyone's not scrambling to keep up.

2. There were lots of good leftover bentos tonight, including my favorite ramen.

3. I managed to get some translating done before work today. Too often on my late days I find the morning goes by so fast and then suddenly it's time for work and I didn't do anything.

4. It's supposed to rain a couple days this coming week. :D

5. All my shows are back on tomorrow! (Though sadly it's the last two episodes of Galavant.)

Saturday night post

Jan. 24th, 2015 10:10 pm
umbo: (bill & tim)
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Doing MUCH better today, thankfully. Actually got a lot done today, including buying a couple of cheap dining room chairs at Target (and putting them together) so that more than 2 people can actually sit at my table. I might even be able to invite more than 2 people over at once at some point!

Anyway, there's that WIP meme, where you post a sentence or paragraph or whatever from 3 of your current works in progress. And I thought I'd do it, except I kind of only have 2 right now. But I also have a ton of stuff that I have essentially abandoned at this point, including:

1. Sequel to Behind the Curtain
2. Sequel to The Gift of Idunn
3. Sequel to Normal (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
4. Sequel to We are the Same (Southland/Homicide crossover, Bayliss/Sherman)
5. Southland/OC fusion where Ben Sherman finds out he's Ryan Atwood's half brother and eventually gets together with Taylor

And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I think at one point I started a Homicide/Angel thing where Bayliss got together with Wesley? Maybe? And probably other stuff as well--there was a sequel to one of my 3 different universes that were Hard Core Logo/Homicide fusions where Bayliss found out Emma Zoole had gotten pregnant and never told him. I think it was Emma Zoole. It might have been Julianna Cox.

Anyway, here is stuff from the current two WsIP, both MCU, Clint/Phil:

From the Plan of Care sequel:

There was no need to run if you could walk as fast as Phil could. It was a skill cultivated by years of floor nursing followed by years of teaching; a student had once joked that if she saw Phil running, she'd know the apocalypse was nigh.

And from the other thing that I wasn't writing until I admitted I was:

God, this is a fucking mess. I'm so fucked up. They fucked with my memories, Clint. They did things--Fury shouldn't have done it. Do you know what they did to me? Did you know about Tahiti?

If any of you are particularly curious about any of the abandoned stories, comment and I'll try to find it and post a little snippet.

snow that siestas in the sky for days

Jan. 24th, 2015 09:25 pm
musesfool: Steve Rogers, professional sadface (broken-hearted savior)
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Okay, I think I have my clothing situation for the cruise sorted. If I can fit more in the suitcase, maybe I'll bring the khakis and the extra pair of jeans, but for now, I don't think they're necessary. I'm expecting my period (I burst into tears tonight when the line, "I can't be late / I got a date" came on. STEVE. PEGGY. *sobs*) next week, but I hope it comes early so I don't have to deal with it on the ship. Ugh. Why am I not done with it? I've been having it for 33 years! Surely it should be done by now!

Anyway, have a poem:

by Erin Elizabeth Smith


I wanted to come home,
it just took too long to find the right plane.
Two years of eating grapes meant for wine,
wondering where the skin goes
when the flesh is juiced and fermented.

Maybe I would have thought of us
less if France had been more than cheese
and yardstick bread, more than yellow countryside
like Illinois when the corn is tall.


I forgot how days pass in New York –
stubborn mist shaking its mane on the highway,
snow that siestas in the sky for days.
His green towel, folded and hung
on the bathroom door, smelling so much like him.


First it was Vezélay. Clutching the skirt
of Mary Magdalene, who told me of her years
of desert shelter – the crows, the sand,
the sucking cactus. There were no angels
that delivered her to Christ's oyster bar.
Just a jackrabbit she tore open with her hands,
blood she drank religiously.

Then Santiago de Compostela, where the hermit
found James under a transept of star,
his marrow drained, hair cleaned from skull. He waits
in stone sombrero, a staff cocked
in his left hand, a closed text in his right.
They think it's the Bible, he winks,
and that these are my bones.

Finally, Ravenna, blackcaps warbling
on the telephone poles. Just south
of the pinewoods strangled by heather,
dog-rose, I ordered wedding soup.
I was finished with leaving,
with Europe
with the thousand stone churches
that starved their towns.


Somehow this would make more sense
if there were myrrh or bdellium involved.
Because then he would laugh, open
his palms that clench and unclench at his thigh,
smile at the plastic snow globe
I bought in the Turin airport.

I look at him, but he's watching the planes
lift like storks from the sandbar willows.
Didn't you hear, he says when I ask
how Michigan has been. Christ came back
as a bamboo shark last week.
And the Devils brought home the Cup.


I think I'm going to watch CATWS now and maybe cry more about Steve and Peggy and Bucky. #i don't know what to do with all these steve and bucky feels


Saturday things.

Jan. 24th, 2015 02:56 pm
killabeez: (deansam one true thing)
[personal profile] killabeez
1. I have taken a time out today. I'm still in my pajamas. If all goes well, I may not have any (non-email) human contact for the rest of the day.

2. I am trying to make a Highlander vid for Escapade. I love this show (well, shows, because I'm clipping HL: The Raven and the first movie, too)(there can be only one movie) SO MUCH, you guys. It is the show/fandom/canon/'verse of my heart.

3. Also, vidding is hard.

4. It's Dean's birthday. And the last episode was such a breath of fresh air re: Dean participating in the world and his own choices, I am feeling very benevolent toward him. Yes, I am easy.

Dean's birthday hoodie time meme!

daily gratitudes

Jan. 24th, 2015 12:47 pm
watersword: The cover image of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia, a misty landscape with a small cottage (Stock: Arcadia)
[personal profile] watersword
  1. sleeping in
  2. dried cantaloupe
  3. delicious milky tea that should probably be called cambric
  4. avocado on toast
  5. underground public transportation

Take my bunnies, pls

Jan. 24th, 2015 04:38 pm
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♥ Like, heaven worked so long (since Cain & Abel) to have these perfect vessels for Michael and Lucifer, shouldn't they be more proactive about guaranteeing their perfect vessels for the future, in case they should require them? ie, cupid-ordained "love" a la John & Mary Winchester. Adam's not gonna be having any kids any time soon and all the Campbells are dead. I am in it for this fic, but I'm not thinky enough to write it.

♥ ps, do you think Michael went running through his vessel options (Dean - NO, John? Adam?) thought to swing by & ask Cain? And he'd be like, LOLNO. Though maybe Michael could burn out the mark. You know, if he wanted to. Which I don't really expect bc angels.

♥ if Ben was Dean's son, he'd have to be told not to trust angels o__o (yeah, I'm still annoyed at the useless-for-everyone-but-Dean memory wipe) but it would be cool if Lisa thinks that Ben is not Dean's son due to tampered-with memories. IJS.

♥ also I still really want the fic where claire novak's spent the last year being harassed by angel visions and busted electronics because she's a super viable vessel & they were all trapped on earth incorporeal. man, I wish they'd worked that into the show.

ION, lookit my cat's dorky floppy ear??? That started yesterday, no idea why.


Jan. 24th, 2015 04:50 pm
kass: Captain America's shield. (shield)
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Kouredios has shown me the first three eps of Agent Carter. It is fantastic. Also visually stunning. And Peggy rocks my socks.


Will write more when not posting from my phone.


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