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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)

This week in writing, 4/30

Apr. 30th, 2017 05:01 pm
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Show of hands, who is surprised that I started writing a new thing this week? Is it no one? Looks like no one.

WIPs currently active: 6, see above.

Words written this week: 8,970, I, uh, did not do as much for-money writing as I should have this week. Oops.

WIPs that got no words this week: 0

WIPs that did get words this week:

Codename: Aluminum Bastard (aka broken dick epic): 1,050

Born in the Blood: 1,300, and I am so close to finishing this chapter as soon as I figure out how to finish this chapter.

Slavefic #5 (THE DRAMATIC REUNION): 1,571

Dragon!Bucky/Tribute!Steve Cap Reverse Big Bang Story: 1,802, and I continue to figure out the arc of the story and specifically how to get a dragon and smol Steve to have sex with each other. (Spoiler: THEY’RE GONNA.)

Less-Sad Sequel to “Ring the Bell Backward”: 1,618

Little Bitty #2 (Jemmie): 1,629

from Tumblr
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Hiya Dreamwidth.

Just checking in here. I'm currently two weeks from my baby's estimated birthday, but also 1.5 weeks from giving my last final exam this semester. Let's hope baby girl is not early, yeah? Yeah. I've tried to negotiate this with her and so far we seem to have an understanding. Of course, the belly is also stretching and lumping about in a devious and mildly suspicious manner, so who knows?

I've had a pretty magical time with this pregnancy, as far as I can tell. In the beginning, it was very straightforward to adapt my meals to avoid nausea (the worst it got) and I was able to find time to sleep when the fatigue got to me. Otherwise, my migraines have been nonexistent for the duration, I've had so little oil or moisture in my skin and hair that I shower maybe twice a week at this point, which saves lovely sleeping time, and I've managed to maintain as much of an exercise program as I usually manage during the academic year anyway, so yay!

This last little bit has seen discomfort sleeping, and numbness/tingling in my hands with swelling in the feets, but it's just a few more weeks. I also scheduled two of my lectures to be presentations this week, one is an exam which I think I'll have time to grade (no early labor signs yet, and it's tomorrow, so it's a decent bet) and two lectures of review/worksheets for the first years. We can do this week, baby! Finals are scantron and backup people are set, so it's just a wait and see game now.

Wish me luck getting through the next week and a half! Once the semester is over, I can chill and just work with her schedule (as opposed to stressing and working with her schedule, lol.)

you could make this place beautiful

Apr. 30th, 2017 11:25 am
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As I mentioned on tumblr, apparently I was so upset by yesterday's terrible Rangers loss that I dreamt that Mark Messier visited me to give me a pep talk. Idek.


the April writing roundup:

and gravity, scientists say, is weak (@ AO3)
Star Wars; Anakin & Obi-Wan (Obi-Wan/Satine); AU; pg; 3,230 words
"You're not the only one who's ever been in love, Anakin."

I like how this turned out, and I know I've only written 4 stories so far, but I feel like it might possibly be my favorite title of the year.


April 2017 recs update:

[personal profile] unfitforsociety has been updated for April 2017 with 14 recs in 4 fandoms:

* 7 Star Wars
* 3 Avengers
* 3 Check, Please!
* 1 Harry Potter

Also, two Star Wars vid recs:

* Running for Cover by [ profile] Trelkez, which is a great look at the original and new trios. Parallels!

* Toy Soldiers by [ profile] kil2dei, which is a great tribute to the clones of the Clone Wars. #oh no clone feels


And finally, today's poem:

Good Bones
by Maggie Smith

Life is short, though I keep this from my children.
Life is short, and I've shortened mine
in a thousand delicious, ill-advised ways,
a thousand deliciously ill-advised ways
I'll keep from my children. The world is at least
fifty percent terrible, and that's a conservative
estimate, though I keep this from my children.
For every bird there is a stone thrown at a bird.
For every loved child, a child broken, bagged,
sunk in a lake. Life is short and the world
is at least half terrible, and for every kind
stranger, there is one who would break you,
though I keep this from my children. I am trying
to sell them the world. Any decent realtor,
walking you through a real shithole, chirps on
about good bones: This place could be beautiful,
right? You could make this place beautiful.

That wraps up National Poetry Month for 2017. I hope you enjoyed it.


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Apr. 30th, 2017 09:30 am
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Spring Evening on Blind Mountain
by Louise Erdrich

I won’t drink wine tonight
I want to hear what is going on
not in my own head
but all around me.
I sit for hours
outside our house on Blind Mountain.
Below this scrap of yard
across the ragged old pasture,
two horses move
pulling grass into their mouths, tearing up
wildflowers by the roots.
They graze shoulder to shoulder.
Every night they lean together in sleep.
Up here, there is no one
for me to fail.
You are gone.
Our children are sleeping.
I don’t even have to write this down.

