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I'm numb. Numb or just not processing this.

I remember feeling like this when I was on holiday and the London riots broke out. I felt so helpless. I'm stuck halfway across the world and I want to cry, and everyone is greeting me with a cheery smile and a "Happy Friday!" NO, don't you understand, everything is awful and is just going to get worse.

I'm so, so angry. All those idiots who voted to leave because they thought it would benefit them or because they thought it would never pass, or because they thought it would be 'a laugh'. All those who are complaining that they were lied to, when - consider the source. At some point, you have to accept responsibility that you listened to Nigel Farage and to Britain First and to the EDL and decided to be a xenophobe and ignore the reams of experts telling you that you're fucking up. Coalitions of doctors, teachers, economic experts, industray leaders all lined up to say you're going to do the country and the world an injury, and did anyone listen? "Everyone is at fault except me, because I didn't think my vote was actually a vote."

And then you have places like Cornwall. Where they voted overwhelmingly to leave, and then went - "hold on, but we still keep all that EU money we get every year, don't we?" No, Cornwall. What you've voted on is to land the UK into a 2 decades-long recession, and to bear the brunt of it. Because no one is going to give you anything. You think Farage or Johnson have any interest in sending money your way? You will sink further and further into deprivation and I would have more sympathy if you hadn't done this to yourselves.

I am so tired of people refusing responsibility for their own stupidity. The tens of thousands googling "what will leaving the EU mean" in a panic after they've already voted and the result has been called. Those who argue that somehow we're in a better negotiating position for having given away everything that matters. And that cunt Farage, for saying "without a shot fired" after a political assassination not even a week ago. The white rose from Jo Cox's memorial is still fresh on my bureau. And he sits there and disrespects her life, and her death. It's inhuman.

And yeah. Boris Johnson. A man so self-serving that he attached himself to a campaign he doesn't believe in, assuming it will fail but he can paint himself as the underdog. Guess what, Boris, you fucked the country. You and Cameron will go down in history as the politicians who killed off Great Britain.

Finally, what does this mean going forward? Well, if the EU has any sense, they will slap the most punitive measures imaginable on the UK. They have to persuade other countries where the Right is on the rise that breaking away causes more harm than their xenophobia can stand. They need to be able to point at the broken ruin of Britain and use us as a warning for all others. This, and only this, may stem the domino effect from spiralling out of control. Because of this happens, it won't just be Europe - every other major trading bloc will be dragged in and the recession might be world-wide and lasting. So yeah, to save everyone else, the EU will need to gut the UK. And I am strangely ok with this. Because you know what, we fucked up. I know that those fo us who voted remain, we tried, but it wasn't enough. And so we have to all share in the punishment of it.

So I'm calling it. Up to two decades of recession so severe it might be a Depression. Scotland becoming independent. A united Ireland (with more sectarian violence as a result). Spain taking Gibraltar (and everyone going willingly). A fracture between the trading bloc of London, Manchester, Newcastle and the xenophobic, angry countryside, sliding ever more into complete economic ruin. Millions of forcibly repatriated pensioners previously retired in Spain suddenly dumped on our doorstep. The loss of qualified people - a shortage of plumbers, of builders (because we're drowning in housing, right?), or nurses, of young, motivated workers. Rage by the young at what the old have done. Punitive politics. I was surprised that the student loans didn't trigger it, but it won't be far behind - a political party championing the rights of the young at the expense of gutting old age provision, pensions, etc. Not getting to power, but getting enough traction to stoke further resentment. And meanwhile. Those tariffs, blocking every attempt at trade. Every attempt at growth. For decades. Because what do we have to negotiate with?

Some lawyers are saying that Johnson et al can now stall indefinitely - nothing can legally compel them to press the Article 50 button. This is true. But what does delaying mean? If somehow Johnson can manage a political about-face and call a second referendum once the awful, punitive terms are known, that may be the only way forward. More young voters will be enfranchised, and hopefully the idiotic element will have managed to kill itself by playing in traffic. But how realistic is that? We couldn't even get this right the first time.

Yeah, I'm one of the lucky ones. I have dual nationality and thus will retain my European passport. You can bet that I will be making sure it is up to date.
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I'm only halfway through this memoir of a world-record cold-water swimmer, which I am greatly enjoying, but I had to share a few excerpts.

Memoirs by athletes who are famous in non-famous sports are often very interesting: they're not about being famous and meeting other famous people and (often) getting addicted to drugs/fame/sex, they're about what it actually feels like to do their sport. (Also, they're way more likely to be written by the athlete rather than a ghost writer.)

The best ones are usually by people whose sports involve a lot of endurance and are at least somewhat solo (rather than team sports; you're competing as much against yourself as against others.) I am very interested in physicality, people's relationships to their bodies, the mind-body connection, and pushing the limits of the mind and body, so I like that sort of thing. Especially when interesting locales are involved. People who get seriously into things like rock climbing, long-distance swimming, mountaineering, etc, tend to have mindsets that would not be out of place in a Zen temple.

Cox discovered an aptitude for cold-water, long-distance swimming as a child; she was rather hilariously inept at all other sports, and had a three-year battle with a PE teacher who hated her and kept refusing to excuse her from volleyball to do stuff like train to set the world record swimming the English Channel at age fourteen. Cox was completely self-motivated; her family supported but did not push her.

At this point she is looking for new frontiers. This is all swimming in oceans, not pools. While stymied in her hope of swimming from Alaska to the Soviet Union by 1) everyone telling her that the water is so cold that she would die in ten minutes, 2) her only landing point being a Soviet SPY BASE which they understandably did not want to let an American on to, she joins a study on cold water swimming led by Dr. William McCafferty and Dr. Barbara Drinkwater (seriously), partly to pass the time and partly in the hope that she'll learn something that will enable her to swim in water that normally kills people.

Dr. Drinkwater explains that men have less body fat, and so tend to sink. Women have more, and so tend to float. But… "You're different. You have neutral buoyancy. That means your body density is exactly the same as seawater. Your proportion of fat to muscle is perfectly balanced so you don't float or sink in the water; you're at one with the water. We've never seen anything like this before."

