Shakespeare With Your Cat

Mar. 6th, 2015 01:18 am
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Me: Truly, Beatrice, you were born in a merry hour.
Beatrice: [says nothing, waits for me to move the laser pointer again so she can chase it]
Me: No, my lord, for my mother meowed.
Me: [sends the red dot racing across the room]
Beatrice: [chases it, leaps up and hits the fridge door triumphantly with her two front paws]
Me: But then there was a star danced, and under that you were born.


Mar. 5th, 2015 06:00 am
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Today I plan to talk to my therapist about happiness.

My kids often make me happy. My husband often makes me happy. My problem is that I have realized that I love it when my kids or my husband make me happy; but whenever anything else makes me happy - and there are a shitload of things in the world that could make me happy: gardening, seeing friends, reading books quietly by myself, opera, masturbation, new clothes, massage, rock concerts, a haircut, taking the time to write a post like this: I feel guilty. Because I am taking time and/or energy and/or money that should be spent either on the kids or on Mr. E or on sleep or exercise so that I can be more physically and emotionally able to be a good partner and mother. Seriously: being happy feels like stealing.

And then I wonder WHY I'M NOT HAPPY VERY MUCH.

I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say. [personal profile] hradzka, you would love the shit out of my therapist. Couple weeks ago I brought up some money stress that I've been having: there's this, but then there's that, here's how Mr. E and I are doing stuff, but I might want to change because this other thing, blah blah blah.

She listened carefully to everything I said, then said, "Sounds like you guys need to set up a new bank account. Because then this thing, and this other thing."

I said, "Yeah, that would solve this problem…but ehhh, we haven't done it because awkward, and these feelings, and I have these other feelings."

And she was like "Okay, but your feelings are dumb and boring. What would fix the problem is if you addressed it, like by setting up a new bank account."

And the thing is, because I have been crazy for so long, my feelings ARE dumb and boring! Even I am sick of dealing with them! Of course she did not actually say anything so hurtful. But she was clearly uninterested in noodling around in my ~feelings~ for ages and instead was very clear about the benefits of addressing the problem with an idea for a solution.

Which I did not want to do, because money is hard to talk about. But the great thing about a therapist, as opposed to a self-help book or something like that, is that I could not face going back to her and admitting that yeah, you and I talked about a solution, but I could not bring it up and prefer to remain stressed out about money. Couldn't do it. Instead I sucked it up and talk to Mr. E and we have come up with a solution that we like for now: it is not the same one that my therapist came up with, it is one that works for us better, but we would not have done it if she hadn't given me the kick in the butt.

And I feel better.
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Apparently, Emilie and the Hollow World is $1.99 at Amazon Kindle US and Barnes and Noble Nook. I don't know how long it will last.

If you want to sample the first chapter, it's on my web site here.

Link: Writing Women Characters as Human Beings by Kate Elliott
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Half of the History (We Shall Never Know) (36675 words) by Speranza
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov
Additional Tags: War is hell, Please Heed Archive Content Warnings, Soldier Boys, Love under fire, To the end of the line, Threesomes, winterwidow - Freeform, Dancing, Realpolitik, We're All In It Up To The Neck Darling

This is a war story.

.... I fell asleep and dreamed that the latest Captain America movie featured a scene where Bucky, Natasha, and Steve all fell asleep together in the same bed, and then Natasha and Steve woke up and had sex, while Bucky watched - and the scene was filmed so as to suggest, but never really show explicitly, that Bucky joined in (because the filmmakers needed to protect their PG-13 rating). And of course fandom went crazy, but mostly I was upset because the lighting was so dim that I couldn't figure out how I was going to effectively vid it.

But seriously, it's an excellent story - Ces's particular preoccupation for these characters is to really get inside the history - what it was like during the war years, and what kind of people came out of that era - both in terms of core characterization and also in terms of basic mannerisms. So this story really explores the horror of war, and how it impacted Bucky and Steve's relationship. It's beautiful.
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Did I mention I got more BPAL? I got more BPAL. I ordered myself some labels off Amazon, and two more little boxes.

Got in early. Was scared I'd calculated my calendar wrong, but actually hadn't. I arrived at a few minutes after 10, but the customer call wasn't until 11. The researchers did their thing, so I was off the hook as far as notes went.

Lunch was nice. There were only bell peppers in like two of the things, and those could be avoided. Thank fuck. I had a burrito.

I first got into a ticket war with, and then avoided, a helpdesk guy. (He closed it saying it was a dupe of another. I re-opened it because my symptoms were entirely the fuck different. He IMed me. I set myself to away after about 10 minutes.)

I mentioned to Purple a crush I may have started to develop, on an engineer with no known disqualifications. Purple teased me gently.

Helldesk apparently did not dump a load of ghost notifs on me today. I am sort of surprised.

I promised Carmageddon that I could come in for notes for the Thursday late-morning research. Yay.

I am so, so, so proud of fishie, who has been doing things that she might not have had the nerve to do even three months previous. Based on a little bit of experimentation with a lowball dose of her anxiolytic, she may have discovered a dose that is still effective, but she feels safe taking while in a public place.

Purple has now encountered the Men Explain Things To Me article, and IMed me with thoughts as he was reading through it. He identified the largest number of clue-averse, Pathologically 'Right' splainers in his life as 'Nutrition And Health Expert' women. We discussed Oblivious And Pathologically 'Right' Splaineyness as a cross-gender trait. Then I asked him whether he would consider me a misogynist. He wouldn't, but saw my point that hating women was not a man-only trait. Then I mentioned that despite not actually disliking other women, I had in fact discounted the technical expertise of other women, just because I am so steeped in a culture which undervalues and dismisses women's technical expertise. Hello unconscious bias! Then he hit the part where none of the men who had condescended their ignorant asses off to this woman had ever actually apologized. He was appalled, because saying sorry is his first step when he's wrong. Then he dug a bit into some of the body language based biases he has, and how that has the potential to go wrong based on other common things. I like this one and I should like to keep him around.

I told him about BJ vs. the Phone Cord. Fuckin' BJ.

Pi Day is approaching. I expressed my hope for pie. radius expressed his pie recipes. I tagged his wiki page helpfully.

Purple declared that he was thinking about escape around 7. Around 7:15, I pinged him to see where he was. He could finish that up at home, actually; he'd be right there!

Five minutes later, and no Purple. I puttered around putting little things to rights (hanging up a phone left on a conference line for two extra hours, re-doing my calendar, doing a checklist) and he eventually appeared.

I have learned that one of the inevitabilities of having a Purple in my life is that Purple has a lot of friends. Purple knows a lot of people. Despite his best intentions, he can have unexpected hallway conversations that last an hour. I am occasionally the beneficiary of these. I am lucky enough to be a person with whom he enjoys quasi-scheduled parking lot conversations. There's only so much time in his weeks. So how can I actually complain when someone else gets some time? This time it was only about 15-20. He was still sheepish.

One of my nails got a near-perfect coat of polish. Since it was some good polish, it dried before it could get scuffed, and the top coat dried before it could get scuffed either. Showing off nail polish in the low light of the parking lot is hard.

When I got home, I labeled BPAL and reviewed my step count. March 4th = bump-up. Whee!
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Came in early for the meeting between me and the helldesk people.

The meeting was not bad and now the vaguely project manager shaped person knows what the old ticketing system was like on a high level (High level overview of the security model: the person filing the ticket controls the "make this shit public/private" tickyboxes) and therefore why R&D feels this entitlement to see tickets related to public building areas of places that they inhabit. The engineer was sensible as always.

There are a few main problems:

* A lot of unrelated stuff is crammed into the same tower of responsibility because it's under the same management hat.
* Due to the back-end architecture, it is technically complex and perhaps unmaintainably tedious to grant public/private piecemeal amongst that tower of responsibility.
* Splitting them off into different towers at this point would be possibly fuckheadedly difficult.

Fortunately, the good engineer had a great idea.

Unfortunately, the next release is in April, and that release is jammed worse than the elevator at the Let's Ignore The Fire Code Fandom convention. So we're looking at May at the earliest, and of course it has a lot of possible things which could go wrong, so it needs extra testing.