"Spring Evening on Blind Mountain" by Louise Erdrich from Original Fire. © Harper Collins, 2003.

(no subject)

Apr. 30th, 2017 10:26 am
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Doctor Strange is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Tony Stark, but with mystical powers as his technology. And teachers better than Obadiah.

*this movie is fun*
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Signal boosted from David Gerrold on FB:

This is a con organizer who has been accused - rightiously -- of rape; he organizes cons in order to get access to victims.

This is Ryan Kopf. He is the head of multiple anime conventions under the company name Chrono, LLC. This includes Anime Zap, Anime-zing!, Anime-SPARK!, AniMinneapolis, Meta Con, Domo Con, and Anime Midwest. In addition to being shady, underhanded, and a jerk in general, he is also a confirmed rapist. Attached is the actual police report, documenting the incident.

I urge you to raise awareness in any way you can. Forward this. Post its contents to Facebook, Tumblr, or whatever you use. The number of staff resigning from service of Chrono, LLC is already exponential, with one key demand for their return: Ryan Kopf must be removed from his position of power. Even guests have backed out, upon gaining the knowledge of Ryan’s reputation.

Ryan has gone to extreme lengths to cover this rape case up, even blacklisting people from his conventions for bringing it up. These are not the actions of an innocent man. These are the actions of someone who is trying desperately to hide something....

insomnia theatre

Apr. 30th, 2017 04:44 am
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Woke for no reason at 3; body, what? The pred has me in a phase where I tend to eat anything within range -- thus, a few more pounds, though they will come off easily enough later. The other side effect is the chipmunk cheeks and eyebags -- I think the last time my face was this round I was 18 months old?

But, felt I had to be Useful since awake, so I went into Second Life and revised the trees and flowers in the region where I have authority to do so. Exterior decorating in a virtual world -- click on a leaf, change flower colors, change plant height and width, scatter daisies randomly on fields. I am trying to change things gradually over time there, the way a season would change in RL, so the flowering trees are being revised now into something else for summer, possibly a green bush or two, and the tall grass between the buildings has little white starlike flowers in it. Which, yeah, no lawnmowers so why not? Before I started to serve as dean of commons, there were a handful of old-style (not terribly pretty) trees, and not much else. I had a stack of sample trees in my inventory from a really good creator, and put them in, along with whatever else I could find, and that has worked. I want the place to look more real, like a unversity where there are gardeners who change things with the seasons, not like something built 10 years ago and never changed. And it's fun. It compensates somewhat for having to deal with confused newbies who can't find their clothes or stop running into each other, and for unconfused griefers whose sole purpose is to cause trouble and get kicked out because for some of them Getting Kicked Out of Oxbridge is like a medal. Whoopie. I can stand to deal with fewer of them, and I cleared more places on the ban lists during insomnia last week.

Lately, though, when I'm there at a time to help newbies, and others are there, the conversation has been about cookpots. One of the others, former staff (long story), scorched the bottom of his best cookpot the other day and has been having deep discussions about how to renovate it. I find it hard to believe the thing cost him 800 Euros in the first place -- but it is very design-oriented with a built-in waffle bottom to cook with less oil, so perhaps that's a thing. Anyway, we have all been comparing recipes across cultures -- German, Finnish, US, whoever else is there. Apparently peperoni in German means jalapeno-type hot pepper, not the sausage you put on pizza. Which makes sense of why I never saw what I thought of as pepperoni on a pizza in Europe.

Going to try sleeping again, just to see if it works.

Daily Happiness

Apr. 30th, 2017 01:32 am
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1. I had to go to the Gardena store four times this week, which sucks, but I got reimbursed for my mileage each time, so now I have a bunch of cash, which is nice.

2. Since I have cash, we went to DK's Donuts tonight and got some after-dinner doughnuts and doughnuts to have for breakfast tomorrow.

3. It's been getting pretty warm during the day, but is still nice and chilly at night. Warm nights are the worst, so they can continue to stay away for a good long while!

4. Molly's such a pretty kitty!

(no subject)

Apr. 30th, 2017 10:10 am
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I have like 17 different entries I need, want, intend to and have started writing, but there's never any time to finish them (it's been busyyyyyyyy), so let's try for something short and frivolous that I might actually be able to hit "post" with.