Cox is fascinated by this finding, which meshes with both her abilities and her sense that she is, in fact, one with sea water. But they want to see how she reacts in a natural environment, not in a lab, so Dr. McCafferty and his wife walk their dog on the beach while she does her daily workout in the ocean.

Before and after these workouts, I'd hide behind a bush and take my core temperature using a rectal thermometer, the only way to get an accurate reading after an immersion in cold water. I always made a point of telling Dr. McCafferty my temperature just as joggers were passing; they'd give him quizzical looks, since it appeared to them that he was talking to the bushes.
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I woke up to the news this morning about the Brexit vote and wow, wow, what is happening? 2016 must be stopped. ([tumblr.com profile] angelgazing texted me this morning to say that now she knows what the rest of the world is up to in all those US-centric YA dystopias, and it ain't good.) I'm terrified that here in the US we're going to wake to an equally horrific result in November even though part of me still can't believe we'd be that stupid! I mean, we are not very smart, a lot of the time, as a country, but surely we're not that stupid?

Anyway, good luck to all y'all in the UK. I have a feeling you're going to need it.

In less disturbing news, here's that AO3 meme - I posted it to tumblr yesterday, but I'm putting it here as well so I can find it again if I want to:

What's your first and second most common work ratings? Any surprises?
General Audiences (269) and then Teen And Up Audiences (209). I would have expected it to be the other way around honestly. But then, I think I lowball the ratings sometimes. I seem to recall [personal profile] mousapelli once telling me I couldn't rate something G that had under the blouse boob-touching. I think I listened to her? (I'm pretty sure it was some James/Lily schmoop.)

What's your most common archive warning? Least common?
Most common: No Archive Warnings Apply (650); Underage (21). Least common: Rape/Non-Con (1); Graphic Depictions Of Violence (1). That seems about right. If incest were a common archive warning, it'd probably bump underage, but it isn't. Mostly I don't write stuff that needs warnings (or in the case of incest, the pairing is the warning?). I kind of got all of that out of my system in those XMM stories that haven't been uploaded to AO3. *snerk*

Do you consider yourself an adventurous writer?
No. I think you pretty much know what you're getting when you see my name on a story. With rare exceptions, I tend to write the stories I want to read, so I don't feel a lot of need to work out of my comfort zone or stretch or whatever motivates people who do that.

How many fics have you written in each relationship category? Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?
M/M (292); Gen (205); F/M (198); F/F (27); Multi (21); Other (1). Taking into account the lack of most of the 100-odd XMM stories I wrote back in 2000-2003, most of which were het, I'd say this seems right. It's also missing a lot of the ficlets and drabbles I wrote in HP and never bothered to move to AO3. (You can see the numbers with those added in on my pinboard index.)

I do have preferences, but they're related to relationship dynamics rather than gender or sexuality – in some fandoms I do prefer m/m but in some fandoms I am all about the het (or the OT3). I also have a few fandoms where the family/friend/non-romantic relationships are just as interesting to me as the romantic/sexual ones are (SPN, Firefly, Star Wars), which accounts for the amount of gen I've written.

I do wish I wrote more F/F. I say that every year and yet I don't seem to do it.

What are your top 4 fandoms by numbers? Are you still active in any of them, and do you tend to migrate a lot?
Supernatural (159); Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (156); The Avengers (Marvel Movies)/Captain America (Movies) (127); Firefly (51) (again this leaves out the ~100 XMM stories I wrote back in the day and never uploaded to AO3).

Except for SPN, with which I had an unhappy and rage-fueled breakup, I still write/want to write in all of these. (I mean, I do miss s2-era Sam and Dean – that was some fun writing times – but I haven't watched the show in 6 years or so and have no desire to catch up.)

I miss writing in Firefly sometimes – the specific cadences of the language and the characters spoke to me a lot – but I do have a new (old) fannish focus atm. I mean, I come back to old fandoms somewhat randomly in time or for ~reasons. I still have unfinished wsip in a couple of the fandoms I've written way less in (Push, DCU, etc.). And I'm not not still in MCU fandom. I mean, I still read in it and want to write in it. But it's been nearly 5 years for me, which is a long time to keep telling stories about the same characters.

I tend to stay in fandoms for 2-3 years at least, and I frequently have a couple of fandoms going at once.

What are your top 4 character tags? Does this match how you feel about the characters, or are you puzzled?
Dean Winchester (144); Sam Winchester (140); Sirius Black (137); Remus Lupin (136). Oh man, you couldn't have asked for Top 5? Then I could get STEVE ROGERS in. But that seems right. I mean, I will always love Sirius and Remus – OTP OF OTPS – and I did love Sam and Dean a lot when I loved them. That show was a gift for fic writers in its early seasons.

What are your top 2 most used additional tags, and your bottom 2? What would happen if you combined all 4 of these into a fic?
Top 2: West Wing Title Project (83); Schmoop (45)
Bottom 2: First Time (16); Female Sam (14)

Obviously it'd be a schmoopy first time for Dean and his AU sister Sam with a title from a West Wing episode. Something I'm sure I wrote more than once.

How many WIPs do you have currently running on AO3? Any you don’t plan on finishing?
I don't post works in progress.


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Jun. 24th, 2016 11:51 am
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I woke up early this morning, having had a nightmare that Brexit had won, and decided to get up to see the news, since when I went to bed last night it looked like Remain would win. So much for that: it looks like the nightmare is real. (I am devastated and worried; I've also made an appointment to apply for UK citizenship, since I doubt that this vote will make life any easier for non-EU immigrants either.)

I didn't want to go in to work today, so I have stayed hom to make challah; I started to do this earlier this spring when my usual supplier didn't have them, and find it kind of restful to take out my frustrations on some innocent bread dough. I've been using this recipe, which I find very reliable -- and the blog is full of great recipes. But I've made a few tweaks, so I'm writing the recipe out below:

recipe for future reference )

And writing this out I have realized that I left the salt out. Grr. I will have to try to knead it in during the punching-down stage, but that doesn't work very well.

* * *

I don't know. The future is not looking very bright right now.