Meanwhile, ghost updates continue.

I took notes for Carmageddon on his call with a small group of users.
Naturally, I was coughing while taking notes, until I punched a hole in the random lemon that was sitting on his desk and started sucking on it.

Then there was lunch, which Purple had called early, and I got to a bit late.
The cafe manager bought my lunch. She'd looked over the burrito station and gone a bit ballistic on them, because they clearly had not got the memo about not putting fucking bell peppers all the fuck over everything. I had, meanwhile, gone for whatever the wok was cooking. I could smell what the wok was cooking, and it smelled good. (I fished out the bell pepper chunks. You can fish bell pepper chunks out of stir-fry much better than a burrito.)

There was a meeting to discuss menu for conferences, which was supposed to be more of the committee, but wound up being just Madam Standards and me. Madam Standards was leaving a little later that afternoon for a road trip, so we made it brief.

No milkshake today.

Called helpdesk to complain about the 12 ghost updates which had just dropped in my inbox. Meanwhile, while I was on the phone, 6 more arrived.

Purple called time at a sensible hour. We walked out into the parking lot. We were nearly at my car (I'd parked nearer the building than usual due to my early arrival) when something whizzed past us from behind, quite close and very fast.

radius hollered at us from the bike, and circled us several times while making conversation and doing his best drunk bicyclist impression. We were amused. I giggled helplessly as he buzzed off into the night.

Earlier in the day, I'd issued what I'd felt was possibly an invitation to a flamewar on a mailing list. (Despite Purple's assumption, it was not [off-topic], it was an external list.) My feelings were that this one person had said basically 'hey you'll be working way over 40 hours on a regular basis PLUS you'll be pushed way past sensible performance limits, isn't that a great challenge?' and I thought this was a bad idea on par with giving Shawn a flamethrower in a barnful of hay. So I said as much, although phrased a little more tactfully.

That developed into a more serious conversation about overwork with Purple.

I called Dawn, who was having some family hard times. What is it with people's grandparents dying lately?

I came home to find that no one had taken me up on the possible invitation to a flamewar front, and there were several very thoughtful responses agreeing with me.
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Weekends always fuck up my sleep schedule. I did get six hours, and four hours of bonus nap on Sunday afternoon, but that wasn't enough, even though I did have nice clean laundry. That left me in a cranky as hell mood.

Purple worked from home, which is certainly a reasonable life choice for him to make (I didn't inquire as to why, and he didn't volunteer any information). That does make work a bit quieter and generally with a lower chance of hugs.

I popped into the cafeteria hoping that, having last week nearly actually started crying when one of the cashiers said something friendly about hoping I'd found what I'd wanted (I had not wanted a sandwich, I'd wanted a burrito, but there had been too god damn many bell peppers), that the message would have been passed on.

The problem with bell peppers:
Read more... )

The message had not been passed on. At the burrito station:

* Possibly-Spanish rice, garnished liberally with chopped bell peppers
* Light beans, garnished liberally with chopped bell peppers
* Dark beans, garnished liberally with chopped bell peppers
* Mixed grilled vegetables, with bell peppers as about 1/4 of the mix
* The meat I would have wanted, with bell peppers soaking in the juice
* The meat I would have settled for, if not for the bell peppers sprinkled over it
* The meat which probably would have had too much spice and/or tomato, but I might have tried, except that, too, had bell pepper all over it
* lettuce
* sour cream
* guacamole
* tomatoes, which I also need to be careful with Read more... )
* cheese
* various salsas, which, see the problem with tomatoes

At this point my blood sugar had started to do the thing. I popped over to the next line, which had chicken curry that I wasn't altogether certain about, but it was a short line and I was reasonably sure it wouldn't actually make me sick.

I stomped back to my desk and crankily picked at my curry. I knew that the bell peppers were not the thing actually giving me emotional flux, but they were certainly not making things any better. When I stomped off to the bathroom before declaring it time for a milkshake walk, I sobbed for about thirty seconds in the hopes that it would make me feel better. It didn't help much.

The helldesk thing is just complete escalating woe. At this point I've been getting like a few dozen ghost notifications a day, and the person who has been placed into a project management sort of role doesn't seem to understand why someone might want to be involved with someone else's facilities ticket.

Lunch being unsatisfying, I declared it time for a milkshake walk. radius stopped by my cube, and we went upstairs to retrieve Mr. Zune if he was about. He hadn't been about, but he was walking back toward his desk just as we approached. We waved him over, and he came with us.

There is still one peanut butter truffle taped to the local helpdesk door.

radius's weekend had included darning the little holes that a Macbook had chomped in his bright orange software-from-my-friend's-department t-shirt, and so he was wearing that. Mr. Zune and I admired the darning.

We greeted our faithful milkshake bunker commando, the one who knows me by name (but pronounces it subtly wrong in a way that no longer feels alien). I mentioned that I'd thought I'd seen him on Friday, but I wasn't quite sure. It had indeed been him -- there was a painful saga involving a malfunctioning trunk lift on a vehicle. There was bleeding.

I selected a cheese danish with a scoop of the chocolate-chocolate-chip ice cream, lactose be damned. (I believe I had in fact remembered to take my milk-pills this time.)

I related the saga of That Time I'd Not Recognized My Own Sister to Mr. Zune and radius. radius let me know that at some point in the future, "all of this" (his below-shoulder mane of mighty hair) was going away. He held up his badge for comparison/inspection. I studied it carefully.

Despite milkshake, I still had the headache.

I did hear back about the bell peppers. The cafe manager was apologetic and understanding. And then I told her about the various ways I had tried to give feedback. She became very apologetic, said she would get on the asses of those responsible, and could she comp my lunch the next day?

Purple's general understanding and patient qualities have been somewhat strained by the bell pepper saga. He is not actually sufficiently in the hospitality planning department of life to recognize that no, there is actually a problem when the same commonly averse/allergic ingredient is in all the dishes at one particular station. His position is that it's a common enough ingredient in the cuisine, it shouldn't be surprising that it's present. My position is: in EVERY GODDAMN DISH THO?!?!

There is research to be done, and believe me, I am still alive. I scheduled research participants. Yay.

At a reasonable hour, I decided it was time to pack up and go home, in part because I still had the headache. I said goodnight to Purple (who, happily for me, does show up on IM when he works from home) and went home.

Whatever I did to my hair, I regret it. I spent part of the evening brushing it out, with a spray bottle of oil to help the knots slide apart. I think part of the problem is that some of the ends have reached an awkward length.

I hate my brain

Mar. 5th, 2015 03:18 pm
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I had a good day at work today. And yet I'm once again on the verge of tears with awful stuff running through my brain.

News of Con*strict does help. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Daily Happiness

Mar. 4th, 2015 11:30 pm
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1. I woke up before the alarm today (thanks, kitten). I can't say I was thrilled about being woken up at five, but it did give me time to eat breakfast before work.

2. I only have to work half a day tomorrow! Looking forward to maybe taking a nap when I get home.

3. Thanks to all the overtime I've been getting, plus one paid day off for Presidents' Day, this week's paycheck and the next one are going to be nice and hefty!

4. Carla made some really tasty chicken and rice tonight.

a cautionary tale

Mar. 4th, 2015 08:13 pm
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I'm currently in the first part of a two-part holiday; I'm visiting friends in the DC area, and tomorrow -- weather permitting, fingers crossed -- I leave for Escapade. But I almost didn't get to! If you're ever bumped from a flight, learn from my example... )

Tl;dr : if you're bumped from a flight, make sure any later flights on the same booking aren't affected!

Wednesday Reading Meme

Mar. 4th, 2015 03:27 pm
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Okay, I haven't done one of these in ONE AND A HALF YEARS (free time, I miss you), but I can do one now, so let's go!

What I just finished reading

The first seven chapters of The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. The authors are the Fuggirls (of Go Fug Yourself) and this is their third book, the story of an American who meets a British prince while doing study abroad at Oxford and seems to be about to marry him. (I say seems to be because the book opens the day before her wedding when there's some kind of crisis afoot ... and then flashes back to their first meeting and goes forward from there.)