Versailles S2 )
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4.A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget about

5.A song that needs to be played LOUD: Ice T - Big Gun

Can you imagine what effect this movie had on me in 1995? Xena and Voyager, with their awesome fighting women, were only just at the beginning. Tank Girl was like a bucket of ice water in the face, so different to Wonder Woman and Supergirl and those clean, all-American traditions, but shouting out to the same little girls' heart.

If you love the song as I do, you may prefer to watch this Nikita fanvid by [ profile] readthesubtext.

music meme topics )
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Hey! Looks like I can fess up to my Equinox vids now! I made two:

Fox on the Run - Doctor Who (2005), Doctor/River, for [personal profile] purplefringe 

Under My Skin - Multi-fandom, alien horror in space, for [personal profile] genusshrike 

And I can now properly thank [personal profile] violace for Infinity, the fucking amazing No Man's Sky vid I received (will update link when signed version goes up). She ROCKS.

1.16 The Sum of its Parts

Apr. 30th, 2017 09:41 am
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1.16 The Sum of its Parts

First aired 26 February 2001

The crew is contacted by a drone from the Consensus of Parts, a race of sentient machines who live in the space between galaxies. It claims to have been sent to make contact with them, but the drone proceeds to take overAndromeda in an attempt to escape his destruction. Through the drone, its 'master' tries to force Rommie to join the Consensus.

Fizzle. Perhaps if the drone were less ridiculous looking?

But check out this - a new vid for the Vids in Space challenge. It's Chasing Twister by Colls.

Relax by Davidoff + Swaps

Apr. 29th, 2017 08:14 pm
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I absolutely love this perfume. My dear, dear [personal profile] executrix sent it to me, and I put off trying it because I was afraid from the way the bottle looked that it would smell like a generic old man cologne. OMG, I was so wrong. So so wrong.

Description: Top notes are mint, lavender, tarragon, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are bay leaf, patchouli, jasmine, vetiver, heliotrope, anise, cedar and geranium; base notes are leather, tonka bean, amber, benzoin, oakmoss and vanilla.

This is what Luca Turin led me to believe Hermessence Vetiver Tonka would smell like. Lies, lies. Hermessence Vetiver Tonka was such a disappointment for me. Relax is a beautiful, powerful vetiver that's nicely rounded out by the tonka which gives it a creamy, vanilla underpinning (with none of the candy, sugar, dessert bullshit in Hermessence Vetiver Tonka).

I don't get any of the other notes outside of vetiver, patchouli, and tonka (and the patchouli is very minimal). It reminds me a bit of my beloved Chanel Sycomore, but it's more masculine than Sycomore IMHO. I've worn this constantly since testing it and am so happy that [personal profile] executrix sent me a partial big bottle! Whoooo!


Anybody interested in swapping for any of these, let me know. Any perfume fine to swap; doesn't have to be BPAL.

Armani Code
2 Alien by Thierry Mugler samples
2-3 ml sample Guerlain Angelique Noire
Eau de Cologne Crepe de Chine F. Millot full bottle

Fire for the Step-Mother's Daughters
New Orleans
Incipient Madness
Lexamin de Minuit
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The Rangers once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and everything is terrible. Sigh.

Have a poem:
They Lied

They lied, my friend. They injected
their despair beneath your skin
like a parasitic insect laying eggs
in the body of another species.

Nothing they said is true,
everything about you is honorable. Every pore
that opens and closes—a multitude
along the expanse of your body, the
follicles from which hair sprouts
emerging again and again like spiders' floss
spun from a limitless source.

Your feet with thickened nails. Your anger
like the wisdom of elephants. Your
omnipresent fear, like mist off the sea.
Your neglected breasts and the sober practicality
of your anus. Your elegant neck and
quick smile. Your small hungers,
each a song.

You wait, huddled. Or carry yourself from
place to place like a burden. As if
you would stash yourself, if you could,
in a bus station locker, or somewhere smaller.
You don't really hope, but
you can't give it up completely.

Some stubborn nugget
is lodged like a bullet in bone.
Though each breath stings with the cold
suck of it, you can know the truth.
Every cell of your body vibrates with its own intelligence.
Every atom is pure.

~Ellen Bass


STORY: "Svefnthorn" - Sinbad (TV)

Apr. 29th, 2017 06:50 pm
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I meant to post this this morning, but then there were dishes to do, and then I worked on (well, brainstormed, anyway) my fledgling idea for Night on Fic Mountain, and then I went out for an Ingress walk in the gross swampy heat, and look it's almost 7pm. /o\

If you were around here on More Joy Day 2017, you'll probably have already seen this, but!:

Svefnthorn (1117 words) by Dorinda
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sinbad (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gunnar/Sinbad (Sinbad)
Characters: Gunnar (Sinbad), Sinbad (Sinbad)
Additional Tags: Runes, Snakes, Escape, Sleep

"You are not going to try to feed yourself to the snake so I can get away," said Sinbad at once. "So stop it."

