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Stuff! And also things!

1. it got cold here again. I DO NOT APPROVE. And I had to wait longer than usual for a bus this morning, so I was Not Pleased, especially since I didn't wear a fleecy under my coat.

2. I spoiled myself for Amazing Spider-man 2. On purpose, actually. spoilers ) I still don't know if I'm going to see it. I guess I'll wait until people I trust have seen it and commented.

3. Ugh, so I put the teevee on at 7:59 pm for Arrow and channel 11 was dark! And it was dark on the HD version too! And I wasl ike, NOOOOOOO! but it popped back in just at the end of the previouslies. Whew. I have to say that Arrow and Good Wife are the two hours of tv I look forward to most every week. I still enjoy Elementary but I feel like it's been idling this season and has never really gotten into gear. But that could just be because everything feels slow when compared to TGW and Arrow (and Sleepy Hollow when it was on). Talk about breakneck pacing. Anyway!

Arrow: The Man Under the Hood (no, sadly, not Jason Todd)
spoilers )

4. Speaking of excellent television, I would put the s2 run of Avatar: the Last Airbender, from The Blind Bandit through Crossroads of Destiny, up against any tv show in terms of excellent runs of episodes. There's really only the one clunker (The Guru) - it just builds and builds and builds to an amazing climax. Why yes, I've been rewatching. Last night, it was The Desert, which might be my favorite Katara episode. She's just so determined to get them all out of there alive and intact while Sokka's high and Aang's grieving and Toph can't actually help.

5. Today's poem:

What Goes On

After the affair and the moving out,
after the destructive revivifying passion,
we watched her life quiet

into a new one, her lover more and more
on its periphery. She spent many nights
alone, happy for the narcosis

of the television. When she got cancer
she kept it to herself until she couldn't
keep it from anyone. The chemo debilitated
and saved her, and one day

her husband asked her to come back --
his wife, who after all had only fallen
in love as anyone might
who hadn't been in love in a while --

and he held her, so different now,
so thin, her hair just partially
grown back. He held her like a new woman

and what she felt
felt almost as good as love had,
and each of them called it love
because precision didn't matter anymore.

And we who'd been part of it,
often rejoicing with one
and consoling the other,

we who had seen her truly alive
and then merely alive,
what could we do but revise
our phone book, our hearts,

offer a little toast to what goes on.

~Stephen Dunn


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Apr. 17th, 2014 10:40 am
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My fun for yesterday was that I chipped a front tooth. I have no idea how, I didn't eat any hard candy or anything else that might have done it. The tooth just spontaneously ejected a chip.

Couple of links:

Out of Print: Library Fundraiser for P.S. 244

I really like library or school-related fundraisers that involve buying books or equipment or donating to libraries, so if you know of any, feel free to point me to them.

Book View Cafe: Bad Attention I guess doing something like this is funny/clever to people who have never actually received death threats or other threats of bodily harm through the internet.

PSA: I have links to places where you can buy DRM-free ebooks of some of my novels here plus a lot of buy/preorder links for paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobooks here.

And my links to information sites for beginning writers is here.

Daily Happiness

Apr. 16th, 2014 11:40 pm
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1. I took my bike up to the repair shop this morning and got the tire fixed. Turned out to be a thorn! Grr. Stupid nature.

2. I took my mom computer shopping today and got her new computer mostly set up. I need to go back again tomorrow, though, because one program was going to take an hour to download and I just didn't want to sit around that long waiting. :p I've never even used Windows 8 myself before and I'm still not sure what I think of it. If it were my own computer, I'd have more time to play around with it and try to customise it and get it how I wanted, but for her I'm just trying to get as much of the junk out of the way so she can use the few programs she uses (basically just Firefox and WordPerfect).

3. Since I have to go over to my mom's tomorrow after work, I think I'll make tomorrow my short day. (Since I went in for three hours on Sunday, I need to take three hours off somewhere else. I could take an hour here and there from several days, but it is nice to only work five hours!)

4. My mom gave me an easter basket with See's candy. :D

5. There is a baby goat edition of 2048.

6. I feel like I got a lot done today! The bike, the computer, plus vacuuming and some manga stuff.

Wednesday Reading

Apr. 16th, 2014 08:57 pm
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Not used to having Wednesdays off, so I keep thinking it's Friday or something, but I did see everyone's reading posts, so that reminded me!

What are you currently reading?
I'm currently doing a reread of Scott Pilgrim. It's been a long time since I read it, so I'd forgotten a lot. Also apparently while I'm not usually a headcanon sort of person, when I do have a headcanon, it's very persistent, because despite having seen the movie with Kieran Culkin as Wallace, when I read the comic I'm still convinced Wallace is Asian. When I first read it, I just assumed he was Asian, and then the movie came out and I was like, okay, that's interesting casting, but apparently it had no effect on how I see the character when reading the comic.

What did you recently finish reading?
Well, I finished reading Mayoke no Darling, which was cute, but did not make me want to get out and start reading BL on a regular basis again.

What do you think you'll read next?
I'm only about halfway through Scott Pilgrim, so I imagine I'll be reading that for a bit longer and then who knows!