Daily Happiness

Jun. 24th, 2016 12:52 am
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1. Went out to lunch for my birthday today with my mom and Carla. (My birthday is on Sunday, but I have work then.) We went to Truxton's and Carla and I both got the new Seoul Burger, which was so good! It had kimchi and a fried egg on top, and some sort of delicious gochujang-based sauce. Also their sweet potato fries were super tasty as usual.

2. I mostly didn't do much today but I did get some translating done.

3. We took a nice walk tonight, which we haven't done in a week or so due to the heat. (It's supposed to get hotter again this weekend, I think, but it's really nice right now, if humid.)

4. We got a package today, which means new box for Chloe! (And Molly, too, though while she does enjoy a good box, she's not nearly as box-obsessed as Chloe, who will jump in two seconds after you put a new box down, even if she was in some other part of the house sleeping.)

I think we've got about fifteen boxes of various sizes scattered around the house and it's not a large house! Should probably go around and throw out all but a few, but they love them so much!


Jun. 24th, 2016 02:15 am
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Between the polling failures and the nationalism on display, I am afraid that the Brexit vote could be the canary in the coal mine for what's going to happen to the US in November.
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How do the rest of y'all with anxiety sleep when the world is too unexpectedly gefuckt for sleeping?

Alternately, pictures of adorable kittens welcome? Or jokes, or anything heartwarming?

Pretty please with sugar on top?
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Olive Senior, Anna Carries Water, illustrated by Laura James, 2013

Olive Senior is a Jamaican writer living in Canada. The picture book is every bit as good as you would think, given that she has won the Commonwealth Writers Prize, a Gold Medal of the Institute of Jamaica and the Isabel Sissons Canadian Children's Story Award.

It's a story about the littlest girl in a family who wants to be able to carry water on her head, like her big sisters and brothers. My youngest child was particularly taken with this.

The colourful illustrations are by Laura James, who has Antiguan heritage.


Jun. 24th, 2016 11:23 am
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Because a meme is the perfect way to fill in time.

AO3 meme )

Dear Britain

Jun. 23rd, 2016 09:22 pm
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I was not serious.

Fucking stop it.

old vids in new skins

Jun. 23rd, 2016 07:26 pm
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First: I have finished and uploaded my Premieres vid!!! ...thus continuing my long-standing tradition of having a vid in Premieres only in even years, but hey, I take my victories where I can get them.

Second: For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, I am re-encoding a couple of old vids from my archived master files (using Ian's shiny new version of LlamaEnc, which is MADE OF MAGIC AND RAINBOWS), and having cast a critical eye over my assorted DivX and XviD vid exports, to say nothing of the more recent overly large .mp4s that were all I could squeeze out of Adobe's it-works-it-just-doesn't-work-all-that-WELL media encoder, I am considering converting the rest of them too so that I can make shiny-but-reasonably-sized m4vs available for download, because I am old-skool like that, even though I know that streaming is how most people watch vids these days.

I am posting this rambly post about it to say that if anyone wants to nudge a particular vid or vids to the top of the queue, this is the place to mention it (and then I can also comment back to let you know when it's done and uploaded). It may not be done SOON -- I know myself well enough to know that this is a project that will be accomplished, to whatever extent it is accomplished, piecemeal and over considerable time -- but I will certainly prioritize requests. :D

(no subject)

Jun. 23rd, 2016 03:37 pm
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i'm trying to help out a friend who is a grad student. his field is comic books but there are some overlaps with media fandom and he's having trouble finding specific resources. right now he's reading about female desire and slash, and he came across a comparison of Buffy f/f slash to fake lesbian porn. my reaction was that was novel, usually it's m/m slash being compared to fake lesbian porn.

So, he is interested in seeing any of the zillion rather...odd...articles that get all weird about ladies and their slash activities, especially those that compare m/m slash to fake lesbian porn. does anyone have any saved links, either to these articles or to meta about them? ? I know you used to have some of this stuff squirreled away.

(in case you are worried: i have known this guy since 1994. he's a RL friend who went to the same university i did, back in the day. he is good people and not interested in causing fandom damage or anything.)

Dear friends in the UK

Jun. 23rd, 2016 02:18 pm
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I am sending you love and endless cups of virtual tea and platters of Peak Freans.

This is all.

Culture Consumed Thursday

Jun. 24th, 2016 01:11 am
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Listened to Yassmin Abdel-Magied's memoir, Yassmin's Story, on audiobook (read by the author.) This is an interesting and sometimes frustrating memoir. It's by someone who's had a lot of really interesting experiences, and done a lot of things at a young age, and has a huge passion for using her voice whenever given the opportunity.

more )

TV and Movies

Watched the first three episodes of Cleverman, which is a six-part Aboriginal Australian dystopian superhero drama (in English, with some parts in Gumbaynggirr with English subtitles.) It is absolutely awesome, but also very violent. Appropriately so, given the themes (asylum seekers, racism, etc,) but yeah. Content note for the first episode: child death.

That was the most Indigenous Australians I have seen on TV at one time on anything but current affairs and Frontline, and that's fucking appalling even given how little TV I watch, but I am very glad this show is a thing. And that it's gotten renewed for a second season.

Looking forward to the rest of the season.

On a considerably lighter note, [personal profile] fasangel introduced me to Sammy J's Playground Politics, which is brief (five minute) sketch comedy in the style of Play School. For example, here's the official summary of the first episode: "Sammy J teaches children how to make a Faustian Pact, while Average Voter considers burning his Australian Flag." In the fifth episode it is bedtime, and silly Richard Di Natale keeps on climbing into Malcolm Turnbull's bed instead of his own. You get the idea.


Lots of Freecell, while listening to the audiobook. Still(!) playing Alphabear. Still haven't spend any money on it. I'm stuck on the boss fight on level 10.


Unsurprisingly, given winter, I have not yet had to water my new plants. The sky is taking care of that for me right now.


Made a big batch of chocolate chip biscuits. Put some in an airtight jar (and earwormed myself with Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar) and the rest in the freezer.

Also made Nutella fudge.