([personal profile] movies_michelle gave me Gunnar/Sinbad and the prompt "sleep", and then I dunno what happened, there was a giant magic snake and stuff. :D )

(no subject)

Apr. 29th, 2017 11:36 pm
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I don't have it in me at present to post properly about either of these things, but I made a DS9 vid for Equinox Vids, and Doctor Who was once again lovely this week.

Thank you all very much for your comments on my last post. <3

Richard Burgi on One West Waikiki

Apr. 29th, 2017 10:09 pm
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If your cable / satellite system carries GetTV, you can catch 4 episodes of One West Waikiki this weekend. GetTV is showing four episodes in a row, starting at 12:00 AM Monday. Eastern; adjust for your own time zone. (Don't get mixed up -- that's late Sunday night.)

Unfortunately, the episodes are not consecutive... but I figure I can save them on my DVR, then make DVDs in the correct order. According to my Dish menu, the episodes are:

Season 1-5 A Model for Murder
Season 2-1 Flowers of Evil
Season 2-4 Unhappily Ever After
Season 2-8 Guilty

Feel free to pass on the information wherever you choose.
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[community profile] smutswap stories are revealed, so here's mine, written for SilverShepard! Many thanks to Frostfire, Ylixia, and Feanorinleatherpants for their help and encouragement. :D

Come on and Get Your Kicks (8121 words) by Dira Sudis
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Feminization, Crossdressing, Dirty Talk, Shame in Sexual Desires, The Manifest Difficulty of Staying Ashamed of Anything When Tony Is This Excited About It, Fluff and Smut

"At the end of the day, you just want to be my pretty little girl, is that it?"

Steve surged up to wrap his arms around Tony, kissing him with the kind of filthy fervor that Steve usually reserved for you could have died or I haven't had an orgasm in 36 hours.

So, all right then. Hypothesis confirmed.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Apr. 29th, 2017 08:02 pm
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I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 today, and overall it was fun, though it did hit my embarrassment squick a couple of times. And as in the first part, Marvel's space mythology and setting is confusing.

Also it's not like I especially needed another daddy issues story. It's not that I dislike them as such, but more variety for the heroes' issues would be nice.

BTW, has this opened in the US this week too? I haven't seen any posts about it.
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Title: Koi-iji: Love Glutton
Original Title: こいいじ (Koiiji)
Author: Shimura Takako
Publisher: Kiss
Genre: Josei
Status in Japan: 5 volumes, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Migeru
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: 31-year-old Mame has been in love with her childhood friend Souta ever since she can remember. Despite multiple rejections, her love has stayed constant. It's become a habit more than anything, but is it one she'll ever be able to break and get on with her life?

Chapter Summary: Souta and Yume attend an old friend's wedding.

Chapter 16: An Education

the joys of a Santa Fe spring

Apr. 29th, 2017 11:16 am
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Yesterday it snowed off and on all day, but the snow didn't stick. Here's what I woke up to this morning.

it looks a bit wintry )

(no subject)

Apr. 29th, 2017 10:46 am
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The Sound of a Train
by Faith Shearin

Even now, I hear one and I long to leave
without a suitcase or a plan; I want to step
onto the platform and reach for
the porter’s hand and buy a ticket
to some other life; I want to sit
in the big seats and watch fields
turn into rivers or cities. I want to eat
cake on the dining car’s
unsteady tablecloths, to sleep
while whole seasons
slip by. I want to be a passenger
again: a person who hears the name
of a place and stands up, a person
who steps into the steam of arrival.

"The Sound of a Train" by Faith Shearin from Telling the Bees. © Stephen F. Austin State University Press, 2015.
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I have been waiting for a very, very long time for someone who is inside a more mainstream/fundamentalist Christian tradition than I am to say exactly what is said here: Christianity is not about a personal relationship with Jesus. It is about community. And it pegs, exactly, the reason the 'personal relationship' model backfires -- there is far too much temptation to make One's Own Personal Jesus over in one's own image, complete with prejudices and presumptions and, for all I know, the same food allergies.

And by the way, while we're on this subject? All those paintings of blue-eyed blond Jesus aren't of Jesus. They're Cesare Borgia. Cesare's uncle Alexander, who happened to be pope at the time, thought Cesare would be an excellent model for the artists of his day -- he fitted exactly the particular Renaissance vibe. Jesus didn't look like Cesare Borgia so much. He looked a lot more like the guys who live in Palestine and Jerusalem and Haifa now. So, all of those sentimental Victorian blond-guy paintings? Borgia fanfic.