Religion makes me happy

Apr. 17th, 2014 12:13 am
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How has it been so long since I've posted? I keep on thinking of all sorts of delightful things to share with y'all, O Internet, and then I just don't do it. 
  1. Books: A Time To Keep Silence, by Patrick Leigh Fermor. A very brief (fewer than 100 pages) sort of travelogue, in which Fermor (who apparently is fairly well-known for walking across Europe in the '30s and was one of England's best-known travel writers, or so I understand) describes his stays at several Benedictine monasteries in France in the '50s. I've been working my way through all the books on monasticism I can get my hands on, these past several years—if anyone should ever want a fairly comprehensive survey of recent books about nuns, I sure could provide—and so picked up this one at the library based on the monastic content alone. Turns out it's entirely different than the books I'm used to (which tend to be either "introduction to the weird world of Catholic monastics" or "my life in the convent")—but oh is it a lovely little book. Fermor's writing is just exquisite: nothing too convoluted or dramatic, just that slightly old-fashioned but wonderfully precise, elegantly-turned, and utterly clear writing you only ever really get from excellent British writers. It's the kind of language that makes me sit and savor it, that makes me sit and gasp with delight at the sheer joy of words, that makes me clutch the book with delight. Highly recommended if you like poetry (and both NPR and the New York Review of Books agree with me, apparently, so go me!) 
  2. Encounters on the subway: Speaking of religion, I had a lovely little encounter on the subway this morning (and how often do you get to say that, hm?) The F train was packed at 8:45, and so I ended up sharing a patch of wall with a very talkative woman. Somehow we fell to chatting, and she was funny and lovely and great in that brash Latin American New Yorker way, and somehow it came up that I had done my grad degree in religion. And then she just lit up and started telling me all about where she goes to church. (This is one of my favorite parts of having studied religion: how eager people are to talk about religion and spirituality when given the chance. There's such a hunger fr it, I've found: so many people I'd never have expected have wanted to talk to me about faith.) Anyway, the point being: turns out she goes to St. Boniface in Brooklyn, which [personal profile] myalexandria  has already recommended to me. Which, despite the fact that I'm a very rational scientist type, makes me think that it's a sign—as my friends the nuns in Baltimore would say. Guess I'd better go, hm?
So, okay, when I said I had "delightful things to tell you all," I guess what I meant is that I have two things that I find delightful and both of them are about religion. But since religion is making me feel pretty joyful these days, I guess that's not all bad, eh? 

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Purple's commandments for spiders:

Thou shalt not move way too fast.
Thou shalt not be on Purple.
Thou shalt not be on Purple's delicate electronics.
Thou shalt not be way too hairy.
Thou shalt not jump!

This spider was way too in his office, but otherwise inoffensive. We'll be
releasing it outside later.

Spider-watching is fairly lousy entertainment, but decent survival skills.

spider pic (contained) )

Wednesday night post

Apr. 16th, 2014 11:35 pm
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Today was weird. Did stuff like write my dad's obituary and visit the funeral home, but didn't cry or really feel much of anything. None of it feels real. It was actually kind of a relief, not going to a hospital or hospice room and spending hours there, but when I think to myself, "my dad is dead," it doesn't have any emotional resonance. It's easier to think about intra-family controversy about, say, where donations should go, or about watching Agents of SHIELD. I don't know. I'm sure it will hit me again soon, but right now I just feel numb.

We spent two hours at the funeral home. The service will be on Friday. At some point I'll have to figure out when I'm going to go home, another prospect that feels completely unreal (tomorrow will be three weeks since I got here, after all).

Anyway. Tomorrow morning we're going to the cemetery to deal with all of those arrangements. I should try to get some sleep.

Wednesday reading

Apr. 16th, 2014 08:02 pm
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Hey, it's Wednesday!

Recent reading: My internet was out over the weekend; I got a lot of reading done. Among which: Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison/Sarah Monette. Which is really rather sweet, even though it's a novel of political intrigue. Kind of hurt-comfort, although much of the hurt is offstage. I really enjoyed it, and didn't want it to end.

I also just the other day finished Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice, which I found ambitious and really interesting. I didn't have as much trouble tracking the POV as I expected, and I liked the way Leckie challenged our male-as-default gender problem through pronouns, language, and cultural behavior. I also liked the plot, which I found interesting, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Oh, and I read Machines of Freedom, an X-Files novel by Amal Nurriyah. It's set after the 2nd movie, and it's about how Mulder and Scully (and their kids) (and Skinner, Doggett & Reyes) save the world from colonization. I rather enjoyed catching up with the old gang again.

Current reading: I'm on a reread of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I'm on jury duty this week, and it's kind of difficult to switch back-and-forth from the trial to Jonathan Strange fighting with Wellington in the Peninsula, though.

Next up: I'm not sure. Possibly Elizabeth Bear's Range of Ghosts; I read the first chapter on Amazon and thought it was interesting, and I haven't read any Bear since the original Hammered trilogy, some years ago.
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Side effect of having to use only my tablet or my mouse at work to navigate for a week:

...I keep wanting to reach for a mouse or almost bang my fingers on the screen of my laptop to scroll or--dear God--reaching for the mouse, realizing it's not there, then starting to stroke my screen before it hits me--I use a touchpad.

Okay, as I'm here and have time, continued from here.

Supplemental review of Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 at Amazon

I don't think this would work as a full laptop/desktop replacement for most people, but as a very functional laptop supplement/alternative for travel or work, it's better than perfect.

Useful For:
1.) Travel and conventions
2.) Work, meetings, presentations
3.) Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V, and VI (all in the Google Play store!)
4.) The Room I and II (really really really)
5.) High graphics/high memory apps
6.) Watching movies/vids/video
7.) Document editing/writing
8.) Photo editing

The Good
Gorgeous scren, colors are vibrant, resolution is (I think) as good as my laptop. With office apps, easy to read text and can be read portrait or landscape. This a very big screen, is what I'm saying.

The weight is less than it looks, but it's solid; it doesn't feel like it'll blow away in a good wind. The back is textured for easy hold, but recommendation: buy a cover immediately. I recommend this one, which also has a strap for your hand and pockets for whatever you use tablet pockets for. It also, like the Kindle covers these days, has a auto-sleep function when you close it and auto-wake when you open it again. There's also an external elastic strap which is priceless when you open it and fold back the cover to keep it open. It's also eight dollars; this is your perfect cover, is what I'm saying.

Major gaming (the Final Fantasy series, The Room, any game with 3D graphics) looks amazing, especially those designed for tablets of 8 inches or above.

The on-screen keyboard is just the right size to type normally on, though next month I'm getting the Logitech or Zagg keyboard, both of which were built with the Pro series in mind and have apparently an independent three week month battery life (at 2 hours a day use, of course) and run on bluetooth. It even makes clicking sounds, and I could almost but not quite type normally; I type fast, but I'm just not used to not feeling my keys, though the click sound did help me there, which yes, weird yet true.

The Other:
This is a 12.2 inch screen-my laptop is 15.6, for reference--and trust me when I say, it's not a one-hand hold unless you like to live dangerously.

Some apps do not look right on this size screen. Not bad, per se, but apps that are created for a phone size of 3 1/2 to 5 or 6 inches do take getting used to seeing at this size and resolution and it is kind of surreal to play Yatzy (actual amazon spelling here) on a 12.2; the dice are huge.