I agreed to do a couple of shifts handing out how to vote cards for the Greens (silly Richard and all.) This will give me something to do on Election Day (and before) other than huddle in a corner crying, and also allow me to truthfully tell the early voting electoral officer that I'll be working on Election Day and therefore need to vote early. (The real reason is disability-related: bad sleep cycle plus not good with long queues and sometimes faint if I'm standing in the one place for too long plus incredibly anxious about missing the election equals that while I could vote on Election Day, it would be much better if I didn't.) I'll bring a chair for the volunteer shifts. And a warm top to wear under the Greens t-shirt. I also asked my local volunteer contact if they need any data entry done. She said she'll get someone to call me. Here's hoping -- I've done that before (at the state election) and am familiar with their system, and it's quiet, soothing work.
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So this morning I waffled about what to wear and ended up with one of my favorite dresses - it's a gray and white cotton tank dress, which is actually two dresses in one - there's the white tank dress that hits just above the ankle and then over that there's a gray tank dress that's about four inches shorter. I got it from Macy's last year (shh, don't tell my mother; she had a hate-on for Macy's until the day she died. God love her, that woman could hold a grudge.) and I love it a lot - it's both pretty and comfy.

So of course while I was waiting for my latte this morning in Starbucks, the dude next to me spilled his coffee all over and splashed me. It was iced, so I didn't get burned, but now I have one small coffee stain on the white hem of my dress. I am annoyed. If I'd just worn the knee-length blue dress, I'd have just had coffee on my skin, where it wouldn't stain!

Sigh. My life is the hardest yo.

Anyway, last night, Bill Simmons' new show (Any Given Wednesday) premiered on HBO so I watched it, because I have kind of a love-hate relationship with Bill Simmons. He's exactly my age, so his references and influences are the same as mine, except he's from Boston so he has terrible taste in teams.

Anyway, I kind of loved Grantland a lot (often despite itself or myself) and was sad when ESPN gutted it, so I figured since I have HBO (who knew? I guess I knew because it was part of the deal to lower my cable bill, but I rarely remember that), I might as well give it a shot. It made me laugh, anyway. Charles Barkley is almost always entertaining, even if I don't care about basketball all that much, and it was funny to see Ben Affleck go off, even if I kind of loathe Tom Brady and the way they all worship at his feet. Say what you want about Eli, Ben! He still beat Brady twice in the Super Bowl, including ruining that perfect season! 18-1! Ha! I will treasure that always. (Especially now that the Giants are terrible again.)

So I will probably watch again if I remember it's on, and hopefully they will discuss things (baseball! hockey! Gosh, now that he's not with ESPN anymore there could actually be interest in hockey!) that are more relevant to my interests. And I hope that the Boston connection means CEvans will one day put in an appearance; for him, I'll put up with another hour of Brady-worship. (I still won't like it, though.) (What Simmons should do is have the Chrisses Pratt and Evans on together, but what do I know? I'm not his talent coordinator.)

In other exciting fannish news, did you see the stuff about Star Wars: Rogue One in EW? I AM EXCITE!

spoilers, I guess (also spoilers for The Clone Wars, if you haven't watched it) )

Sigh. Back to work now. A metric fuckton of acknowledgement letters awaits!

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Actually, re-reading an Exchange of Gifts reminded me that once upon a time, I could write.

Anyone want a timestamp? Of anything I've posted on Ao3, LJ, DW, or Skyehawke. Feel free to request something from a co-written story,too, since I can most likely talk herself into playing. 8-)

Anyway, what made me think about it was the current Ao3 meme going around. I like this one more than the "how many hits/bookmarks" one, because there's more to chew on.

meme )

Why Britain should vote leave

Jun. 23rd, 2016 09:04 am
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Britain knows the danger of immigrants better than any other nation. Those rat bastards will obviously:
  • Steal the walls of St. Paul's
  • Steal (back!) the Crown Jewels
  • Force Britons to buy and take opium
  • Convert Britons to their religion under pain of death
  • Give them handkerchiefs and blankets covered in immigrant smallpox
  • Send the the Britons to schools for generations where they are not allowed to speak their own languages, grow their own hair, practice their own religion, have medical care, not get sexually assaulted, or not be murdered to death
  • Force Britons to speak Immigrant
  • Break up the British Isles; reconfigure them along totally arbitrary lines; rename them the nation state of Walsotia and the tribal confederacy of the Cornwallimanx-Jersguernsey Alliance; and then spend a century sadly belittling those dirty Englisher savages in a post-Europeast world whose internecine struggles and civil wars have proven those Anglos were never suited for civil society anyway.

Tonight on feline soap opera

Jun. 23rd, 2016 10:02 pm
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Beatrice is on my lap. Dorian is curled up against my thigh. Their heads are near each other.

Beatrice takes vigorous exception to the state of Dorian's hygiene, particularly in the inner ear region, and seeks to amend it. Dorian endures the wash for maybe half a minute, then puts his paw on Beatrice's throat to indicate she should take her tongue out of his ear.

I sit up straighter, inadvertently disturbing Beatrice, and she remembers why she came over here in the first place and stands up. It is dinner time.

I open a can and dispense some for Beatrice in the kitchen and some for Dorian in my bedroom, shutting him in so he can't come out and eat Beatrice's. (Beatrice is too principled to steal food from a kitten.) I wait until Beatrice is finished eating, then let Dorian out. He continues eating his own dinner for a while, then comes out to inspect her bowl.

Penny Dreadful season 3

Jun. 23rd, 2016 12:37 pm
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what the FUCK was that? )

I have a feeling that I need to request this at Yuletide, not in the sense that I need a fix-it AU, but I need to make sense of what actually happened, and perhaps deal with all the hanging threads (like Cat Hartdegan, or how no one ever found out that Victor was reanimating dead people, or how Lily and Ethan never met again)

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Jun. 23rd, 2016 11:37 am
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Notes on voting in a referendum, my first:

-The British summer. You could wring out the air like a dishcloth. We were waiting in for the plumber. At the polling station I explained to the tellers that in an outsized efficiency Islington had registered me to vote twice, in two different names. They seemed mildly concerned, thanked me for letting them know, and asked me what my legal name was, and then apologised for asking. I voted, once, with a stub pencil. The lady next to in the queue said to the tellers, “I don’t read well. Can you go through it with me?”

“Of course,” they said. On the way out, someone in a car with all the doors open was playing “Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover”.