Iowa farm cartoonist gets fired for telling the truth about Monsanto.

Jonathan Demme's career-defining movies. I love 'Something Wild' and 'Married to the Mob'.

It seems that an entitled asshat of a Wyoming Senator made some bigoted remarks about guys in tutus. Wyoming at large has responded with tutu protests, tutu socials, and tutu parties.

The NSA says it's not collecting random emails about foreign targets any more. So they say.

Let us just say that I don't find Ivanka's idea that all her advantages are disadvantages to be convincing. If she wants to talk about how to rise from nothing, let her start as a junior secretary somewhere, or a fast-food employee, struggling to live on minimum wage without benefits, and see where she goes from there. That silver spoon in her mouth has a lot of tarnish.

A hundred days of 45. And we're still here. There are climate-support marches going on all over the place today. But there are other considerations. Is the presidency for sale? And here's a report from the Brennan Center (downloadable) on official Islamophobia. Another report from the Brennan Center looks in depth at the way that crime in the US has plummeted to far lower levels than they used to have, regardless of what the 'hard on crime' guys who want to crack down now have to say.

And a thought about why Republicans are cruel to poor people, and how their deep hypocrisy on this veils a deeper problem. Which might, after all, be related to the first thing I posted up above.

Mix tape!

Apr. 29th, 2017 10:55 am
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I made a snarky aside about cassingles in the poll on my last post, and then [personal profile] cnoocy and [personal profile] sanguinity got into a conversation about how you actually could fit a mix on a cassingle.

So [personal profile] cnoocy did it. No repeat bands, with a solid mix tape musical arc. It's got three girl punk bands and three tracks from musicals -- and, [personal profile] minoanmiss, one track "from an album of settings of Mesopotamian texts in translation and in the original language."

"Nice Glass": a cassingle mix. Complete with cassette-shaped cover art.

(no subject)

Apr. 29th, 2017 08:30 am
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A whooole bunch of people have subscribed here recently, and preliminary research suggests everybody may be leaving LJ and deleting their journals. Is that the deal? Something about servers moving to Russia? Am I supposed to delete my LJ now in protest? Because I will.

The whole reason I haven't posted a lot since my return to posting is that right after I returned to posting, half the voting American public decided hey, let's give stupid and evil a try! So now I'm trying to make sure I play ALL the video games before the inevitable fiery apocalypse.

So what's the deal? And hi, you new people!
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Humble Bundle is running a Bloom County bundle! Pay what you want, as little as US$1, for vols. 1-4 of the complete Bloom County digital library; paying more will get you more, but you can get all thirteen books (vols. 1-9 of BC, plus four more books of related Berkeley Breathed comics) for as little as US$15.

I really didn't have to think long about what icon to use for this post...

Daily Happiness

Apr. 29th, 2017 01:59 am
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1. I get to sleep in three days in a row!

2. I had to fire someone today, which was unpleasant, and just generally made the day really emotionally draining, since it was on my mind all day leading up to it. But at least now it's over. And hopefully the store will be a more pleasant environment with them gone.

3. I finished up some more manga tonight, so it looks like I will manage to squeeze in one more chapter to post before the end of the month for sure. (And maybe another if the typesetter gets back to me.)

4. Look how big this Jasper is getting! He's six months old today.

WWBCD (What would Bev Crusher do?)

Apr. 29th, 2017 12:49 pm
st_aurafina: Harold Finch's face (POI: Harold)
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Answer (according to [personal profile] lilacsigil): Forgive Wesley for starting another virulent plague, then get it on with a Scottish ghost.

I'm wearing my swingy teal coat today, so I'm stealth cosplaying Doctor Crusher. Bring me my hypospray, baby needs a dose of tricordrazine.

Speaking of which, that fandom meme:
1. the character I least understand
2. interactions I enjoyed the most
3. the character who scares me the most
4. the character who is mostly like me
5. hottest looks character
6. one thing I dislike about my fave character
7. one thing I like about my hated character
8. a quote or scene that haunts me
9. a character I wish died but didn’t
10. my ship that never sailed

- Classic Doctor Who
- Leverage
- Sanctuary
- Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
- Person of Interest
- X-Men
- Star Trek: TNG
- Imperial Radch (by [personal profile] lilacsigil because that's more her wheelhouse than mine.)

Also, I must preserve the chatlog of the Person of Interest Crab AU. With images. Of crabs.