Documents, Writing, Performance

I have six or seven different office programs, one of which comes free with purchase, and I tried three of them on here. It's fantastic; the screen size makes using the onscreen keyboard not a huge problem, though again, I'm getting the external keyboard because keys.

The following apps were tested and found awesome:

TextMaker Mobile - $4.99 - best of breed, only does text/document editing, other apps in family do other things, can read Googledocs and MS Word docs and can access your Word bookmarks in location order. Very nice for writing or reading. Links to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and OneDrive natively.

OfficeSuite Pro - $0.99 I think ON SALE NOW - covers documents, spreadsheets, presentation (powerpoint), and pdfs. Can access your Word bookmarks in alphabetical order. Handles Google docs and MSWord docs, links to remove files at Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, and OneDrive natively. You do need to download the font packet separately for best results.

Hancom - a suite covering documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and some other stuff I haven't had a chance to check yet. This suite is free with purchase of the tablet. I'm still not sure how to access remote documents directly, so give me time to experiment on this one.

Quick Office - Free - a suite covering the above, seems to exclusively pull from Google Drive or the hard drive of the tablet, which makes sense, since the app was bought by Google. Also works fine but only for Google Drive documents.

I have yet to hit a performance problem with this tablet. It also comes with video editing software and photo editing. I haven't tried them yet, as I don't generally do those things, but give me time, I'm still in my honeymoon phase.


Internal Memory: 32 G
SD Card: up to 64 G (rumor states it can manage up to 128 G)
Ram: 3 G
Processor: Exynos 5400 1.9 GHz
Screen Resolution: 2560x1600
OS: KitKat 4.4
Charging/Data: USB 3.0 (BUY EXTRA CORDS TRUST ME, $6-$8 at Amazon, get two)
Multiscreen capability

Can: be an IR remote control for your TV, blu-ray, dvd-player, auxiliary stuff, and cable box through WatchOn. This rocks like you have no idea. I feel very living in the future when I can control the entire entertainment experience from my tablet screen. It can also control the air conditioner. No, I have no idea why, just saying, that's a function. Who saw that coming?

It's a slow charge, so overnight charging, but it has about six to eight hours of functionality, especially if you turn off wi-fi when not needed.

50 G of Dropbox for 2 years
Hancom Office Suite
1 Year of Inflight internet
$25 Google Play credit
2 years Remote desktop
Other stuff

Compared to my previous two Asus tablets

An order or two of magnitude better. It runs cleaner and faster, it looks better, and it multitasks amazingly well.


The Galaxy Pro series comes in several flavors:
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.3 - $369 (16G, 2G)
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 - $449 (16G, 2G)
Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 - $599 (32G, 3G)
Galaxy Note Pro 10.1 - (I can't find this one on amazon; google for it)
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 - $659 (32G, 3G)

For substitute laptop use, the 10.1 (if you're okay with a smaller keyboard) or 12.2 (nearly full-size for me) are your best bet. However, the Tab Pro 8.3 and 10.1 both come with only 2 G RAM, which was a serious consideration for me performance wise and was part of the reason I went with the 12.2 and its 3 G because more RAM is always a plus. All get good reviews, and especially if you want a strong tablet that you don't need to double as a laptop, the 8.3 is both perfect and much cheaper than the alternatives. If you aren't needing the office stuff, all of them do the high-end app games well and prettily.

Now, pricewise: your best choice is the 10.1, which is right now at $449.00 for the 16 G. Keep in mind the SDCard slot takes up to 64 G officially, so it's a good deal, but you won't be able to store much on the internal drive; the working amount of drive after the OS is around 9 G if my phone is any example and I'm not sure if the OS scales upward on the tablet in terms of size. This isn't a huge drawback, but it's something to keep in mind in deciding where to store apps. I'd recommend without hesitation the 10.1 for anyone who is looking for a high end tablet at a (relatively) reasonable price who travels a lot or attends a lot of meetings or does presentations at work and doesn't want to drag their laptop around.

The price is ridic for the 12.2 but it does have an almost-laptop size screen, 16G more drive than the 10.1 (there's a 32 G model that comes and goes for the 10.1, I think, if you can find it), and another 1 G of RAM. Honestly, it comes down to if you want to use it to type a lot and what your comfortable keyboard size is, and if you play a lot of high octane apps and want the bigger screen (again, Final Fantasy looks freaking amazing and gameplay....magic, really). If you're worried about size, it fits in my purse, along with headphones in their case, phone, glasses and possibly a small army (seriously, my purse is magic (so many random ass pockets) and doubles as a medium backpack yet is also pretty; who knew).

There are definitely more affordable tablets out there if you're looking for a tablet that run probably just as well, and I've heard awesome things about the Nexus family. My choice of Galaxy was because a.) my last Asus annoyed the crap out of me with the throttling on the processor and lack of RAM, causing problems with documents, b.) the Galaxy family has been good to me via phone and my ex-BIL works for Samsung, so there's a product loyalty thing going on, c.) I love my laptop and don't plan to replace it for another year (especially now that it's all repaired and clean and like new), and d.) (before I tea-killed my laptop) this month was possibly my best budget month yet, and I had enough money to overindulge myself unnecessarily on a tablet.

Hey, while I'm here...

App Recs

I might have done some of these before, so bear with me.

Final Fantasy III - $15.99 - awesome gameplay, very close to the original, amazing fun to touchscreen everything. I have a spreadsheet for all my equipment that is deeply awesome and if anyone wants a copy for their characters, I can send it! Macro-enabled.

The Room - $0.99 - very steampunk mysterious awesome and sometimes a bit creepy. The hints are extremely useful and don't generally give too much away, just enough to work out what to do for yourself, which I like.

The Room 2 - $2.99 - very steampunk mysterious awesome times two. Longer, more complicated, and utterly riveting to play. I recommend getting both of these.

Monopoly - $0.99 - I really like Monopoly, okay?

Mahgong Premium - $3.00 - gorgeous, many options, two levels of difficulty.

Yatzy - $0.99 - I also really like Yatzy.

iSpy Cameras - $0.99 - don't judge, there's like one in an aquarium and one underwater that's amazing. You can also move the cameras sometimes.