The book doesn't come out until April, but the first seven chapters are available for free as a preview. I will DEFINITELY be reading this when it comes out; I already know from fandom that commoner-marrying-royalty-(OR-NOT?!?!) is one of my bulletproof kinks.

What I'm reading now

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. As someone (I think [personal profile] laceblade?) noted, there's some classist assumptions in this book - the whole thread of "Just get rid of it! If you miss it, then you know you really do use it and you can go buy a new one!" However, generally the book is really appealing to me and I'll be trying the author's techniques when I get a block of time available for sorting. I particularly like the emphasis on recognizing when something has already served its role in your life and doesn't need to be kept any longer - perhaps in some cases the experience of buying the item, or of using it once or twice, was all you needed from it. Now let it go!

What I'm reading next

Probably Jesus: A Pilgrimage by James Martin. Because I like James Martin's work and I'm intrigued by the premise of his Jesuit perspective on melding both the religious and the historical Jesus. Also it's the next thing in my pile.

Fanfic I've read recently

Inspired by that fanart going around on Tumblr, I (like a lot of people, probably), just read United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015) by [ profile] fallingvoices and [ profile] radialarch, and cross this river to the other side by [ profile] defcontwo. They're both media fic about Bucky on trial for his acts as the Winter Soldier, both Steve/Bucky, both lovely in their own ways. The email from Thor in US v. Barnes is particularly lodged in my mind and heart.

daily gratitudes

Mar. 4th, 2015 11:42 am
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  1. antihistamines
  2. cross-browser testing tools
  3. shortbread cookies
  4. Ta-Nehisi Coates being smart all over the internet
  5. I am hoping the Russian bakery on my way home will have hamentaschen

The Plague of 2015

Mar. 4th, 2015 04:18 pm
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Poll #16508 The Plague, Part Wev
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 41

So apparently not even a throat so sore your doctor swabbed you for strep gets you out of having to eat a food occasionally if you don't want to feel horrible.

View Answers

... seems legit
20 (48.8%)

No, wait, how is that possible? I demand a recount!
21 (51.2%)

Podcast Interview

Mar. 4th, 2015 12:00 pm
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Sherwood and I were interviewed on the Outer Alliance podcast by Julia Rios. Please feel free to ask follow-up questions here. (Spoilers are clearly stated in the interview, in "skip ahead a few minutes" format.)

Vidder Wednesday!

Mar. 4th, 2015 11:14 am
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EVEN THOUGH I have not answered comments on my last, like, 6 posts (I'M SORRY), I want to talk about vidding today so I'm posting again. Choosing what I'm actually going to make for my VVC premiere has put a few thoughts in my head about VVC premiere vid selection.

Here's the thing: I know the VVC concom in their hearts truly wants us to just submit whatever vid we want. But as a vidder, the opportunity to have a brand new vid have its first showing before an essentially captive audience is pretty special, so I want to put my best vid foot forward here. Having been to VVC many times now, I know that a lot of different types of vids play well there, because the audience is prepped to enjoy them. I don't have to pick my angstiest vid or my smartest vid or my meta vid. But as I sat and looked at the vids I really wanted to make for VVC premiere this year, none of them were fluffy ship vids. And maybe that's just me and my headspace right now: the things I'm actively shipping I don't have any songs for. But what it feels like, when I tease the real reason out, is that I want to make a vid that's going to get an explosive response. I'm not the only one, right? I find I'm basically NEVER the only one, so let's be real here, vidders: don't you want your vid to be one of The Vids of Vividcon Premieres? Don't you secretly hope you'll get the opening or closing spots in the show? Don't you make your Premiere vid selection based on that at least a LITTLE?

(BTW: number of times this has actually worked for me is 0, so I'm not saying it's a great way to go. I'm just being honest. *g*)

THAT BEING SAID, what's ultimately going to drive my vid selection this year - as with every year really - is what I have the right time and most interest in. It's a tricky alchemical mix to figure out which vid that's going to be (especially when I also personally don't want to make a super downer vid this year), but I think I settled on it finally. I found the perfect song for a source that is small enough to be workable for me and I can feel myself getting excited about it. I'm listening to the song over and over, imagining the vid in my head as I do. I even gave myself chills! Always a good sign. Hee.

Shoot, I had another vidding thing I wanted to talk about...what was it, what was it...I can't remember. If it comes back to me, I'll post again. Twice in one day! WHAAAAAAAT.

In the meantime: How's your vid selection going? What shows do you think you're going to submit to this year? Anybody working on any non-VVC vids they want to chat about?

red light green light

Mar. 4th, 2015 10:42 am
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I'm not sure if people are actually driving more aggressively, but I've been finding crossing the road increasingly fraught and unpleasant lately.

Either there's a pedestrian crossing available, in which case I have to worry about:
  • Will drivers stop for the lights (usually at least two or three vehicles jump any given change of lights I observe)
  • Will the lights ever turn green for me (last night I waited for 2 1/2 entire cycles at an unfamiliar crossing before giving up on it happening)
  • Do the lights work properly (does the wait button light up when I press it so I can tell whether it's accepted my request, do the green / red figures work so I can tell when I can and can't cross)
  • Whether the lights give me enough time to cross the road (one light I use regularly displays the green figure for less than eight seconds... for a six lane road. The light doesn't turn green for cars for a while longer, but I feel like I have no security, crossing the road after the green figure has gone)
Or there isn't a crossing anywhere nearby, and I have to try and cross between moving vehicles. I feel like there are fewer gaps in traffic than there used to be. I could be slower, but my walking speed is considerably faster than it was six months ago (thanks, new job); I might be being more cautious, but I feel like I'm dodging cars more than I used to.

My route home from the new office means making a diagonal crossing at a major junction on one of the biggest roads in the city; the obvious route takes five minutes and at least 1 1/2 cycles of lights to get over. I've taken to using a slightly less direct route with more walking, which at least has the virtue of not stranding me on a tiny island between two lanes of traffic. It feels stupid, but I've actually been dreading trying to get anywhere around here, because crossing the roads is just stressing me out.

if you want me, satisfy me

Mar. 4th, 2015 11:52 am
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It took me an hour and forty five minutes to get to work this morning. Thank you, MTA. (in light of that, I did stop in at Starbucks for an iced latte. Sometimes I just need an iced latte.)

And then the printer jammed the first time I tried to print something, and it still is not working.

At least my period didn't arrive during that epic commute, which I was kind of braced for, since it's a couple days late (last month, it was exactly on time, just before we boarded the cruise ship, because of course it was).

But I am so done with today. So done! And apparently tomorrow is going to be worse, since instead of 36°F and raining, it's going to be back below freezing and snowing. After raining all day today. So disgusting. I am so sick of winter. Fuck winter. I hate it so much. Give me all your 95°F days and your heatwaves. I'll even take the stifling, stinking subway over this. I mean, I prefer summer to winter anyway, but this is fucking ridiculous and I'd like to lodge a complaint.

Enough of that. On to bookish things! What I'm reading Wednesday:

What I've just finished
Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor, which is the first in a series of time travel novels, but I don't think I'm going to be reading the rest. The story itself is interesting (though I get the feeling this totally originated as Oxford Time Travel series AU fanfic, whether the author is actually in fandom or not), but there were some things in it that I did not like at all, which dropped it down from "I definitely liked this" to "I mostly liked this with huge caveats that make me side-eye the author a little."

spoilers, also, cw for attempted rape and a miscarriage )

Anyway, if you can't tell, all that really soured me on the book. Thinking about it now, I wouldn't even say I mostly liked it, though there were definitely things I liked a lot, like the premise and the time travel stuff. It's all that character stuff that left me unwilling to subject myself to more. I wish goodreads allowed half or quarter stars so I could rate it properly there.

I also read The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu, which is an aliens-are-secretly-responsible-for-everything (and I do mean everything) in human history thriller. It's fun, and even though it too has lady character issues (there are only three with any major roles and one of them is as a love interest who isn't in on the secret, and spoiler ) at least nobody in it is threatened with rape.