Yes, we can AU like champs. If only it was an Olympic sport )

So that happened, and now I will never forget Shaw the pistol shrimp.

Music meme:
2.A song you like with a number in the title
I really like 1,2,3,4 by Feist, but even more, I love this cover by Kiyomi Vella from The Voice Australia (S2). (Also, I am such a sucker for The Voice when the judges get really excited. Is it just me?)

1,2,3,4 by Kiyomi Vella )

Also, health FYI: flu vaccines are available in Australia (they were late coming and have been out of stock for a while.) If you're getting one this year, now is the time. If you have a chronic illness that puts you at higher risk of complications from influenza, like asthma, kidney disease, or if you're immunocompromised, you get it for free.

I had the quadrivalent and it gave me no trouble. ([personal profile] lilacsigil had it too, and her arm looked like it got punched by Shaw the pistol shrimp.)

FMK: The Snow Queen

Apr. 28th, 2017 08:28 pm
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So, it turns out The Snow Queen is not high fantasy and is a fairy tale AU. Oops.

About the only other things I knew going in was that I had really liked Vinge's Cat books (not actually books about cats, books about a dude named Cat, sorry), that she had at one point been married to Vernor Vinge, and that I was pretty sure that years ago I had heard a rumor that her husband was a total POS.

...turns out that I was unable to find anyone saying anything bad about Mr. Vinge, but her current husband is Mr. Banned-From-Wiscon himself, so apparently I have been thinking poorly of Mr. Vinge for years for no reason. Sorry, sir! See, this is why this stuff needs to be out in the open, not whispers.

Anyway, as for the book itself: it's well-written, I didn't hate any of the characters, the world-building and plot mostly hang together (at least until the very end, anyway), the concepts are interesting, there is no compelling reason I shouldn't have liked it, and yet I never quite managed to get into it. It isn't even that it's not my thing, because it *should* be my thing, and yet )

Anyway, short version: You could probably do a Snow Queen retelling that used the story in a way that worked for me (I should really get my hands on The Raven and the Reindeer) but this was not it; and I would totally read an entire novel about Ngenet and Jerusha (as long as Jerusha got to finally show a tiny bit of minimal competence which she never actually did in the book - a plot line about how she is unfairly treated as incompetent because she's a woman doesn't work if she never actually is competent); and I should have listened to my instincts and run when the summary on the back ended with "...the one man fated to love them both."

...interestingly I also read Makt Myrkranna today (having never read Dracula all the way through) which is also about a pretty, innocent young man who gets lured into the clutches of an ancient powerful beautiful cold devouring woman and her consort, and how his true love traveled across a continent to rescue him and save the world, but somehow I don't have any of the aforementioned complaints about it. A++ worldbuilding, dude does not let heterosexuality make his choices for him, lady makes reasonable choices based on the knowledge she has at the time and caring about him as a human being she is fond of who is in trouble.

I also read Pale Guardian, but I think that's actually the first Ashers book in which nobody ever has to rescue James, so it doesn't quite fit the set.

(eta: no, wait, Simon rescued him at least once in between Simon and Lydia repeatedly rescuing each other, nvm. On a motorbike.)

(I have been sick lying on the couch all day, which is why all the reading suddenly. Also I still have four more library books and two fmk waiting lalala.)

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Apr. 28th, 2017 09:23 pm
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Note to self: eat more protein. It wards off the worst of the munchies -- and the drug drawdown has given me munchies that have no end. Eating protein cuts into that, and will keep me from gaining umpty pounds from eveything else.

(Yeah, my body has noticed that it's at 30 not 40 mg now, and it's saying, 'but ... but ... this isn't right, everything's not happy, go find something that's happymaking ...' And I did, =-- the music meme on Facebook.)

BTW, anyone who doesn't like people reminiscing about concerts and good times should get over themselves. Everyone has some good memory of something; we don't all share the same ones. These are ones that we do share. I refuse to be guilted by anyone for remembering good times even though Congressional Republicans and the president are being entitled asshats. What am I supposed to do, go down to the Capitol with a little 6" ruler and tell them all to measure, so they can figure out who's the big guy, and then get to work? Capitol Police would not be amused. Waste of time. I have alrady told my Senators and Congressman my views -- and they agree with me --so I have Done My Part for the Budget.

Tomorrow is the Bead Bazaar; I hope to go and find a few more small pretty handmade fun things I can hang off neck rings and make into what I think of as conversations between beads of different sources -- after having a lot of protein for breakfast and lunch, this time.
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Title: Ultramarine
Fandom: Westworld
Rating: G
Words: 417
Characters/Pairings: Dolores Abernathy/Teddy Flood
Warnings/Content: None
Notes: Written for [community profile] fandom_stocking 2016.