Minecraft - $6.99 - to be fair, I'm a very casual player, but my son and my nieces and nephew have built like, massive fortresses so I play sometimes and chase pigs.

WeatherScreen - use with any wallpaper, and it's so cool. Currently I have a forest background for my tablet and a city for my phone, and when it rains, it looks like it's raining in the forest (or city) with lightning. Seriously, this one is awesome.

Backgrounds HD - maybe Free? - ALL THE LIVE HD BACKGROUNDS. Seriously, it's kind of awe-inspiring.

Tetris - touchscreen Tetris. Surreal and yet fun and possibly I need to upgrade my hand-eye coordination.

************RECOMMENDED FOR EVERY ANDROID USER******************

AppSales - FREE - a must-have for the app bargain hunter on Google Play. It has all the Google Play app sales almost as soon as they happen, and it also has a watchlist you can access from Google Play via the share function to add it to the list and it will tell you when something on your watchlist goes on sale. Which is where all the other Final Fantasies are waiting until they drop in price or I get really bored.


Note: The googleplay prices I didn't enter on some because after you buy them, you can no longer see the current price unless you log out, and I usually buy these on sale. The ones I know I bought full price I put in, but it might be lower now. Again, Google Play what the hell.

Still coddling Sherlock; he's a good laptop and dear God, five days; we've never been apart that long before.

G-Babies vs. D-Babies

Apr. 16th, 2014 10:52 pm
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Inspired by [personal profile] roga's watch of Slings and Arrows, I read this old AV Club article "The Slings & Arrows creators discuss their writing process and the show’s future":

BM: It was over. It felt over. The big one for me was I could not imagine pulling Ellen and Geoffrey apart again and putting them back together again. We had done it so many times. It just would feel contrived.

MM: That’s why we’re doing all the characters as tots for our follow-up.


MM: See, they knew each other when they were four and five. It might be animated. It might be live-action. We haven’t decided that yet.

Slings and Arrows Babies.

They're made of felt.

And Geoffrey bites off Darren's nose.

me and sherlock - a drama in one part

Apr. 16th, 2014 06:37 pm
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So Friday, I spilled an entire glass of tea on my laptop.

...I honestly have no idea how this happened. I've never done that before; I have sacrificed my skin to avoid even the possibility of such a thing. Because this is my life, my laptop immediately died without even a hope of resurrection.

(This is the month, by the way, that I just purchased my new tablet, so my budget did not include emergency laptop replacement. It's like, what the hell.)

So on Saturday, I went to Parts People down the road, who are literally the only people I buy parts for my laptop from and who are allowed to touch it at all. They always have the right part, and M told me it would probably be ready on Monday.

On Monday, he emailed to tell me that they didn't have a new board, which was the most likely culprit, but was still looking.

On Tuesday, he sent me the saddest email in the world that he could not find the part anywhere. I verified this; I did a google search and found two--two in the world--one of which shipping would cost me a new laptop price, and the other twice my budget threshold on the entirety of repairs.

So googling, I pulled up my model and found out why; my model was discontinued due to the quad i7 processor being too high and throttling the system leading to heat death. My laptop apparently is one of the rare few that survived a year alive, much less almost four. Which is why you couldn't find a lot of them, new or used. Further research confirmed there were two others in my series; the lower one was completely incompatible, but the upper one was a remake of mine, but with a duo i7 processor because see heat death issue.

(This was actually a problem with mine; it would get hot enough that I couldn't sit it even on a pillow for very long or risk setting the pillow on fire (a messageboard had a harrowing narrative of such a thing). I've bought a lot of laptop trays with multiple fans. I could first degree burn myself on my laptop easily when it was running for less than thirty minutes.)

The upper model they had in stock.

I called M and he explained the differences; he could use it to test my motherboard to see if it was really burned out or repairable (spoiler: it wasn't, the tea won), but if I decided to switch, I'd get the duo i7, which is faster and with a bigger cache, but it wouldn't be a quad and my multitask capabilities would be slightly lowered (I asked what I'd have to do to push it and suffice to say, I don't run that many programs at once. Ever). It'd be a straight trade on the processor: theirs for mine, since they're the same price, no cost for me. I'd pay for the new motherboard, which was slightly more expensive than my model, but had a much better video card. He also replaced several parts that were damaged or otherwise less than perfectly functional, cleaned it out, reinstalled my drivers, added arctic ice to everything and the heatsink to lower the heating problem, and apparently felt bad for me and gave me half off labor. And I have sound back, which is nice, since that may or may not have been fried by a heating issue. And came in under budget, which blew my mind and I almost cried.

To offset this: last week, my new manager called me into his office, and told me he and the new assistant manager authorized me for a merit raise of 3%. I used to get the merit bonus when I was a caseworker and ombudsman, but not since I got to testing, so I almost cried. He also added a Mac to testing, which will be my responsibility, and told me he and the AM were impressed with my work.

TO offset that: my youngest sister abruptly went stupid two weeks ago that culminated in super!drama this week, and the super!drama is so dramatic I don't even have words that weren't first uttered in daytime TV. I'm not thinking about it right now, but eventually, when Sherlock and I are over the first flush of joy in being reunited, I'll totally vent my ass off because seriously, new worlds of stupid.

So you know, this has been a really weird couple of weeks.
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You guys, it's been raining foreeeeeever. (This is a lie. It stopped a couple of days ago, and I washed ALL the things. But it is the emotional truth. Rainrainrainrainrainrainrainrainrain.) The cats are on their respective couches, and if they stay there much longer, they're going to put down roots. And I only have one pair of shoes that don't make my knees hurt: my sneakers.

I hate shoe shopping, mostly because I spend approximately no time thinking about my feet, so when I try on new shoes, I have no mental reference for comparative purposes. I wander round the shop going, "Is this what my feet are supposed to feel like? Is this right? I can't tell."

*stops grizzling*

Actually, it's kind of nice to be sitting here in my pyjamas while it's blustery and wet out there, and the cats are content, and I'm about to have breakfast, and okay, I have to call the tax department, but it should be a fairly painless conversation. And also, I wrote a thing for the Shinies challenge on [community profile] fan_flashworks:

Waiting for the Gates to Open
~1300 words, Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers, PG-rated.
It's a missing scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so you know, spoilers.