It's the story of Roen Tan, an unhappy, overweight IT guy who comes into contact with Tao, an alien who reveals that the whole of human history has been the cover for a war between two alien factions, and now Roen has been drafted into that war, so he's going to have to get in shape and learn to fight. spoiler )

The author, Wesley Chu, is a martial artist and a gymnast, so his action scenes are kinetic and you can tell he knows what he's talking about, even if I skimmed a lot of fight description towards the end. The book has a fun comic-book feel to it, and I have hopes that the lady problem I mentioned earlier might be redressed in the next book.

What I'm reading now
Technically nothing, as I finished The Lives of Tao last night and was going to start The Deaths of Tao on my commute this morning, but see above. I did not have a chance to read on my commute this morning.

What I'm reading next
So I can actually answer this for once, based on a technicality! I am reading The Deaths of Tao next!


In other cool news, Tom McRae has a new album coming out in May! Yay! Thanks to [personal profile] umadoshi for the link.


linkspam is lazing about the house

Mar. 4th, 2015 08:29 am
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I ran across this webcomic and really enjoyed it. So noted so I can stick in my feed.

Oh, this is right on point. (Must email N for drinks!)

The Hairpin stands up for Lina Lamont.

I'm sorry, I am not trading in my hefty tea mug for a delicate china cup.

This story reminds me of Otter. Hope she's doing okay!

Crows are amazing, yo.

Hollywood Reporter has a nice long interview with Kyle Chandler. "I couldn't coach my way out of a paper bag." (He's still asked to speak to coaches and teams and politely declines.) Also he has a new show coming this spring, on Netflix!

Great article about exercise, particularly for women. Nice & straightforward, myth-dispelling.

Woah: a privately-funded slavery museum in Louisiana. Forty-eight years after World War II, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum opened in Washington. A museum dedicated to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks opened its doors in Lower Manhattan less than 13 years after they occurred. One hundred and fifty years after the end of the Civil War, however, no federally funded museum dedicated to slavery exists, no monument honoring America's slaves.

Ursula LeGuin comments on Kazuo Ishigiro's new novel. I heard him interviewed the other day, and didn't catch that exchange, but the local paper reviewed the book and used the T-word (transcends) in referring to its relationship with the fantastic. So. I do like Ishigiro, but LeGuin's commentary does put a damper on my enthusiasm.

It's almost Purim! Have some fic!

Mar. 4th, 2015 11:13 am
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The first day of [community profile] purimgifts stories has gone live -- the collection is here. You can use the "fandoms" tag in the left-hand sidebar to sort by fandom; of course, 2/3 of the stories aren't yet revealed because only day 1 stories are live, but I'm having a blast surfing by fandom. Yay Purimgifts! Yay Purim!

New Captain America stories

Mar. 4th, 2015 10:03 am
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Wow, I realized that I've been posting so little here, I'm not even posting FIC here. I'm not ready to close down my journaling experience quite yet! Yeesh.

Title: Half of the History (We Shall Never Know) (36675 words)
Author: Speranza
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: MCU
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov
Additional Tags: War is hell, Please Heed Archive Content Warnings, Soldier Boys, Love under fire, To the end of the line, Threesomes, winterwidow - Freeform, Dancing, Realpolitik, We're All In It Up To The Neck Darling
Summary: This is a war story.

Title: Your Lack Of An Answer Is Kind Of An Answer: Four Questions Natasha Asked Steve Rogers, And One Time Bucky Barnes Answered (4490 words)
Author: Speranza
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: MCU
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers
Characters: Natasha Romanov, Pepper Potts
Additional Tags: 5 Things, Find Bucky, Natasha likes to know things, Bisexual Steve Rogers, Rude is culturally relative
Summary: "All right, I have a question for you. Oh, but you don’t have to answer it. I feel like if you don't answer it though, you're kind of answering it, you know…"

Culture Consumed Wednesday

Mar. 4th, 2015 11:29 pm
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Finished reading The King of Attolia. Can't decide which I like better, this one or The Queen of Attolia. I think Queen, but it's a close thing.

Read A Conspiracy of Kings, and now I'm out of Queen's Thief books to read. Oh Eddis. I love her so much. She's the best. (Except in certain parts of The Queen of Attolia, in which she and the war minister were the worst and I wanted Eugenides to go to university and never come back.) I'm a little bit disappointed that Sophos never apologised for the right thing. He was an ass, yes, but that's not very specific. He should have apologised for not listening to her, and talking over her. Spoilers after the cut.

cut )

Read Courtney Milan's Trade Me, almost in one bite. Will definitely be buying and reading the sequel. Contemporary billionaire m/f romance. She's a compsci student who's working to support herself and giving more money than she can afford to keep her parents and younger sister afloat, he's the son of the founder and CEO of a tech company that's a lot like Apple. The really strong, wonderful thing about this book is the family relationships, the ways in which people can have relationships with their parents that are loving and worth keeping but still deeply hurtful and fucked up and not okay. The good people in this book are still sometimes assholes, and the assholes are still sometimes good people. The romance part didn't grab me nearly as strongly as the characters as people (I can't put my finger on why. And I just came out of the Queen's Thief books, where the romance was super compelling. Eugenides/Attolia, anyway - I found Eddis' reaction to parting with Sophos in A Conspiracy of Kings a little pastede on, even after enjoying their low key correspondence up to then. But I loved her reaction when she first saw him in Conspiracy. That was wonderful.)

If you like stuff about the intersection between public and private identities, and people packaging and reselling their personal relationships as part of their public life, and acknowledging that that's fucked up but still doing it, there's lots of that.

I really love Tina's mother's cooking.

ROT13 for spoilery trigger warnings: ureb unf na rngvat qvfbeqre. Ur haqrerngf naq birerkrepvfrf. Guvf vf fubja ba-cntr. V guvax vg'f frafvgviryl unaqyrq, ohg lrnu, qrsvavgr cbgragvny gevttre. Nyfb, gur urebvar unf genhzn eryngrq gb ure sngure, n Snyha Tbat cenpgvgvbare, univat orra gbegherq va Puvan. Ure cneragf ner genhzngvfrq gbb, bs pbhefr. Gur gbegher vf arire qrfpevorq rkcyvpvgyl, ohg gur genhzn vf cebzvarag, nygubhtu ntnva frafvgviryl unaqyrq.

The sequel's going to be about Tina's roommate Maria, who was going to be a med student but gave up after organic chemistry because the memorisation was too boring, so she decided to be an actuary instead. Also she's trans.


Read a huge pile of Queen's Thief stories. Have run out of the energy to review them, but yeah... the sort of fandom that gets a steady trickle of really good stuff in December each year.


Have been playing Pokémon: LeafGreen. It's my first time playing Pokémon. I started out with a Bulbasaur named Hillary (now an Ivysaur) and have since acquired 5 other Pokémon, and have been wandering around the map leveling them up. Three of them have evolved.

Hillary's my strongest Pokémon, so my strategy right now is mostly "work on levelling up one of the smaller fry, and when it's about to lose, send Hillary out to sit on the opponent."


Have been trying out Stop, Breathe, Think, a mindfulness/meditation app. I love the visual design, and it's very easy and fun to use. And I like that there's a non-binary gender option. But I don't like the guided meditations.

tl;dr )
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I had been chatting with [personal profile] sithjawa on Friday night about weather. Specifically, we had been discussing the nature of "sleet" and "hail", in light of a SF Bay Area weather forecast about same.

The types of sky-water under discussion were:
Non-small and often irregular chunks of frozen sky-water
Small, round, frozen pellets of sky-water
Fluffy crystalline structures of sky-water
Half-frozen, half-liquid sky slushie

I held that sky-slushie is sleet, and small frozen pellets are still hail. No one was disputing the large frozen chunks being hail, nor the fluffy ones being snow. Apparently some places call the small round frozen pellets "sleet", and the sky-slushie "wintery mix". I hold that "wintery mix" is the worst kind of snack food, and involves some ungodly mix of different types of cold precipitation.

I woke up earlier than expected. This was good, because it let me get started. I had vague hopes we'd be able to actually get to the 2:30 movie in Union City. So I had breakfast, did some car-cleaning (including the long-awaited swap of foot mats and vacuuming), and I was out by sometime after 1.

Tif and I had tried planning our afternoon around seeing Jupiter Ascending, but the "wintery mix" falling out of the sky ensured that we would be too late to see the 2:30 showing where we wanted to go. So we went to Home Depot (across the way from our usual shopping pursuits) via Starbucks.