Summary: "Oh, hush, now," says Dolores, running her hand down the mare's neck. "There ain't nothing can hurt you up here. Nothing but the sky above to watch over you."

Also at the Archive

The strap on Dolores' paint box breaks as they're riding over the ridge. )
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Title: Under My Skin
Song: I've Got You Under My Skin by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
Source: Multifandom
Length: 2:01
For: genusshrike, Spring Equinox 2017: Vids in Space!
Warnings: Physical triggers (e.g., epilepsy or migraine: strobe lights, bright lights, "stuttery" cuts between 2-3 stills), graphic violence, sexual violence, gore, all the tentacles.
Note: This version differs slightly from the one posted during the anonymous period of the exchange.

Summary: You Never Can Win

Password: challenge142

Download 19MB MP4 (right/ctrl-click + "Save link as...")

Notes: This vid is sort of a dark mirror to Fly Me to the Moon by [personal profile] thirdblindmouse (with her full approval). I knew that this vid was the right call when I told [personal profile] settiai the concept and she responded with the textual version of facepalming. I made the whole thing in about nine days, I want to say. Also, I am very grateful that the trailers for Alien: Covenant have contained so much stuff, because I'm not sure the vid would be nearly as good without those contributions.

Full List of Sources )
jetpack_monkey: (The Doctor (11) - Silly Person)
[personal profile] jetpack_monkey

Title: Fox on the Run
Song: Fox on the Run by The Sweet
Source: Doctor Who (2005)
Length: 2:23
For: purplefringe, Spring Equinox 2017: Vids in Space
Warnings: Physical triggers (e.g., epilepsy or migraine: strobe lights, bright lights, "stuttery" cuts between 2-3 stills)
Note: This vid has minor differences from the one posted during the exchange.

Summary: Who are you and when are you who you are?

Password: hellosweetie

Download 23MB MP4 (right/ctrl-click and "Save link as...")

Notes: The last time I made a Doctor Who vid, Catherine Tate had just ended her run as Donna Noble. It's been that long. However, in a lot of ways, it's a bit like visiting an old friend (with a new face, obviously). Purplefringe wanted a River Song vid that encompassed all of the Doctors she tangoed with and I did my best to accommodate. Oddly enough, the song didn't come from the Guardians of the Galaxy trailers, but a Youtube trawl I was making for unrelated reasons.
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Posted in full at: on April 28, 2017 at 03:00PM

Tags:not a reblog, activism, instacart, disability, DWCrosspost

Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)


Apr. 28th, 2017 05:16 pm
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1. It is warm today. I am wearing a sleeveless shirt and right now I am barefoot. This makes me happy.

2. Relatedly, I did my biannual closet swap -- moved the winter stuff into storage more or less, or at least out of the way, and moved the warm-weather stuff back into rotation. Now that I have done this we will probably get two weeks of cold-and-rainy, or something, but it still feels good to have shifted the closet over.

3. The flowers we planted in a box on our wee mirpesset last weekend are blooming and they are lovely.

4. I ran into someone at the co-op today who saw me doing my job recently and wanted to tell me that she's rooting for me to get the permanent position. \o/

5. Someone nearby has hung a beautiful wind chime, and I like the way it peals.

Shabbat shalom to all who celebrate.

thanks, altitude

Apr. 28th, 2017 11:54 am
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I live at roughly 36 degrees north latitude. That's farther south than the southernmost point of Spain; the 36th parallel crosses Algeria, Tunisia, and Pakistan, among other places.*

Today is the 28th of April.

It is snowing.

*Okay, it also crosses Tibet, which although twice as elevated as where I live, is probably more comparable. I bet it's snowing there, too.

It's not that I like hot weather. In fact I hate it. But I don't like snow either and felt the need to complain.

impoverished blueberry farmers

Apr. 28th, 2017 10:23 am
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I had a dream with a flashback in it!

It starts out on a train, and Diego Luna comes up to me (I know right) and he says, "You're so pretty. Were you in the Christmas play?" And I ask, "What was the name of it?" And he tells me, and I say no. And he's all, "Are you sure?" And he's playful and sweet and he reaches out a finger like he might teasingly poke me in the stomach, and I push his hand away and say, "I'm not interested."

A few seats ahead of me, my mother turns around, ready to disapprove of my lack of interest in romantic pursuits or whatever it is mothers are concerned about, and I say, "I said no."