Hello from Sicily!

Apr. 16th, 2014 05:07 pm
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Sicily, days zero and one

Lengthy blather ahoy! )
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- in hopes that a crappy copy of the thing will eventually be posted to the place?
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SHIELD spoilers )

In other comics news, apparently now that his secret identity has been revealed, Dick Grayson is going to become a super spy. I don't even know, you guys. (I mean, if it's public now that Dick Grayson is Nightwing, isn't it SUPER OBVIOUS that Bruce Wayne is Batman? IJS)

First off, I'm so glad he's not dead. That would have been three out of four post-reboot Robins dead (I still say a big FUCK YOU, STEPH WAS ROBIN to DC, but whatever) and for real, I think Alfred might have had to beat the everliving crap out of Bruce for that, even if Dick came back fairly quickly.

Secondly, I don't have a problem with the gun, which seems to be a sticking point for a lot of people, but even though I guess it was erased by the reboot, OFFICER GRAYSON was still a thing, and Dick carried a gun then, too. (The comics did not explore this nearly as much as they should have, though. IJS) Otoh, he looks way more Jason-y there, so. I don't even know. Also, I'm not sure how having your face and name revealed will make you a good super spy. And Dick's disguises are notoriously hilariterrible. This is a dude who went undercover in the mob AS HIMSELF. So while he's probably got a ton of tradecraft in some ways, I just don't see it working out well for him. (Also, I feel like the shades of gray morality that spies live in will be tougher for him to handle, but who knows?)

Thirdly, I kind of laugh at the Winter Soldier-y-ness of it all (well, Dick and Bucky are the prototypical plucky boy hostages sidekicks, but didn't we already do that with Jason? though to be fair, I think Red Hood and Winter Soldier happened kind of simultaneously in the comics, just as both Steve and Bruce were unstuck in time at around the same time with Dick and Bucky stepping into their respective cowls [I still want that story! How do you step into your mentor's shoes when it was never ever what you wanted to be doing?]; while Jason/Bucky seems like the obvious parallel, I do love the Dick/Bucky parallels as well), but if it allows for easier MCU/DCU crossovers, I'm good with that. We already know Dick loves redheads, but I feel a rash of Natasha Loves Dick jokes breaking out already. *cough*

Mostly, though, I once again feel the need to say #DC LOOK AT YOUR LIFE. LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES.


What I'm reading Wednesday:

What I've just finished

Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War by Max Hastings, which suffered (for me) from being just about 1914 rather than the whole war. *hands* It was really long for a book that only covered one year, and it was probably a little too much about various battles etc. and not quite enough about the personalities involved, though there was some of that too.

What I'm reading now

The First World War by Hew Strachan, which is quite a bit shorter for all that it does cover the whole war, and quite a bit drier in tone. While I appreciate that the pictures are probably interesting in a hard copy, they're completely unreadable in ebook form, and the book suffers quite a lot (imo) from a sad lack of maps. I NEED MAPS, PEOPLE. If I want them of fictional places - and I do - then I want them eleventy million times MORE of real places. Otoh, I've already learned a ton of stuff I didn't know about what was happening in the Europeans' African colonies during the war. I didn't even realize there was related fighting in Africa at the time, but there was!

What I'm reading next

I dunno. Maybe I will dip back into fiction for a while. Who knows?


Today's poem:

the loneliness of the long-distance lover

another phone call. the distance becomes
blue smoke rising from an ashtray; static

crackling like familiar songs on vinyl; the
delicate smell of mandarins. tangible and

elusive. how inadequate hands can be –
fingers slice through air as if it were mere

gas, not a tangle of unused words. and you
hold your breath, don't ask. i hear silence

intensify, before you blurt out my name –
jack-in-a-box sick of confinement, its lid

kept shut too long. this is how you make
love to me. this is what i have learned to

mould into a dream of happiness, late at
night when sleep won't come: your lips

on mine, your palm a perfect fit for my
pale winter cheek, an answer to every

question, and no morning without the
reward of another night. i want to be a

secret whispered in your ear, the smoke
that stings your eyes, a tear on your face.

unlearn the magic, pleads reason; my
voice says nothing. my heart beats out

whatever rhythm yours dictates, tries to
x out every single thought does not bear

your name. darling, i breathe across time
zones. darling. all my words melt into one.

~Michaela A. Gabriel

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Tonight I realised that one of the places my psych and I are falling down is that when he sends me SYN-ACK, I do not send back ACK. I didn't realise I was supposed to until I broke it down and thought about where we were failing to communicate. [[personal profile] thedeadparrot is partly to blame for this, but only partly.]

Often I say $thing, he says "I'm hearing you say $thing?" and I think "yes, that's what I said - but okay, I guess he had to check," and out loud I move on to further details about $thing and the surrounding issues, while he presumably keeps waiting for that final ACK until the session times out. I cannot count the number of sessions where he concludes with "We've talked about a number of different things today," and I think confusedly "I thought we were talking about the same thing the whole time." And I probably do this to lots of other people who aren't my psych, as well, and in non-therapy sessions there aren't as many debugging tools so it's harder to work it out.

Someone stop me now before I stay up all night writing a post about OSI model as a metaphor for human communication. No, seriously, stop me now. I have other things I have to do. Like get a nonzero amount of sleep before I leave for the airport early tomorrow morning.

(If you try to talk to me and I don't respond because I'm asleep, that's a layer 1 problem... I think that very often allistics think that their communication problem with 'high-functioning' autistics is located at a higher level than it really is - for instance, assuming layer 6 or 7 when it's really 4, and conversely believe their problem communicating with 'lower-functioning' autistics is lower than it is - for instance, during a meltdown, assuming the physical layer is irreparably broken when really the autistic person is experiencing what feels like the equivalent of a DDOS attack. I use scarequotes here because at different times that could be the same person.)

(no subject)

Apr. 16th, 2014 07:53 am
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Where it was this weekend (photo on Tumblr):

Couple of links:

Murder is Everywhere: What Not to Say to a Writer
It is a bit of a peculiar occupation for those not involved in it to grasp, I admit, and I've often discovered that when people don't understand what you do, they are—unintentionally, I'm sure—incredibly rude about it. Now, don't get me wrong. These were otherwise terribly nice people, but after a while I started to play Writer's Insult Bingo, and very nearly scored a Full House.