Now, the thing about seeing a movie that's not doing so great at the box office is, the box office stops giving it that many slots as things trail off. By now, Jupiter Ascending is at two usable showings per theatre, max. (By "usable", I mean that neither of us should be having with 3D.)

We discussed where to go next. She had some errands to run at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. We found one of those was just a few miles down the road. Then she got the idea to see if there was a theatre anywhere near that.

Not only was there a theatre near there, but it was showing the movie within a reasonable length of time. We hit the road, and it was not terrible, and Tif even had time to text back and forth with Fairlight a bit, teasing him a little about his upcoming birthday. (Happy Birthday! Hope it was good!)

We managed to get to the mall, find the theatre, get parked, get tickets, navigate the concessions, find seats, and take turns in the bathroom, before the movie started. I sat back down in my seat just as the screen wavered into the logos.

I went into Jupiter Ascending expecting the following things:
Read more... )

What I got:
Read more... )

Was it good? Well, there were two action sequences during which I could have easily taken a bathroom run with no real harm done to my understanding of the movie. Which is often a sign that the editor needs to take up a sawed-off pool noodle and wallop the nearest Wachowski with it.

Did I enjoy it? Heck yes.

We located BB&B, our reason for coming to the mall. By this time it was very dark and also rainy. The shades were sort of drawn and it looked very deserted. We sort of wondered if they were even open. They were basically deserted inside, but open. Unfortunately they did not even have the section she was looking for, but we only learned that after going around the entire store. Then the one open register closed just as I went up to it, so we checked out at customer service.

Tif did something terrible to her foot over the last few months. Recently it has progressed from kinda not good to ow kinda fuckin' broken. I assured her that she would be taking the little cart at our next stop.

The reason I do these shopping runs with Tif, besides that we always enjoy ourselves on them, is that Tif doesn't drive. The reason Tif doesn't drive is that she doesn't have a license. The reason she doesn't have a license? Well, that involves a little bit of a lack of depth perception, which is sort of a really bad plan at highway speeds.

Tif had a certain amount of trepidation about the topic of driving a store scooter.

It all went basically okay, though. Our usual hour of attack means that they're restocking the store and have made the aisles into a general accessibility nightmare, but either there's that or there are crowds, and at least giant pallets of god-knows-what don't give me the crawlin' freakouts. So there were a few tight corners and one place that she tried to back out of but stuff was in the way and eventually she asked me to clear the way forward and I did. But she drove the thing! And she did stunningly well at backing up for a novice.

Our plan was that we would eschew any frozen groceries until after movie and/or dinner, but Tif was tired enough after that round of shopping that she reckoned we could go further afield if we didn't have to come back for frozen stuff: she could get frozen stuff elsewhere. So we went in search of a Red Robin. There was one just down the way, Google said!

Google steered us to a really deserted-looking mall. The mall itself was very closed after 9pm. The parking lot was sparsely lit. There were some neoned-up outbuildings, but we saw a car maybe once every five minutes.

"This is where go to get murdered by lunatics," Tif said quite definitely, or words to that effect.

There was no Red Robin. Tif found another one, somewhere at the ass-end of the Bay. We thought we could get there before they closed, and we thought right!

Unfortunately, apparently movie popcorn has gluten. :( So Tif did not enjoy the post-movie time as much as she otherwise might have.

Having a character named Mike and having a buddy named Mike who occasionally shows up in work stories results in some really awkward namespace collisions. My character Mike, when his books are -- okay, Mike says that they're not his books, they're his wife's boo -- MIKE YOU FUCKER, THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW YOU GOT MARRIED -- ks, and he's just the chatty one one who can see me -- anyway, when I'm working on those books such that they're in my brainspace, he is the Mike, and all others are lesser. (He says thanks. And points at the terrible Mike in his class group.)

On the way back, we stopped off in a friendly parking lot in San Bruno so I could fish the ibuprofen out of my handbag, and a diet coke out of Tif's groceries in the trunk. Then we got stuff unloaded back at her place. I got annoyed enough by the rapidly cycling streetlight that I looked up how to report those. Because it's San Francisco, there's an app. Because it's a poorly funded local government dealie, it's got problems. Because I'm me, after I reported the streetlight, I sent feedback on the app via their very broken in-app feedback link. I'm not sure how they managed to do that thing, but it's amazingly broken.

Sunday: sleep, laundry, and sorting BPAL.

I have three little ammo cases mostly full of BPAL imps. I keep them alphabetized. I will be exploring certain means of identification.

I had played in perhaps a few too many of [community profile] synecdochic_decants' circles, so I had many things to file ... especially as I had just got a shipping notice of more on the way.

Daily Happiness

Mar. 3rd, 2015 10:52 pm
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1. I got another small translation job from [personal profile] kiwimusume. :D

2. Carla made a really delicious macaroni and cheese casserole tonight.

3. I went to help out with the West Covina remodelling and now it's over and I don't have to do that again! :p Also while I was there, I took pictures of stuff I wanted to get in for our store, just like I did when I went to help out with the Costa Mesa remodel. (Now the trick is just finding time to sit down and go through the photos and look up all the barcodes.)
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About living with an Optimiser without losing your mind.

Said thread having left me with an irresistible urge to tell people how I think onions are best cut. As this is high on the list of Worst Things I Could Do over there - quite right, too - I have come back here to do it.

So, these are My Opinions:

0) Dried onions and frozen onions - which in Canada can be bought in large bags at M&M Meats, among other places - are terribly under-appreciated.

1) Always use your very sharpest non-serrated blade. The onion juice that makes you cry is released by crushing the flesh of the onion, so the more you minimise this the less irritant is released.

2) Putting the onion in the fridge for an hour -or the freezer for ten minutes, but don't forget about it - before you cut it does, actually, help.

3) Keeping your mouth tightly shut from the moment you cut into the onion until you walk away from the cutting board helps a lot, but if you once open your mouth it stops working. I do not know why this is so.

4) Cut the ends off first, so that you have flat spots to stand the onion on rather than it being able to roll around. This may save your fingers if you do get teary-eyed.

5) When you put them into the pan to cook, starting them off on low and increasing the heat in stages will minimise the amount of onion juice that gets into the air to irritate your eyes.

6) If you do end up with streaming eyes, rinse out your mouth and nostrils, not your eyes. Putting a cool washcloth over your eyes is soothing and gets your lashes clean, but your eyes are already cleaning themselves.

7) Food processors are not, in my opinion, suitable for chopping onions due to an excess of crushing activity and subsequent fumes.

Please share your opinions about onions freely - with impeccable courtesy and bountiful goodwill - in the comments. Anonymous commenting is on (on DW) but screened, please do sign your anonymous comment in some fashion; initials, nicknames, etc. are just fine, I just want to be able to tell y'all apart.

n.b. Rice Cookers may also be discussed.
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1. I am so grateful to finally be diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. I’ve been doing some research since my diagnosis, and it explains so much about the way I’ve been feeling since Fiona was born. (Although the autoimmune disorder pre-dated my pregnancy with Feefers, many women start to notice thyroid symptoms after a pregnancy because the baby eats up what little thyroid you have left LOL) My exceedingly dry skin? That two month period when my hair kept falling out in clumps? The way I am cold all the time now after having spent thirty three years as a hot, sweaty mess? The way I constantly cycle between diarrhea and constipation? The insomnia, the night sweats? The way I’ve had trouble concentrating and felt mentally foggy (I actually told Josh I thought I’d gotten stupider over the past couple years)? The up-tick in anxiety and anger? Check, check, and check. I can’t tell you what it means to have confirmation that something is wrong with me, a mechanism that ties most of the symptoms that bother me together under one roof, and validation that it’s not just all in my head.