Turning Diego Luna away made no sense to me, the dreamer, because Diego Luna being cute! But in real life, nothing will make me suspicious faster than calling me pretty, so I felt like maybe I understood at least part of it.

Then there was some stuff with a law enforcement officer tied to a pole in the middle of a dusty compound populated with girls wearing bikinis and diaphanous wraps. And I was there to witness his sacrifice or something?? And there I met a tall, heavy-set Hispanic or Native American girl—not in a bikini—who would only look like me if you'd recently been struck on the head, and I asked her if she'd been in the Christmas play. I guess I was trying to find whoever it was Diego Luna thought I was.

Then the flashback!

Diego Luna and I came from the same small town! Where we grew blueberries! But the crops had died, and the blueberry bushes were growing back in straggly vines with thick, black, chitinous bark, and that was no good because the berries couldn't sprout through the bark.

I touched one of the plants, and the few berries that were there were bruised and deformed, and my hands turned dark with their juice. Diego Luna showed up at the end of the row, and I went to him and hugged him, the way you do when your hands are dirty, wrapping my arms around him and pressing the back of my hands to his shoulders, my fingers curled inward, and I told him, "We'll figure this out."

And then I left. To figure things out at college maybe? And he stayed there, to figure things out on the ground. And I can only assume it created a rift between us, and that's why I pretended not to know him on the train.

And that's my impoverished blueberry farmer dream, starring Diego Luna.
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Today is our work Wine and Cheese party, but this year, we have to wear a name tag all day so people can learn who we are, and like Cordelia, I am not a name tag person. (me, I felt like saying, "you know who I am," but only because I've been here 8 years!) Ah well, for free wine, I guess it's okay.

And it's Friday, finally. Yesterday was fucking E N D L E S S. Why are the workdays so long and the weekends so short?


You know, I can't even be mad about that winning Ottawa goal last night. It was such a fluky goal and it was Karlsson and you know sometimes you just have to sigh about Swedes and accept it. I can be angry about the terrible inability of the Rangers to get out of their own zone, leading to the play where that kind of weird goal happens though. If Lundqvist gets out of these playoffs without murdering a member of his own team for lousy defense, he will deserve a medal. It didn't help that Anderson stood on his head, either. Ah well, tomorrow's another game. #LGR


Here are my answers to yesterday's meme, if you're interested:
= Homicide: Life on the Street
= Firefly
= X-Men Movieverse
= Star Wars
= Harry Potter
= Captain America
= Arrowverse
= The Middleman

That was fun!


Today's poem:

St. Deceiver in the Garden
by Jennifer Willoughby

As the women, we are sometimes
left to our own devices like sucking
up lint or writing haikus for famous
people until the bells call us back to
the circle of light. I don't know what
movie we're starring in today, the one
with fur-cloaked madman on campus
or the romantic comedy where the heroine
lives in a tree. The costumes are to die for—
chartreuse balloons with slits that split
to reveal an ancient version of our worst
hangover. We bang our erstwhile sexiness
like airport tambourines while craft services
ties two thousand starlings to the rafters:
they are playing the part of Nature and can
bathe in Perrier if they want. Periodically,
we take a break for raw carrots and chat
about past incarnations as Dancer at Xanadu
and Nurse on the Hospital Roof. The makeup
artist fixes our floribunda scars and says it
doesn't matter how much money you make,
the man you get is the man you hate.


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Apr. 28th, 2017 08:32 am
nestra: A picture of New Orleans (home)
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by Tony Hoagland

Who knew that the sweetest pleasure of my fifty-eighth year
would turn out to be my friendship with the dog?

That his trembling, bowlegged bliss at seeing me stand there with the leash
would give me a feeling I had sought throughout my life?

Now I understand those old ladies walking
their Chihuahuas in the dusk, plastic bag wrapped around one hand,

content with a companionship that, whatever
else you think of it, is totally reliable.

And in the evening, at cocktail hour,
I think tenderly of them

in all of those apartments on the fourteenth floor
holding out a little hotdog on a toothpick

to bestow a luxury on a friend
who knows more about uncomplicated pleasure

than any famous lobbyist for the mortal condition.
These barricades and bulwarks against human loneliness,

they used to fill me with disdain,
but that was before I found out my metaphysical needs
                                        could be so easily met

by the wet gaze of a brown-and-white retriever
with a slight infection of the outer ear
                             and a tail like a windshield wiper.

I did not guess that love would be returned to me
as simply as a stick returned when it was thrown

again and again and again—
in fact, I still don’t exactly comprehend.

What could that possibly have to teach me
about being human?

"Fetch" by Tony Hoagland from Application for Release from the Dream.
© Graywolf Press, 2015.


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