NYT: The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie
This is a long, fascinating article, about music historians researching African American music of the 1930s, when so many of the records have been lost or destroyed, when so many of the people who were there have passed away, when so many of the interviews and information and photos they provided is locked in an archive no one is allowed to see. It has music and some interviews included, so if you're at work, turn your sound down.

There are musicians as obscure as Wiley and Thomas, and musicians as great, but in none does the Venn diagram of greatness and lostness reveal such vast and bewildering co-extent. In the spring of 1930, in a damp and dimly lit studio, in a small Wisconsin village on the western shore of Lake Michigan, the duo recorded a batch of songs that for more than half a century have been numbered among the masterpieces of prewar American music, in particular two, Elvie's "Motherless Child Blues" and Geeshie's "Last Kind Words Blues," twin Alps of their tiny oeuvre, inspiring essays and novels and films and cover versions, a classical arrangement.

Person of Interest Death Benefit

Apr. 16th, 2014 08:02 am
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Okay, yeah, that was agonizing and everything, but -

Read more )
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Posted in full at: at April 16, 2014 at 04:30AM
nolikereally: kickingshoes: against-stars: JUST LEAVE ME TO...




mixing dwarvish and elvish styles for tauriel’s outfit was a lot of fun! i’ll probably try to do an elvish wedding version at some point…


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It was a Tuesday.

I arrived at a vaguely reasonable hour, and then did vaguely reasonable things. There was the 1:1 with my manager, where the room got sort of awkwardly pre-empted by people somewhat higher up who were apparently hoping to just have a quiet cup of coffee together. (We were the ones who wound up outside because while I'm sufficiently faceblind and unfamiliar with the galaxy of changing people up top, my manager is neither.)

Crunch mode on that thing is done for the month, and other stuff has been juggled. Next I get to have fun with juggling schedules! Yay! We still haven't gotten final word on our destination in the new building. I have got boxes, though, so at least I can start with that.

Yet another of my teammates is getting married in the upcoming weeks, and according to her wishes, there will be no trips down to the duck (in every sense of the word) pond.

[personal profile] jd's Eurovision party has been scheduled! Yay!

In the lull between things, I am working on getting somewhat organized again. And thus I proceeded until my brain and body were both asking me why the fuck I was on about this again.

Given that it's been crunch mode and I've been tired, I've let my step count slip. I also let my laundry schedule slip some, resulting in today's arguably gaudy pairing of the bright magenta shirt and the undersea blue-green skirt. It goes! But it's not my raven-sober usual look. (The conversation that goes "Yeah, I've been letting all kinds of stuff slip. Just look at me!" "Huh?" "No, seriously, look at me." "Laundry?" "Yep." depends on a working knowledge of my usual style.)

"Color blocking" as a fashion, even when it doesn't make you look like a Frank Lloyd Wright (or Vasa) stained glass (in the bad way), introduces so many opportunities for someone to make an utter hash of their wardrobe. I'm talking Cecil Gershwin Palmer fanon bizarre. Purple and I got to talking about the possibilities inherent in cultivating a look which was deliberately that awful, so that someone looking at their wardrobe might go "YOU HAVE ALL KINDS OF THINGS WHICH GO TOGETHER WHY DON'T YOU EVER WEAR THEM AT THE SAME TIME!!" because that sort of thing amuses us. (This apropos of my wardrobe, in which you could find things which go together poorly, but you'd have to try on purpose.) (Though the off-light-blue cotton workplace fitness challenge shirt with the neck cut out which fits too tight in the tits over the really elegant black and silver lace skirt would probably do it, especially if I threw in a bright pink boa and the purple glitter clogs.)

There's a certain amount of geek-culture cred to being able to correctly name which series of Star Trek the only color block shirt I own (unintentionally) goes with. Somebody had to google it. *smug look*

The Stage Manager has been telling me I'm evil. This may have to do with the doughnuts (no one wanted the last half, it seems like), the peeps, or the jellybeans. I'm not sure which. He snagged the last of the blue peeps, so I opened the purple peeps. (The pink peeps are next.)

I had occasion to mention to someone that the other uncle-manager was kind of an intense guy, and had more than once made me feel really stupid from the questions he was asking me which I ought to have been able to answer, and my complete inability to say anything while so very suddenly on the spot that made any sense. One either gets used to that (or pushes back, which is probably a better strategy), or one does not. But this is a thing to be aware of when having dealings with him.

It was still light out when I started meeping and wobbling. I'm not used to that happening except on 2nd Thursdays.

It occurred to me in the shower that my current love/romance/partner/Very Important People type situation could be summed up with a simple diagram. Read more... )

Daily Happiness

Apr. 15th, 2014 11:15 pm
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1. I posted more manga! Another new series! (Just what I needed, more new projects. :p But at least it's a collab, so...)

2. I have tomorrow off! I'm excited about that. If I keep this as my schedule, it will be my ideal type of schedule, with the days off as evenly distributed as they can be in a seven-day week.

3. It was really cloudy and overcast today and I was worried it might rain tomorrow, which I don't want because I need to go get my bike tire fixed and it will be enough of a pain lugging the bike around, much less in the rain. But I looked at the forecast and there seems to be no sign of rain? So I guess it's just overcast, which is fine with me because I do like overcast weather.

4. I got a free two liter of my favorite Ooi Ocha green tea today. There was a case that got pretty smashed in transit and the bottles were bashed up so the vendor gave us credit.

5. I went around and found a bunch of items that just do not sell at all (a couple pieces a month, if that) and have put them on sale to try and get rid of them. I don't want stuff taking up space if it's not selling and there's always plenty of other stuff I can find to fill the space (even if not all of that ends up selling well, at least I'd rather try new things and maybe find a few hits than just keep shelf after shelf of dead items).

Scanlations: All Out!! ch. 1

Apr. 15th, 2014 09:59 pm
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Another collab with Kidu. We're going to alternate this with Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni! :)

Title: All Out!!
Author: Amase Shiori
Publisher: Morning Comics
Genre: Seinen
Status in Japan: 3 volumes, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations + Kidu's Scanlations
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Gion Kenji is short and perpetually pissed off about it. Iwashimizu Sumiaki is tall but timid. Although it's bullies that bring this unlikely pair together on the first day of high school, it's the rugby club that will make them friends.