2. My arthritis is killing me. I have always called it being double-jointed, but I’m sure there’s an actual term for what happens when my knee cap dislocates and slides to the side of my leg before popping back into place. That happened enough when I was a kid/teen that I had an MRI after a particularly painful episode. All that popping in and out of place had already worn each meniscus down to nothing, and that was at 15. The doctor diagnosed me at that point with degenerative arthritis, and beginning in my early twenties when we moved to Oxford, my knees have bothered me off and on. Usually, it’s a constant, low level of pain that I don’t even notice anymore, but in the past couple weeks, I have been in almost unremitting agony while sitting or lying down. The only time my knees have ever hurt this bad was when I was pregnant with Emma; your joints soften in pregnancy so your hips can be pushed farther apart, which translated into me being on crutches and/or Josh having to carry me down stairs for a couple months of the first trimester. I kinda don’t know what to do. I am really resistant to the idea of just taking painkillers all day every day. But I’m rapidly losing patience with this level of pain.

3. Fiona has formally been diagnosed with asthma. At her follow-up chest X-Ray, the pneumonia was gone, but her lungs were still very congested. We now are doing two breathing treatments per day until she’s old enough to operate an inhaler successfully. This started on Sunday, and it’s been a mixed bag. It’s an inhaled steroid, and the first day, it made her wild. She’s calmed down and is getting used to it, I think, but she’s not quite herself. On the plus side, she’s sleeping so much better. She’s quit coughing at night since we started this regimen.

4. I have questions/concerns about where The Walking Dead is going to go from here. SPOILERS )

5. Gotham was sooooo good last night. SPOILERS )

6. I realize this may be an unpopular opinion, but I very unironically enjoy The Big Bang Theory, and I’ve been thinking about where the show will go next. I’ve decided it’s babies! I think the show is going to have either Penny or Bernadette get pregnant. *rubs hands together gleefully*

dear rw writer

Mar. 1st, 2015 06:53 pm
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hi! I am duplicating my sign-up here, with just some more general comments added.

All these requests are, I realize now, essentially for some kind of woman-centric alternative to canons' dude-heavy structures and stories. All these characters are witches in some way, either explicitly or potentially, and I'd love to know more about that somehow, should that inspire you.

If it doesn't, no worries. I want to read the story you want to tell about whichever character we matched on.

Things I love: heart! )

Things I don't want: ugh )

Triggers: oh god no )

Homestuck | Calliope skull monster ftw )

Twin Peaks | Laura Palmer, Margaret "Log Lady" Lanterman the woods know things )

LOST | Juliet Burke you mean like Fonzie time? )

Sorry this is so brief. Please check out other letters I've written in the past if you need some more help. But, please, just write *your* story.

And thank you!
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Also known as: THE TAX FORM SAGA. 

So you all know I'm the part-owner of a small business for this investment property, right? And as part of that process we need to send a particular tax form to each contractor who's received more than $600 from us in the past year: to my count, four people. Carpenters, plumbers, etc. 

Great, I said to myself, back in January, when I found the note I'd made myself on the calendar.
 I'll just request them from the IRS website! And I felt all proud of myself for being so on the ball. 

But of course they said it was 4 to 6 weeks of shipping, and there's a deadline for sending these things, so I said: okay, no problem, I'll try to find them elsewhere in the meantime. So I went to the library (public libraries always have tax forms). No dice: they hadn't gotten the forms yet. "Try in a month," the librarian said. 
So I figured I'd wait for the forms in the mail. But then last week I got a note from the IRS, saying that because of budget cuts, they couldn't supply me with forms. 
"Okay," I said, undaunted, and I looked up the local IRS office and went. Cost: $5 of subway fare. Waited in line, only to be told by an awful employee that because of budget cuts, the IRS doesn't stock 1099 forms. 
LIKE. The IRS doesn't stock the forms I NEED TO DO MY TAXES. And these are not esoteric forms: everyone who receives any non-salary income gets these forms! This is, like, tax basics 101. I'm gonna get at least three of them myself.
"What do I do, then?" I said, barely reining in my impatience. "Go to Staples, I think?" the awful guy said. "I think they'll have them? Uh. I don't know." 
So I looked up the 1099 forms online on Staples dot com. And in a major metropolitan area like NYC, only about half of the stores even had them in stock. Finally I found one, though, and it's going to cost me $35 for the forms, plus $5 of subway fare.
WELCOME TO CAPITALISM: where the federal government outsources its responsibilities to corporations, and they make you pay for the pleasure. 
('Cause if I don't submit the forms on time, guess who's gonna get punished? Definitely not them.)

daily gratitudes

Mar. 3rd, 2015 10:14 am
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  1. my fairly-foolproof meditation for getting to sleep
  2. mint tea
  3. I have promised myself noodle soup for lunch
  4. therapy this afternoon
  5. ibuprofen in my desk drawer

at night i pray and clean my gun

Mar. 3rd, 2015 11:24 am
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It's weird not having my Monday night shows on - I was able to watch the hockey game (I'm so glad they didn't trade Zuccarello) and Star Wars Rebels at its usual time instead of recording one of the many reruns.

Rebels season finale spoilers )


(no subject)

Mar. 3rd, 2015 07:49 pm
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I ended up having to bail on work yesterday. Cramps that were unreal. Stabbing pain. Add puking to that. Bleah. Did one class then had to come home.

I ended up being home again today too. No stabbing pain, just general awfulness with queasiness. Which does not go well with how awful I'm feeling in my head.

I don't know how much of my wretchedness the last two days was actual physical problem and how much was fueled by anxiety.

Back to school tomorrow.

meanwhile... )

Been watching Northern Exposure. First two seasons definitely made me feel better - or was jsut a good distraction. I'm up to the fifth season now. Only the first ep of s5 is familiar. The next two don't ring any bells at all. And their themes are not helping. But I still enjoy the show and obviously haven't seen these so I want to...

(oh geeze. this ep has a dentist. and there's the sound of the drill and omg, gave me the willies)

I hate my brain.

On the bright side, I did finally get some spinning done today.

5 things

Mar. 3rd, 2015 10:15 am
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1. Well, I got a little more sleep, my period is over, the weather is nicer and I guess I'm feeling a bit better overall.

2. Still no apartment, still utterly fucked on grad school (SO, SO FUCKED). At some point I have to own up to the fact that I'm way past the red zone and I have to buckle down and start using every goddamn resource including friends who could maybe give me advice but to whom I don't want to admit my failure and work colleagues who have a slim chance of helping but who I absolutely hate asking. It's just, this will take so much emotional and mental energy, it would be difficult to do on a good day. In the middle of apartment hunting and other drama it's... difficult. I need to have like a billion unpleasant conversations with people I don't know, the thought of which makes my skin crawl, and all for the slimmest of chances at "victory".

But it's this or give up and I guess I'm not done clawing at the world to give me this thing yet.

3. This morning [personal profile] roga and I and a friend of hers who slept over all got up at roughly the same time and were going about our morning routines together ([personal profile] roga and I don't normally see each other in the mornings) and it made me suddenly excited for Amsterdam. Ah, April, when I will get to share a bathroom with two of my favorite people in the world. LOL. It's very weird - because, like most introverts I know I am in no way someone who enjoys being social in the morning - how much I'm yearning to be stuck in a tiny room with two other people and one bathroom. But, I don't know. Maybe it's that I've missed close intimacy with loved ones. Maybe it's that I just want to be on vacation already, somewhere away for a week. Probably a lot of it has to do with the fact that I met both of these friends in the military, so there's something familiar and comforting about sharing close quarters with them again.

4. Remember how I lost my ipad recently? Well, I decided to just say fuck it and buy a new one. I use it all the time, if I wait until buying it is smart or appropriate I'll spend a year suffering. Well, I bought the newest model (actually cheaper than mine was originally) and it turned out to have a faulty battery. Going to the store to replace it means leaving work early, driving 30+ minutes in traffic in each direction. I won't even tell you how much time and money I've already spent on this shit, but finally I got it replaced. Guess what - the new one they gave me also has a faulty battery. AHAHA. HAHA. /o\ Someone please shoot me. The store currently refuses to just give me a refund, I wonder how much of their merchandise I'll have to go through and how many hours and days of my life I'll have to spend paying for my fucking stupidity in losing the original tablet.

5. On twitter I was recently talking to [personal profile] anatsuno about American History X and how it cemented my love for Edward Norton in a weird way. tw: Neo Nazis )
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I woke up and got online to the devastating news that Leonard Nimoy had died.