-On Seven Sisters Road, two girls holding REMAIN banners, picket signs and stickers waved cheerfully at passing traffic. A woman with a table further down was explaining very earnestly to an old white man that to remain leaves our options open; if you have the slightest doubt, you know what you need to do, and also, do you trust Boris Johnson? Her companion said to me, have you voted. Yes. Would you like a sticker? I’d love one, I said, but I’m a civil servant. Oh well, she said, best be safe, hope your day is lovely.

-Outside Holloway Road Tube station, the same two campaigners I’ve been seeing most days this week were both standing out in the rain. One was explaining EU parliamentary democracy to a passer-by; the other asked if I’d voted. Inside the ticket hall, in the midmorning lull, a woman had forgotten about the lift she was waiting for and was shouting across the barriers to the station staff. “It’s about our children’s future!” she was saying, as I rummaged for my Oyster card. “Not for us, but for them!”

“Absolutely,” said the ticket barrier guy, sounding fervent. I said earlier this week that of course TFL have no political views, but they’re running an experimental trial at Holborn that’s trying to get people to stand on both sides of the escalators. The signage has started to say things like “UNITED WE STAND”.

I am afraid that in the years to come I may look back upon today as the last breath of the leftist consensus of my childhood; that things were bad and growing worse all the time, but some days mark a steeper descent. But if the terrible thing happens, it isn’t because a lot of people weren’t doing the job that was in front of them.

3 Things

Jun. 23rd, 2016 05:55 pm
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1, Ruby had to have a filling yesterday (because she runs away when I brush her teeth so it is always a struggle). But the dentist was so gentle that she did not even realise she had a needle. It was so good and so totally unlike my early experiences with brutal/sociopathic monster dentists.

2, Parental house now has a front bannister so they can balance on the way up and down.

3, Mum continues to heal well and can now make it down the back stairs without assistance (though under supervision).

Wednesday conference fun!

Jun. 23rd, 2016 01:49 am
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I woke up before 9, even, but spent a leisurely morning getting ready for the day. I got in for the last session of the morning, and after that the little group I was in went for lunch at the food trucks. We wound up in the park to eat, and a good time was had by all!

More sessions in the afternoon. I livetweeted Rah's. Then there was Storytime With Rah down in the hacker lounge. This was followed by dinner -- we went to the pizza place that the lunch train was headed to, but opted to have dinner in the park, where there was More Storytime. Also kitten pictures. I talked about my experiences being too well equipped with coping mechanisms to have any hyperactivity manifest itself, and there was discussion of how people self-medicate for AD(H)D with stimulants, and how some people really seriously avoid cocaine even when trying other drugs, because they suspect it may be *too effective* (and it's illegal).

I headed for the tram line that would take me back, and on my way called Darkside and wished him a happy birthday. Also I came out to him as agender. He wasn't quite sure what to do with that information; I let him know that there really wasn't any substantial difference, just I was tired of being put in gendered boxes that I had approximately no attachment to. Also he wants to hear my talk. ;)

Clippy has turned out useful in "remembering" what the whiteboard setup was like in conference rooms. I am so pleased that Simon Illyan was one of my role models, and that I have had so much early training in the sort of self-reflection that involves looking back at past selves and trying to not judge them too harshly. Self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness aimed at not being *that* kind of asshole again, is an amazing thing.

Also my tactic of writing down my daily annoyances in the course of my Talk About My Day is helpful in the going back to figure out When That Fucking Thing Became A Thing Anyway.

I am trying to set up for tomorrow morning, since I seem to be getting more and more functional at the conference, rather than less.

(And then there was BPAL testing and card reading with F, which took a substantial two hours together, and was definitely informative. My skin makes light florals much better behaved.)

Daily Happiness

Jun. 22nd, 2016 11:44 pm
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1. Had a really long day at work today, but I have tomorrow off! Yay!

2. I posted manga! :D

3. We started getting these new spam onigiri at work that have kimchi between the rice and spam and it's SO GOOD. *_*

4. The cats have this little TV table in front of the computer room window to give them more space to sit than the narrow windowsill, but it's in front of the closed part of the window, not the open part (the open part is too close to my desk and I'd be backing up into it all the time), so a lot of time they lie with their back half on the table and their front half on the windowsill for a better view at the birdies and squirrels and fun stuff outside.

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Title: Koi-iji: Love Glutton
Original Title: こいいじ (Koiiji)
Author: Shimura Takako
Publisher: Kiss
Genre: Josei
Status in Japan: 3 volumes, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Migeru
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: 31-year-old Mame has been in love with her childhood friend Souta ever since she can remember. Despite multiple rejections, her love has stayed constant. It's become a habit more than anything, but is it one she'll ever be able to break and get on with her life?

Chapter Summary: As it always seems to these days, conversation turns once again to Mame's feelings for Souta.

Chapter 6: A Walk in the Clouds

Wednesday reading

Jun. 22nd, 2016 09:00 pm
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Erm. Went out for drinks with friends, so this may be a bit discombobulated.

Currently reading: Yay, League of Dragons! I'm so excited, especially since [personal profile] kate_nepveu gave it such a good review. It was very hard to put it down at the end of lunch today!

Just finished: Bloodline by Claudia Gray, which is a novel about Leia Organa set about 10-15 years before The Force Awakens. Ben is studying with Luke, Han is racing spaceships, and Leia is increasingly disillusioned by gridlock in the Galactic Senate. Because it's so firmly set within the new canon, there aren't a lot of surprises, but the book does a really good job of explaining how we get to the situation that is so poorly described in TFA. It also explains why Leia is willing to go off-piste the way she does. And probably the best bit is the reveal of Leia's parentage, for maximum drama. It's not amazing, but it's solid and informative, and really brings the characters forward from where we saw them last to where they are now, and that's a hard thing to do. Kudos to Claudia Gray for pulling it off.

Oh, and I finished Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner last week, and that book seriously deserves more attention. The Toasties, I suspect, should eat it up with a spoon. It is marvelous. Although I think I like Titus more than Laura does.