Chapter 1: This Year's Freshmen Are Hilarious

Glee 5x16: Tested

Apr. 15th, 2014 10:29 pm
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reactions and spoilers )

As always, I am completely unspoiled for all upcoming episodes and would like to remain that way, so please: no spoilers (including casting spoilers), song titles, episode titles, info from promos or interviews, etc.

the ring thing

Apr. 15th, 2014 09:23 pm
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Do you wear a wedding ring? Or a ring on the fourth finger of your left hand? If so, do you notice any difference in the way people treat you when you’re wearing it vs. when you’re not?

This question brought to you by the guy who was so very friendly yesterday, like making paper airplanes to amuse a grumpy sick little toddler friendly, like get off at the wrong stop because you just think you’ll sleep a little better if that guy that is soooo friendly maybe doesn’t know exactly what street you live on kind of friendly. Huh, I thought, that’s odd, I don’t get that much anymore, I really thought I had aged out of that, especially what with the kids and all, and then it occurred to me: because of the eczema flareup, I have been wearing my wedding ring on a necklace instead of on my hand.


he's gone

Apr. 15th, 2014 10:50 pm
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My dad died tonight at 8:05 pm. As it's been through this whole thing, it was faster than expected. He was diagnosed less than two weeks ago, and his initial fall was less than seven weeks ago.

Two Things

Apr. 15th, 2014 08:42 pm
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You all need to stop whatever you're doing now and read this article about a 13-year-old girl falconer in Mongolia, and her golden eagle.

And then someone needs to write me the fantasy series that those photographs are the cover art for. Because I need them. With my soul.
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Husband's coworker does part-time at a video store, which apparently still exists, and has been getting us all the movies we missed last year on DVD. So far I haven't felt like we missed much.

Blue Jasmine )

More controversial opinions for 12 Years a Slave )
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This should be short because I have work in, hey, a few hours, so, in points:

1. I have been back from the US for almost a week. New York is amazing and I am in love with it and with the experiences I had and people I met including so many of you guys, it was a treat. But it's also great to be back and my god, the weather in Israel right now is utterly amazing, just beyond words. I've spent the entire weekend barefoot.

2. Happy Passover! To all celebrating, I hope you had an awesome Seder. My favorite viral video this year is the Maccabeats doing Les Mis: the Passover Edition, because though the lyric adaptation isn't anything to write home about, it's Passover + Les Mis + acapella:

3. Most importantly though, is the fact that after ten years of being told to watch this show by you guys, I have finally, finally watched Slings and Arrows, and oh my god, guys, oh my god, you were all so, so right. I've just been - I watched Season 1 over the span of a weekend last month, and then seasons 2 and 3 over the last few days, and I have not been able to stop thinking about it since I finished. I've read all of the AV Club's gloriously brilliant reviews, and read their pretty recent long interview with the creators, and then I just flailed at a few friends about how great this show is and how they should watch it, and showed my sister clips, and considered rewatching entire episodes and I swear my family's so sick of me talking about it by now and it's only been a day. HOW IS THIS SHOW SO GOOD GUYS.

And I'm just so - it makes me so happy that this show exists, that it's this utterly perfect little closed canon that it so, so rich in, god, everything, and it makes me legit happy that Paul Gross and Martha Burns are married irl (WITH KIDS UGH), and that Susan Coyne, Bob Martin, and Mark McKinney are the actual creators of the show which I had no idea of when I was watching it, and that that was Sarah Polley and her dad right there (esp after having watched Stories We Tell last year, and ugh, just, FEELINGS ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Oh right and also I was not in Due South, okay, I had no idea who Paul Gross was, but HO BOY AM I ON BOARD THE PAUL GROSS TRAIN NOW. I am so on that train. This does not mean I'm going to start watching Due South but it might mean I'll revert back to a 14 year old and plaster his poster on the back of my door because how even does a person get to be so, like, EXPRESSIVE and also CURLY HAIRED and his eyes I don't even know.

I love so much about that show. I might flail about it with more details, I don't know. For now I'm just... basking in the love, and want to say thank you to each and every person who's pushed me to watch it over the years. I'm here.

(And if you have a Slings and Arrows tag, or posts, or fics you've written, or fics you want to rec, please so link me, I'm at the "devouring" stage of fandom right now.)

Happy Passover

Apr. 15th, 2014 11:05 pm
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So, true story: I changed my facebook password because of the heartbeat thing, and now I have no idea what it is. But I wanted to post these pictures, so I did it on tumblr instead (I also changed that password, but I used a less important one which I've managed to remember.)

Pharoah, afflicted by the plague of frogs, or How I Am Everything Wrong with Passover.

(We had a very good set of seders this year, though: Spartacus is now old enough to be interested and pay attention and participate. So happy Passover, belatedly, for real.)
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I'm so behind on answering comments and email, but I'm working on it, I swear. It's just so busy and exhausting with my dad and the house and everything, but at least an end is in sight? I also have to write my remix. Well. First, I have to actually choose a story to remix. Sigh. And I have a few post-Cap 2 stories I want to write. But my brain, she's not so compliant. In better news, my sister texted today to let me know the inspection went well yesterday and the buyer is moving forward, so that's good news. *crosses fingers*


Last night, I watched this week's The Good Wife. spoilers )


Today's poem:


Trapped on hell's runway,
every day I'm on my cell
begging for news that the wildfires
have not yet reached my house — it's weird
ghosts who take care of things for me,
its hallelujah brushfire of roses hissing
damply on the stucco ... brittle beards
of palm trees shushing overhead
like the harridan who raised me:

(the wolf in the bed;
the grandmother at the door)...

The family kitchen's an abattoir:
its scorched-earth dooryard's a wizening croft
of ash and dead hearts, planted in winter
by ill-fated crash-test true believers (paths
of chopped glass through the parsley garden) —

What would Alice do?
Which bite to take?

I am no Alice.
Like the truth, I'm not pretty;
some people say I look mean enough
to run down a squirrel
on purpose
(crushed red form; crime of no name) —

but what they don't know
is that I'm gentle as a child
and that I'd choose to use a gun
every time.