Some months ago, Purple and I had discussed the way that both of us, and a lot of weird nerd children, had had a particular alien who had helped us get through a fuckton of loneliness and rejection by our alleged peers. His alien had been Mork. My alien had been Spock. After I cried hysterically in #yuletide for a few minutes, I guess the brief idea of calling out grieving floated through my mind but didn't attach to anything: I knew without even having to think about it that the news would be bouncing through #cupcake and [off-topic] and I would be among fellow mourners. I grieve with thee.

While my fingers and eyes were working, my brain spent a good chunk of the morning before lunch curled up next to a friend.

Over lunch (pizza, because the burritos are contaminated this week) I happened to mention that I'd gone to bed without writing about the day on Thursday night. Purple asked how much I typically wrote. I made a reasonable guess. After what I reckoned to be smiling at the quaint measurement system, he was impressed, because 3-4 kilobytes of text is not a small amount to just dash off, and he would probably not generate that much text about what he'd done in a day (and this is why he doesn't keep a journal). I allowed as how some days were more than others, and I did things like foreshadow and put in running themes. I gave the SUV thing as an example of a thing that I would have woven throughout the day until it reached the culmination in the parking lot. "You wouldn't have even recognized that it was the same guy who passed us if I hadn't told you!" he pointed out. (Let alone the part where I didn't even register that someone had passed us.) Hooray faceblindness.

So tonight, after writing up Thursday properly, I checked to see how much text I'd generated. That one was a little over 9 kilobytes. Oops.

Purple and I had been having a quiet conversation about Leonard Nimoy, a bit, and I was feeling sad, when Lennon Glasses Guy and one of the other lunch crowd turned to Purple to ask them to solve a debate: what exactly did it fuck up when there were two copies of one mac address on the same network. That got Purple going. He's the guy that everyone turns to as an authority about many of these things. So he held forth. It turned out that he had in fact personally experienced the bad effects of a MAC address conflict at work. His not!boyfriend had said: "Purple, I just logged in to your dev box..." Turns out a lab machine had faked the same MAC as Purple's. Oops.

I asked Madam Standards how many colors black I was wearing. She had not realized that there was so much variation in the things that she had thought were just 'black'. This was apropos of The Dress. (She and I do not see eye to eye.)

Got a chance to chat with my manager on her way out the door. She's had the flu, and there were allergies overlapping; she said something about all the yellow dust. I made an Amber Spyglass crack. She giggled.

Between all of the things that were going on, there was no milkshake run. radius discovered that he was actually kind of hungry, and his side of the office had run out of M&Ms and no one had restocked them in the afternoon. There were also no gingersnaps.

I reckoned that I needed a walk to clear my head, and it was also time that I checked in with lb's Overlady, so I decided a supply run could be in order. I grabbed a few little plastic cups and got together some chocolate covered espresso beans, a ginger cookie out of my break room, and some M&Ms. That was a little more than was easy to carry, so I stuffed the espresso beans in a mug, balanced the cookie on a napkin on top, and carried the M&Ms in my other hand.

Going out doors is easy. Going in doors often requires a badge. So I swapped the M&Ms to balance them on top of the cookie, operated the badge with my right hand, and opened the door with my left hand -- and promptly spilled the M&Ms off the top of the cookie onto the floor. As I tried desperately to salvage the situation, the cookie toppled as well.

I picked up the scattered M&Ms, looked at them and the cookie sadly, and put them in the nearest compost trash. Friends don't give friends floor cookies. At least I had the espresso beans, protected within the cheerfully patterned mug.

radius was glad to see the espresso beans. I cautioned him against overenthusiasm, as caffeine poisoning often offends.

My next stop was lb's Overlady, who gave me intelligence that the new guy, the one who was taking over everything after the last three clowns had been shuffled out, was also not much longer for the company, and his last day would be ... Friday! Yay! She urged caution and diplomacy. She was also glad to see the chocolate covered espresso beans.

A friend in another department did some research. Now, there is always a small element of Musical Executives. It is a very small valley. Thus we learned a few things:

The incoming exec implemented something based on the same root technology as the helldesk program at his old place.
The incoming exec is therefore unlikely to discard the helldesk software out of hand.
The incoming exec may actually know what $SOFTWARE looks like when it's functioning properly.
The incoming exec, if we are very very lucky, may recognize the helldesk situation as being terrible.

Lannister has a helldesk derivative of her own to deal with. She did not escape unscathed.

I'd had to do my hours first thing in the morning, because this was the day that the Old Contractor Management Company was letting go of me, and therefore I had to do my hours ASAP so they could get them put in ASAP and get everything done in the coming week. So 7pm was my deadline. I'd be done by then. Purple pinged me about dinner. I assented. This time I would not do dumb car tricks!

Purple thought he saw a little white car behind him as he made the U-turn, but it was a different little white car. It's so hard to tell these things in the dark.

We wound up attempting to explain Cards Against Humanity to Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly. It was great.

I saw a guy who looked almost exactly like the guy who runs the Secret Milkshake Bunker, except he was wearing an orange headband, walking out. However, my facial recognition skills are dodgy at best, so Purple was not at all sure that this was the right guy.

Purple got something with a side dish of sour cream. So did Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly. Mine didn't have it. Purple had extra, and offered me some. My knife was covered with the very bright red sauce that was all over the ... cheese thing.

"Sorry for getting my sauce in your sour cream," I said.

Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly made the face that meant that she was thinking dirty, dirty thoughts.

I made the appalled face, and it was only a tiny bit forced. "Oh god no," I said. "I know we're very close, but we're not THAT kind of friends."

Purple didn't entirely follow exactly what she'd meant, but he knew it was entirely filthy. Heh.

I have been enjoying doing all the bill-related math in my head. It makes a fun exercise for me. It had been a while since I'd refreshed my cash on hand, so I retrieved some fives and rather a lot of ones. Ms. Antisocialest Butterfly stared. "Why do...?"

"Ice cream," I said. That didn't actually answer anything.

Purple clarified: when you get a $3-and-something serving of ice cream using decimal currency, you get a lot of ones. I'm not actually a stripper. :D

It came time to go home. I claimed a hug goodnight. "See you tomorrow!" Purple started to say, and then corrected himself. We both had plans. Mine involved shopping with Tif, and Jupiter Rising. He said I'd have to tell him whether he should watch it or not.

Daily Happiness

Mar. 2nd, 2015 11:30 pm
torachan: john from homestuck looking shocked (john shocked)
[personal profile] torachan
1. I bought Donkey Kong Country 3 and Tropical Freeze! :D I'm holding off on the first two DKC games, since 3 is the one I liked best and at $8 each it was kind of steep to buy all three of them plus Tropical Freeze, even if Tropical Freeze was 30% off. (Also I am now out of room on the Wii U's internal hard drive, so I guess I need to buy an external one. D:)

2. After all the rain we've had this year, our little lemon tree out back seems to be coming back to life. This morning Carla even found two teensy lemons on it!

3. I had such a nice relaxing day off! I wish I'd actually done a bit more translation and stuff, especially since I hardly ever seem to do any on work days lately, but oh well. It was nice to just relax and do nothing.

Off to Southern California

Mar. 2nd, 2015 10:11 pm
gwyn: (steve and bucky)
[personal profile] gwyn
I'm leaving with [personal profile] black_bird_777 for San Diego on Wednesday, and we're down there till Friday, when we head up to LA for Escapade. I positively loathed the hotel last year, so I wanted to minimize my time there, which means I'll miss a fair amount of Friday but I kind of don't have a lot I'm excited about anyway, so it's mostly seeing people.

I'm bringing my laptop with me so I can write, though I'm having a lot of trouble overcoming both the difficulty I'm having with this story I had to stop in the middle of for Yuletide and overcoming the worthless, hopeless feeling of why bother writing, or creating anything, really. I thought about setting everything up for my premiering vid so I could just make it live after the show, but then I just thought what difference does it make if it's Sunday or Tuesday, it's not like anyone would give a shit. So it gives me a little more time to tweak it; I wasn't completely happy with the vid I submitted to the con so I'm messing a little bit with clips still (and still not happy).