Up next: Probably Louise Erdrich's The Round House for book club, unless one of my other library holds comes in. Possibly The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown, which I accidentally bought on Kindle last weekend at a wine tasting, when someone recommended it to me and I looked it up on my phone. Whoops! OTOH, it looks like the kind of book I might like.
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You guys! Whether you're going to be attending CON.TXT near the end of July or not, there's still a way you can help support this year's con charity (ie, Planned Parenthood).

I'm going to be running the big fan raffle, and I'm hoping some of you will be willing to help us out! If you have cool items of a fannish or artsy nature that you'd be willing to part with, we'd be more than grateful to take them off your hands and super-happy to add them to the raffle prize packages

Just click on this link for all the details (including all the types of things we're looking for).

"Help us, Obi-Wan Fen-obi. You're our only hope." :D

Coping mechanisms. :-)

Jun. 22nd, 2016 06:15 pm
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I am out of spoons this evening.

Also I managed to get a sunburn this afternoon while watching kids poolside -- I remembered to put sunscreen on the six year old but forgot about myself, so I now have a very dramatic tan-line across my décolletage. (Well. Not exactly tan. More like, a stark demarcation between creamy pale skin that has not seen sun in a while, and skin that is now rather bright and radiating heat.)

I have changed into a silky loose bathrobe. I have poured myself a glass of wine. And I am letting the kid have dinner in front of the television tonight. There are worse things.
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I actually think that decent people can disagree about whether the UK should leave the EU. There's even a left-wing case for Leave that can be made, though nobody's really trying to make it.

(Pragmatically: there are a lot of credible and knowledgeable voices saying that it would be an economic disaster, which, given our government, also means more “austerity”: more people starving and more people driven to suicide.)

(Plus, you know, the stripping away of huge numbers of human rights, workplace rights and environmental protections.)

But in the last few weeks, it's suddenly turned out that we're no longer debating "Should the UK be in the EU?", we're apparently now debating "Immigrants: how much do we hate them?". And the answer seems to be "Quite a lot".

We also seem to be debating “Do you want a new government made up of Boris Johnson (a completely amoral opportunist clawing his way into power by posing as a adorably-befuddled tousle-haired buffoon), Michael Gove, and Nigel Farage?”

(It's rumoured that Boris Johnson has already offered Farage a job in "his" post-Brexit government. Farage has denied this, naturally.)

You know what? The EU is open to debate among reasonable humans. This isn't.

This is not even dog-whistling any more, it's glaringly racist and more or less identical to a piece of actual Nazi propaganda. It says "Vote Leave because otherwise scary brown people might come to your country".

(Never mind that the people shown are Syrian refugees fleeing a war zone, or that leaving the EU wouldn't affect the UK's legal obligations to take in refugees under international law anyway.)

Whatever you think motivated the alleged murderer of Jo Cox, who (allegedly) 'said a variation of “Britain first”, “Keep Britain independent”, “Britain always comes first”, and “This is for Britain” as he launched the attack on Cox' -- Nigel Farage's poster is identical to the sort of far right/neo-Nazi material found in his house.

And here is Farage, a month ago, saying that if people feel they've lost control of their borders -- which he maintains has happened because of the EU -- and voting doesn't change anything, then "violence is the next step". Not that he condones it, of course. He’s just saying how understandable it would be if people felt driven to it.

I am fucking scared of these people. I am seeing stuff which is genuinely veering towards fascism, with Nigel Farage as our home-grown Trump. These are people who actually make me prefer to be on the same side as David Cameron, god help me.

When Jo Cox was murdered, a part of my brain went white-hot with anxiety, and when I managed to put it into words I realized it was asking is this how it starts?

(Which is, rationally, nonsense: there is no "it", "it" started long ago, "it" is always happening, take your pick. But.)

I want my fucking country back. Because it does not belong to these people and they cannot steal it.

You heard it here (first?)

Jun. 22nd, 2016 01:51 pm
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Trump's latest is to send out a fundraising email promising to match donations - up to a $2 million cap. Josh Marshall at TPM says the fact that the cap is so low proves that he's broke; a real billionaire would donate much more.

I'll go further. There will be snowballs in hell before Trump puts in cash at all - he'll "match" with "donations" of products and services from his own companies, or maybe by having his companies "supply" things at cost, and he'll call that matching.

Taking bets now...
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In the continuing adventures of extremely vulnerable Bucky and caretaking Steve...

Finally Clean (4883 words) by Dira Sudis
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes
Additional Tags: Enemas, Belly Kink, Belly Rubs, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, Steve's Sexual Orientation Is Whatever Bucky Needs, cleansing

This was nothing Steve had imagined when he interrupted Bucky's hesitation over the question of having sex again to say, "Anything you need, pal."

(Exciting future post-Civil War fic-writing developments: I am now working on a story featuring extremely vulnerable Bucky with caretaking T'Challa and have a robust and determined little fic bunny involving vulnerable Sam with caretaking Steve! Changing things up all over the place!)

dorinda: John Kennex and Dorian with their heads very close, both looking down, very serious. (john_dorian_amber)
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I am on vacation (a long-awaited and hard-earned vacation, in my opinion), and am finally unwinding from recent stresses. It feels luxurious and cherry-on-top to ALSO now get MULTIPLE gifts from this year's Night on Fic Mountain small-fandom fic and art exchange!!

New this year, you could ask and offer art as well as fic if you wanted, so in my requests I checked the art box as well as the fic box. And I got three pictures and one story, every single one of them an utter delight!:

Protect (0 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Almost Human
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Dorian/John Kennex (implied)
Characters: Dorian (Almost Human), John Kennex
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Digital Art, Angst

Dorian is doing everything he can to keep John warm and his blood from spill out, while they wait to be found.

A beautiful angsty hurt/comfort image, with protective-Dorian who you can tell is experiencing a flood of emotion, with injured-John held so tenderly in his arms. SNIFF! But the author was kind enough to reassure me in an author's note that they will be rescued. \o/

Dubious Angel of My Better Nature (0 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Aubrey-Maturin Series - Patrick O'Brian
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin
Characters: Jack Aubrey, Stephen Maturin
Additional Tags: Art, Pencil

Stephen and Jack

A sketch of Stephen Maturin, with Jack silhouetted in the background. Such lovely detail, all of which combines in a very Stephen-like tone and pose, and I swear that Jack is CHARACTERIZED by the simplest touches in a little silhouette.