It's a whole-body thing, this embrace
of a gun: the furious aim, trigger pad
tingling — long, cold barrel
a shock on the palm; the contrary duckling
trembling in the crosshairs, naked
on the tarmac of memory...

Once, I fled eastward the length of Fire Island,
then fell to my knees beneath a star-studded cast-iron
apron of sky — seized by inspiration, crushed by vision:
Everything we do, Sylvia, feels like hell.

(But I lost my sense of terror there;
knew at once that I must run
not from but straight toward
what I most fear...)

Welcome to the forest of my head.
Is there anything more you need to know?
I invite you to follow me in.
I'll be sure to leave a shredded, flaming
paper trail everywhere I go.

~Gabrielle LeMay

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Notes on [ profile] bitchinparty 2014:

-I started writing this in the departure gate in the Seattle airport, looking out over the tarmac. (Seattle-Tacoma international airport is a teeny tiny perfectly-formed little airport. If it hadn't been for the incipient weeping I would have got through security just fine.) I don't propose to tell you about it all: about everything that happened in a long weekend that was, at last assessment, at least eight weeks long. Here are some notes.

-I need to stop watching air crash documentaries as soothing background noise the week before two transatlantic trans-continental flights. It's a bad idea. Given that, I dozed off somewhere over Canada for a couple of hours, and woke to the disquieting realisation of how much Canada there was to go. There is a ton of Canada. I spent all my time in Seattle kind of always aware, peripherally, that it was a long way from home. (On Saturday afternoon, in between con panels, I went for a walk, kind of a leisurely amble, across sweeping intersections below rising hills, and felt, you know, pretty okay; the Pacific Northwest is billed to me always as just like home in terms of weather, which it is, but right now taking a loan against June. I guess what I'm saying really ineptly is that my world is small: it's human-sized. I shuttle from my little two-bed flat through Cambridge streets to the train and the Tube and Camden Market, up through the little stalls and alleyways and into my office and back again, and what I like about America is that things take up grand space. Everything seems bigger. But I lived there, too, and it was nice to be back.)

-I enjoyed the panels at BP! My favourites were [ profile] troyswann's worldbuilding panel, which was actually more of a worldbuilding workshop, a lovely textured substantive look at making up places (I had fun putting together an on-the-spot setting and backstory based on two fragments of information: a finger bone and a mineshaft), and the rec-your-fandom-in-five-minutes session (I did a breathless feelings dump of how much I love Parks and Recreation! I love it so much, you guys, so much so much. Imagine five minutes of that.) But I do not go to cons for the panels, really, I go for the company. So I have known [ profile] brynnmck forever and this is her con, and the whole thing was just an extension of her wonderful hospitality and kindness. I had the best time hanging out with her and [ profile] troyswann and [personal profile] catwalksalone. I had fun hanging out with them at panels but also going to get coffee with them, drinking spiced rum with them, dancing with them, getting through my terrible jet-lag and falling asleep listening to them. It was so good for my soul. I also got to meet [personal profile] pearwaldorf, which was great fun, and ran into a half-dozen other people I know.

-Spiced rum is pretty good, you know. Tastes like sugar smoke, feels like a slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick.

-So we did the dance party on Saturday night (and I wore a pink and purple chiffon dress that for some reason I hadn't worn since the St John's Ball in second year - I just found a picture of myself wearing it outside Balliol's back quad looking like my feet are killing me; apparently I've learned to walk in heels since then) and it was pretty great, and then on Sunday the post-con movie was Newsies. Brynn sold it to me as a slashy Disney movie about trade unionism. Which to be fair are all my favourite things but I was unprepared for how EMOTIONALLY INVESTED I became in this movie! Christian Bale's terrible accent (but beautiful lips)! Bill Pullman! Collective action! DANCING! All the fangirls who had seen it before were announcing all the dialogue before the characters and singing all the songs and I was just going "ooh!" and "aah!" and "darling!" like I was at a firework display and hiding my head in Brynn's shoulder and at the back of the room there were maybe some people watching a movie like adults who even knows.

-We spent a lot of the con talking about Amy Poehler's face. And then Cat introduced me to Drunk History, which is ridiculous and beautiful and wacky. Adam Scott, your beautiful ridiculous wackyface. And I met Brynn's dog, who is an adorable puppy with a face. Actually he is a big dog with big sad eyes and he gets all the girls. And then we went to the airport, which sucked basically (sic semper tyrannis! basically). It was a lot of fun to pile into the car and go to the airport with an entourage of dear friends, and pretty awful to leave them behind.

-The flight from Seattle to London was 10 hours long. It was also AMAZINGLY EMPTY. Oh my god, it was the best. There were about 15 people in the economy cabin. I had the entirety of row 27 to myself. It was like transatlantic chauffeur service. And now I am on the ground feeling like I have been away for months (you all have new jobs! and new babies!) and as lucky as always that it's possible for me to travel as much as I do, never a stranger. Never a stranger anywhere I go. I am back in my flat, which is now my flat; we completed on Friday morning. It's an eerie, nice feeling. So is the fact I just pinged my own out-of-office reply. Still on holiday, still, just.

Generally, this is the year of cons (and, actually, the year of doing fandom and writing a little differently from how I've been doing them the last ten years or so; maybe more on that when I've quite figured it out). Vidukon is a couple of months away, alarmingly - that's Cardiff at the end of June - and I am allegedly doing the Race and Culture track at Nine Worlds in August. (If you are a non-white fan who's interested in participating on a panel (particularly a fannish panel) for goodness' sake tell me. Comment here, email!) Nine Worlds, by the way, has by far been my best con experience (con qua con, that is, not the company I kept there, because the ladies I go to Nine Worlds with sometimes put up with my face at other times of year) because it basically combines the best parts of cons like BP with the big commercial cons. Each individual track is a small, 100-attendee con, maybe? But there are so many tracks it's like you can go to several simultaneously, while running into everyone you've ever met, or so it seems. (It makes me feel like a rockstar, anyway!) I need to think about it some more.

Next up, maybe a review of The Oversight, and definitely one about Seanan McGuire's October Daye series, but first, sleep.


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