I have also been really battling the depression that comes at this time of year for me--because the con is later this year, it comes at exactly the time sis_r was dying, and I had thought I was emotionally ready to go back to San Diego, but I had forgotten that it was the ten-year anniversary of her death this month. It seems like just yesterday to me, it's every bit as acute and my dreams and flashbacks are every bit as horrible as they were then. I can't really believe that it's been ten years since I lost her, and I still have no more idea how to live as a solo twin now as I did then. So I planned badly--being back in San Diego was maybe not a great idea, or who knows, maybe it will be cathartic. It's hard to imagine right now.

We're staying at a hotel right on Pacific Beach, which was a place I spent a lot of time with sis_r at. In fact the only time black_bird's been there was when she and I went down to have dinner on Pacific Beach with my sister. But that means there will be surfers and puppies and hot men and women wandering around, and that's yay.

Anyway, I do have a panel on Saturday at 11 a.m., and if you're into Captain America, you should come. I have no idea yet what I want to talk about, but I figure if all it is is me going, Let me tell you about my FEELS for Bucky Barnes to maybe one or two people and we just weep crystalline tears, that's okay. This is the panel description:

Let’s talk about the biggest fandom of 2014 and the riches it gave us--the epic and tragic nearly century-long love between Steve and Bucky, the introduction of Sam into Steve’s life, Steve’s developing relationship with Natasha, or anything else we love about Cap2 (and Cap1, of course!).

Please come talk with me so I don't sit there like a sad little robot.

Oh, wait, almost forgot

Mar. 3rd, 2015 12:12 am
wired: Picture of me smiling (Default)
[personal profile] wired
What if this is the year all the talk proposals that I've made get rejected?

I really want to give these talks. And also go to Portland. And a different conference already rejected my idea, although it was more of a stretch for them.

But what if I've been too pushy, or the selection committee quite reasonably wants to give new voices a chance to talk, and what if my whole public speaking career is going to consist of two years of talks?

wired: Picture of me smiling (Default)
[personal profile] wired
Last week, I had a really really awesome interview. I'm a great fit for the job, experience and talent wise, they were willing to pay my rate, and I'd get to go to California. The technical guy was super excited about me.

The business guy called me back and said they'd decided to try to find someone local. For a launch that is exactly one month from today.

I keep obsessing about this job, in a way I don't usually obsess over being rejected in jobs. I am seriously drafting imaginary documents for them, and roadmaps. And thinking about the balance on my Clipper card. And thinking about their market space, and finding myself researching it. Seriously. Obsessed.

So tonight, I couldn't sleep, thinking about a) their awesome product and huge rollout problem and b) the clusterfuck that is my two-day-old contract.

And then I got up and wrote to the technical guy, and apologized for being pushy, but he has ONE MONTH, and I would be willing to go out there for TWO WEEKS OF IT, and wouldn't they please please reconsider?

Now, of course, I am not going to be able to sleep because what if I've been horrifyingly unprofessional, and spiked all my chances forever, and furthermore, what if I am stuck on hell contract forever. And, oh, god, I'll have to give them back their laptop after waiting 3 weeks to get it provisioned. But seriously, the 16 different APIs are being written by almost that many groups, and no one attempted to give them a template beforehand, so they all contain different calls, and as near as I can tell, the very fucking version number is different places in the uri from API to API, and the goal is to standardize them NOW, using a tool I've never heard of, that chokes on plain text. And it's only been two days, but I have spent one full day in meetings, and we demoed an API and no one in the demo knew what people who use APIs want, for sure. Everyone made wistful noises about testing, no one made a fucking plan.

Imma take some benedryl and try again.

daily gratitudes

Mar. 2nd, 2015 12:48 pm
watersword: Olivia Williams as Adele Dewitt in Dollhouse (2008) (Dollhouse: Adele DeWitt)
[personal profile] watersword
  1. sleeping in
  2. kidfic
  3. clean clothes and linens accomplished
  4. English muffin with smoked salmon
  5. raspberry tea
heresluck: (book)
[personal profile] heresluck
Crossing Water

I return like a detective to the dance floor in New York, or was it someplace
else invented to look like October? I turn back to a music the d.j. never
played because the room was too blue for falling angels. Nothing by Aretha,
nothing by chance. A woman chased by spirits kept asking you to dance,
made a gift of her hands. I add her to the evidence: we were there. She was
a witness but I don't have her name. Or yours or mine, or was the shift in
axis an event in the imagination? I should be writing poems to change the
world. They would appear as a sacrifice of deer for the starving. Or poems
of difficulty to place my name in the Book of Poets. I should get on with it.
Instead I walk back through the dark in my shoes the color of hearts to find
us embraced in a ring of smoke. Hey, I wanted you in your jeans and casual
sweater with your caramel lips. The next time I looked we were laughing
and drunk, kissing in the car before crossing water. The Brooklyn Bridge
tilted to heaven. I want you eternally ever, but this is the puzzle. There is
no dance floor on Nineteenth Street. The woman with spirits left no
forwarding address. There is no getaway car, no Brooklyn Bridge. The
evidence floats by like rings over sweet water. Like rings over sweet

— Joy Harjo
from In Mad Love and War

My mini-Neal/Clinton manifesto

Mar. 3rd, 2015 11:27 am
china_shop: Neal Caffrey smiling at Clinton Jones (WC - Neal/Jones smile)
[personal profile] china_shop
(Originally posted as a comment to ushobwri.)

I love writing rare pairings -- there's always so much uncharted territory to explore. Plus since I'm a fannish tortoise and stay in a fandom for years and years, it helps to stave off fannish ennui. My usual pattern is to start with the juggernaut pairing (or OT3) and then diversify.

At the moment I'm writing Neal Caffrey/Clinton Jones in White Collar. This is them on their one canonical date:

Neal is the little black dress of the fandom, all shiny and pretty and lonely. He's got massive trust issues and still has one foot on either side of the legal/criminal line. Clinton is a federal agent, reliable, smart and perceptive. He doesn't have much of a life that we see, so I often have to give him outside friends/interests. They complement each other beautifully: Neal can add spice and excitement to Clinton's life, while Clinton gives Neal the security and honest kindness (ETA: and moral compass) he needs.

Like It Shines by [ profile] auctorial is a lovely little getting-together fic for them.

Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly was my first fic for the pairing, and I've made two vids about them too: here and here.


ION, I've been writing. (\o/) It turns out that closed canon is the best thing that could have happened to me. TPTB have done their worst! NOTHING ELSE CAN GO WRONG!!1!!11! And now I have all the time and space in the world to fix everyone and smoosh them. \o/ I have a post-series OT3 fic on its way, and as I said above, I'm currently writing Neal/Clinton. My head is full of them again... almost alarmingly so! *bounces obsessively*

Scanlations: Himegoto ch. 33

Mar. 2nd, 2015 12:16 pm
torachan: yoshiki from himegoto (himegoto)
[personal profile] torachan

Title: Himegoto
Original Title: ヒメゴト~十九歳の制服~ (Himegoto~Juukyuu Sai no Seifuku~)
Author: Minenami Ryou
Publisher: Big Comics
Genre: Seinen
Status in Japan: 8 volumes, complete
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Audrey + Krim
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: This is the story of three college freshmen with secrets: Yuki, aka Yoshiki, a boyish girl who gets off on wearing her old high school uniform skirt; Mikako, who acts innocent around her classmates, but at night pretends to be a 15-year-old and has sex for money; and finally there's Kaito, who's obsessed with Mikako to the point of dressing up like her.

Chapter Summary: Kaito confronts Yoshiki about what happened with Mikako.

Chapter 33: Men and Women
sdwolfpup: (tscc: sarah connor)
[personal profile] sdwolfpup
Today is one of those days!

Spoilers up to 'Remember' here; no comic spoilers )

It was really hard to pick an appropriate icon, so I went with another apocalypse story-related character.
musesfool: Diane Lockhart is more awesome than you (what she wants you to see)
[personal profile] musesfool
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Linetti-Boyle Wedding
spoilers )

The Good Wife: Dark Money
toby ziegler would not approve of spoilers )

All in all, not a great return, but I'm still glad to have the show back after such a long hiatus.



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