And then two Aubrey-Maturin Star Trek AUs, one art and one story:

U.S.S. Surprise (0 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Master and Commander - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin
Characters: Jack Aubrey, Stephen Maturin
Additional Tags: Art, Ink, Alternate Universe - Space, Star Trek AU

Stephen brings home alien animals~

Science-officer-naturalist Stephen is cradling a little alien creature that obviously loves him but is dubious about starship-captain-Jack who wants to pet it, which is SO accurate to the books, and so adorable!!

In Good Company (925 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Master and Commander - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin
Characters: Jack Aubrey, Stephen Maturin
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Imprisonment, Friendship, Alternate Universe - Space, Star Trek AU

Stephen and Jack, and an evening in an alien jail.

Wounded starship captain Jack, and Vulcan-hybrid Stephen, stranded in a cell on an alien world, looking after each other. So many little touches perfectly translated into the Star Trek setting, such well-characterized interaction and hurt/comfort, SO satisfying, om nom nom nom.

Pardon me while I wallow about in my embarrassment of riches! *flings handfuls of Fic Mountain around like confetti*

If I knew the tunes I might join in

Jun. 22nd, 2016 11:02 am
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Wednesday reading meme ahoy:

What I've just finished
Technically, nothing, but D-Day: The Battle for Normandy by Antony Beevor had to go back to the library, so I'm done with it, though I only managed to get halfway through. The Allies had just taken Caen and kind of destroyed the city in the process. *hands*

What I'm reading now
The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu by Joshua Hammer, which I am enjoying so far, though I have a hard time keeping track of all the different jihadi splinter cells that get named and then change their names etc. The history parts about Timbuktu's literary heritage and its various renaissances are super intriguing, though. So much stuff I never knew! So recommend it just for that, really, even though I'm only a third of the way through.

What I'm reading next
Unless the library comes through with something else, I don't know! So many books, so little time. (So many books, in fact, that my Amazon settlement money is $113! I can buy a lot more ebooks with that!)

In other news, despite the inauspicious beginning of the game, with Bartolo Colon getting injured four pitches in (the Mets' season in a microcosm, for real), I enjoyed watching the bullpen stymie the Royals and the Mets actually held a lead against them and won! I mean, not that I'm still bitter about how the WS ended or anything. Ahem.


(no subject)

Jun. 22nd, 2016 03:57 pm
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This has been a busy month.

So, I wrote a master's thesis in 6 days, and then went back to work and edited it over the course of three evenings, and finally, after staying at work until 7pm yesterday, sent it to my professor. We agreed I would write a total of 3 drafts of this thesis, with this being the first one. I'm sure there will be loads of corrections to make, but it is 43 pages and I'm reasonably happy with it, so even with rewrites I feel like getting to this point has been the bulk of the work.

I was hoping to ~treat myself~ after work yesterday, but I was honestly so exhausted and blah from the heat, I hadn't eaten in 7 hours and didn't even feel hungry. I considered buying a bottle of something fruity or alcoholic but in that state I'd take one sip and pass out in my bed until morning (which, maybe wasn't that bad of an idea). I considered ordering in some kind of favorite food but I was just... so blah about food, it truly felt like an utter waste of money. I ended up making scrambled eggs and eating them with bread and peaches and then somehow still feeling ravenous at midnight. Of course I somehow didn't manage to get myself to sleep until 1am, and woke up in an extreme state of zombie-hood today.

Today I'm in a weird state where I desperately want to write about something here, but have nothing to offer. I'm been running around doing Useful Things and my brain is empty of entertaining content I guess?

So I'll just throw some loose threads at you, as long as we're here, I guess.

* Cleverman is an amazing new Australian scifi show that everyone in the world must watch. EVERYONE. IN THE WORLD. It's everything I love about scifi, and even when the writing is clunky it feels like a soothing balm on my soul. I've forgotten what it's like to watch a show that dares to be mentally challenging and complex. I'm used to watching my shows with my brain half turned off, tired from the day, but with Cleverman that's such a waste. It's a show that gives so much, it has so much to offer in every frame, every character interaction. It's just a joy. Please, please watch it so we can all be in this fandom together.

* There's a story in my head that I will probably never write, or at least won't write for a decade, and it's making me so sad and I don't really know what to do about it. Basically a few years ago when I decided to try and be a ~for real~ author of original fiction, I could either choose to write SFF or porn and I chose SFF partially because I've been writing it a lot longer (I wrote my first book in grade school - it even had illustrations!). The trouble is, I had a bunch of original ideas for both genres, and while the SFF ones got my time and attention, the porn ones...

the original universe I will likely never write )

Daily Happiness

Jun. 22nd, 2016 01:17 am
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1. Sooooo much cooler today than yesterday. It actually feels really nice tonight.

2. I stopped at the store after work and just happened to look at the pet food aisle and they have a whole bunch of cat food, both dry and wet, on clearance, so I really stocked up (especially on the dry; there were some bags that were regularly $5 on clearance for $1 so I bought all four they had on the shelf).

3. I started using a new brand of lotion and while I dislike the feel of it, it actually seems to be helping with my eczema even just after a couple days.

4. This sweet Molly!

(no subject)

Jun. 22nd, 2016 03:45 pm
[personal profile] emma_in_dream
1, We have only one single medical appointment this week.

2, As I don’t work on Fridays, I miss the day when we move offices. Yay! Though I will be there next week when we simultaneously change HR providers, IT providers, information management providers, financial management systems and get new computers in our new building. I expect that week to not be terribly productive.

3, I love this kind of weather, when it is cold and I feel full of energy. Summer = tired and cranky. Winter = happy me.

OSB ho!

Jun. 21st, 2016 11:18 pm
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Arrived in Portland safe and sound with traveling companion! Trip was lovely and included Hamilton sing-alongs, a bag of cherries shaped like butts, chat about our respective talks, and good old-fashioned gossip. I'd taken the last leg of the journey, so my executive function was diminished (12:30, not as much sleep as I'd have wanted) and so F went to confer with the lodging gods.

We are staying in Portland State University's summer dorm-filler project, which is unfancy but adequate -- when things are going right.

This evening did not feature many things going right. Chief among them was my executive function having gone sleepybyebye, so (apparently after them failing to find our info, and not having room in the dorm they said we'd be assigned to) F found parking, and I had a smol meltdown over having no idea what things I needed to take up to the room (under the assumption that we'd have to be moving the next day). Also we had one key-and-keycard between the two of us, and one car key.

We managed to fox-goose-and-grain ourselves into the building with no actual tears shed, though I did swear at whatever snotassed weaselfucks were responsible for the accessibility.

By the time I got horizontal it was 2:30. Then I woke up at 6.

Oh, and I had to speak today.

I went down and fed the meter, then once the hours for the housing office arrived, I went over for that and had a chat. (They had actually opened at 7, not 9; it was the *student* housing department that opened at 9. I feel that any collective misreading was entirely justified based on the hour.) I got the parking pass, a second key-and-keycard lanyard, and bagged myself a parking space near the elevator in the nearby parking garage.

Then I faceplanted on my bed and didn't re-attain consciousness until around noon.

I headed off to the conference upon waking up, picking up some lunch on the way. I there cranked away diligently upon my slides, and listened to someone I was sharing a time slot with rehearse. I also learned that there had been a sudden unavailability of the people who had been going to do video of the sessions, which filled me with woe because a) there are a lot of people who are looking forward to my talk, and b) I was up against some really interesting looking things.

I saw [personal profile] silveradept and the ritual hug of greeting was exchanged. \o/

Then it was time to give my talk. [staff profile] denise, [personal profile] kareila, and [personal profile] shadowspar were all there!

The room seemed interested, and I think I mostly remembered to use the microphone (good for recording purposes; the a/v guy said they were doing audio at least) and [personal profile] kareila got some room audio to boot! So I may be able to get a rough transcription up at some point.

The next talk that a number of us gravitated to was on the history of emoji! Great fun.

I then presented [staff profile] denise with the crocheting project that I had been somewhat successfully keeping under my hat for Quite Some Time, ever since I finished [personal profile] fu's dreamsheep (Dreamsheep Beta).

This is Dreamsheep Gamma, and it comes with some surprises. (Why is this dreamsheep different from all other dreamsheep?) D says there may be a photoshoot.

This is, like, *layers* of fanworks.

Dreamwidth started as a fanwork determined to make it pro (and successfully so). The dreamsheep icon (by [personal profile] helens78) was fanart conceptually inspired by the concept of Dreamwidth. The crocheted dreamsheep were a transformation of medium, somewhat analogous to making podfic of a fic. Dreamsheep Gamma is, additionally, a crossover.

After that a few of us decided that dinner was in order, and shortly there was a little diner graced by the sorts of giggling, friendly chatter, and toasts that five DW-affiliated people tend to get up to.

Our party started splitting after that, and I got in and fairly immediately peeled off my clothing. I was correct to not try to additionally wear shorts under The Pink Skirt. (Outfit: Pink Skirt, turquoise toeless tights, black sequined sleeveless shirt, tiara, and Jacket of Holding.) One shower later, I felt human again...

F popped in with a friend, but has popped out again; at some point I'll be attaining horizontality. I have marked my schedule-badge with little green dots on things I want to see, and bold green squares next to the can't-miss things, and green blocking off that slot.

The captive portal thing here is Not Done Badly from a UX perspective. I'm impressed that it's not horrible.

Two White Collar fics

Jun. 22nd, 2016 02:18 pm
china_shop: Neal is the sheriff of sexytown (WC Neal Sheriff of Sexytown)
[personal profile] china_shop
Wished you were here
~2800 words, post-series Neal/Clinton PWP, for the amnesty round on [livejournal.com profile] fan_flashworks and for [personal profile] mergatrude
Clinton tracks Neal down in Paris.

Stay a Step Ahead
~1200 words, pre-series Neal-Kate-Mozzie gen inspired by 1.04 for [livejournal.com profile] wc_rewatch
Neal cases a museum with a sick Kate, and Mozzie and Estelle.

Comics + Fashion

Jun. 21st, 2016 08:34 pm
lunabee34: (reading by thelastgoodname)
[personal profile] lunabee34
I just finished rereading volume one of Saga and reading volume two for the first time. I know what I want for Christmas. :) I really like how funny and irreverent these comics are and how strongly they tug at my heartstrings. No spoilers for future volumes, please, but I'd love to talk about the first two volumes with those of you who have read (second volume ends with SPOILERS )).

I also finished reading a book [personal profile] executrix sent me called What We Wore: An Offbeat Social History of Women's Clothing, 1950-1980. It consists of four chapters--one each on the fifties, sixties, and seventies--followed by a very short chapter about the role of magazines like Mademoiselle in disseminating fashion. The book is very focused on what young people were wearing, mostly focusing on high school and college-aged women along with what young women would have been wearing as they started their careers. The longest and most comprehensive chapter is on the fifties, but each chapter contains lots of photographs and ends with snippets of interviews with women about what they wore during each era. Some of the women are celebrities whose names I recognize, but I think most of them are just regular people. I can see this book being an invaluable resource for people who want to write about young women in those decades. Anybody can google images of clothes from each era (and I suggest you read this book with google images handy because the author talks about a lot of styles and people that aren't pictured), but what What We Wore contextualizes the clothes: why were they worn that way, what inspired them, how did people who couldn't afford certain clothes go about imitating the style, what physical or other consequences wearing certain garments entailed, and the little quirks of dress that no series of google images could impart (like how many petticoats girls were wearing under their skirts in the fifties and how they cut up their legs or what wearing certain pins meant, etc). I think the book ended abruptly; I read the last sentence and then turned the page to find that it had ended. Other than that, I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in fashion from those time periods.

Just delicious.

Jun. 21st, 2016 07:44 pm
kass: Giles with a pile of books (Giles)
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I just finished the second of Laurie R. King's Mary Russell / Sherlock Holmes novels. It was utterly delicious.

Mystery. Intrigue. Theology. Complicated love. Passes the Bechdel test by several long shots. The fabulous Jewish heroine continues to be fabulous. Holmes continues to be Holmes in the most delightful manner.

This is exactly the brain-candy I needed at this moment in my life. \o/


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