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I wanted to get this finished in time for the last episode of SG1. I, um, didn't. (I know you're shocked.) And you may wonder why I bothered to write up an introduction post for a show that a) has been around for 10 years and b) is now over.

I could come up with lots of excuses - "It's really about the fandom" and "What more perfect time to write an intro than when we know it won't be obsolete in a year?" and "The heart wants what it wants" - but, face it, they'd all pretty much suck. So instead, I'll say: that's just how I roll, people.

Plus, I love this fandom a lot. And I'm not saying goodbye to it. Not at all.

Stargate SG1: we'll always have fandom. )
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I'm just curious, really. I have a lot of half-finished FIHL posts sitting on my hard drive - all the ones listed below are somewhere between 1% and 80% complete - and I guess, now that I've finished with Smallville, I'm feeling a little...unfocused.

Pointers, anyone?

ETA: I have already done (in reverse order) Smallville, Stargate: Atlantis, The Fast and the Furious, Oz, Ocean's 11, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Master & Commander, due South, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Sentinel, and Lord of the Rings. Those can all be found at my Fandoms I Have Loved tag.

ETA2: Allow me to smack my forehead in a painful fashion, because I completely forgot to put on the poll two others that I have in progress: Harry Potter and the DCU. Memo to me: no more posting polls late at night.

[Poll #720893]
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This FIHL is dedicated to [ profile] svmadelyn, who was supposed to get it in, um, February. To her, I say:
  1. See? Eventually, I come through.
  2. But it's entirely possible that you'll die of waiting, or just age out of the project altogether, in the interim.
Recently, I said to the document on my computer screen, "Ah-ha, Mr. Unclear Sentence, we meet again. The last time, I was but the learner, but...wait. The last time was in Chapter 4. How did you get here?" And I realized that I needed to take a break from work if I wanted my brain to work ever again.

It seemed obvious, given the content of my speech to the computer monitor, that Smallville was the place to go.

Welcome to Smallville, Kansas. Population: Mutant. Elevation: Slashy. )
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And, yes, I do resent the need to use two colons in the title. The Stargate people need to ease off on the punctuation a bit.

I probably should've done the SG-1 FIHL before this one, but that one's indefinitely stalled. (Look, you try summarizing nine seasons of a show you've never seen a minute of; I mean, the character deaths (permanent), character deaths (prolonged), character deaths (temporary), and character deaths (bait and switch) alone would take fifteen pages, which pages are already extant at Arduinna's phenomenal Stargate Handbook, thank god.) Whereas I still have a shot at finishing this one. Shall we begin? (Note: this is a Fandoms I Have Loved, so spoilers will abound after the cut tag.)

Fandom: SGA. Apparent motto: You will be assimilated. )
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You can love a fandom without knowing the canon. I've proved this many times, with The Sentinel first and due South probably the best. The Fast and the Furious proved to me that I could love a fandom while finding the canon laughable. At best.

Slash can do terrible things to a girl. For example, it made me rent The Fast and the Furious. I am not in any way interested in car porn, no matter how sleek and shiny and speedy said vehicles are. I am not in any way interested in Vin Diesel, and I cringe when I watch him try to act because I'm afraid a vein is going to blow in his forehead. And they'd still put it in the final edit. (I'll be completely honest and admit that I have another problem with him. The first movie I saw him in was xXx, where he looked like he was trying to send a subtle message with his wardrobe. Whether that message was "Even this outfit cannot make me crack a smile" or "I want the wardrobe supervisor and will wear anything to get near that hot, hot body" or "I am being held hostage on a New Zealand sheep farm by a renegade producer who is forcing me make bad movies! Send help!" was not something I could figure out before I fell asleep.) So I did not catch TFATF in the theater. But then, like, thousands of great writers started writing in this fandom, and I had to succumb.

It's a miracle engine powered by homoerotic sexual tension and bad dialog! Dom, get Brian immediately! )
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I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to Oz, I know nothing. But when has that ever stopped me before? Roll on with the FIHL, and if I get it wrong, hey, just tell me so.

Oz is a TV show. About a maximum-security prison. That did its damnedest to show prison life the way it really is. And it was written by Tom Fontana. This is all the warning any sane person should require; translated, it says "do not watch Oz or read Oz FF." I've managed to avoid watching the show, but I've succumbed to the fic, albeit in a horror-show, hands-over-the-eyes, reading-between-my-fingers kind of way.

Oz: the Fandom I Don't Want to Love (That Is Apparently Going to Make Me Its Bitch Anyway) )
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This is actually more like an Obscure Fandom You Should Love (tm [ profile] q_skud_; see her Heyer post). Or maybe a Fandom I Wish I Could Love. Because, actually, there's not much of a there there in this fandom. But there should be. Oh, there should be.

Sister, can you spare some slash? )
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Today I realized I was more than halfway through Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Or, actually, I realized my Best Beloved was, but more on that later.) What better way to celebrate my approaching familiarity – or, rather, acquaintance – with this fine series than by writing a Fandoms I Have Loved for it? Sure, some people might say you should get to know the whole canon before, you know, writing about it or summarizing it for others. Those people would be wrong. Obviously.

Giles have I loved, but Angel have I hated. And I'm still fairly undecided about Buffy herself. )
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I read the first few Patrick O'Brian novels when I was in college. I had to stop when I developed a hatred of Diana so intense the books simply smoldered in my hands. In 2003 I started over again after promising myself that I wouldn't let Diana get to me. After that vow bit the dust, I made another one: that I wouldn't let that evil, doctor-tormenting creature stand between me and some damn fine reading chock full of slashy goodness. That turned out to be the right attitude.

Deck ahoy! Slash sighted off the port bow! All hands make ready! Beat to quarters! )
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This was a tough FIHL to write, because I have a level of love for this fandom that is almost unhealthy. It's my safety blanket in a cold world full of torture and incest and character death; it's the fandom I turn to when I've just finished two Buffy stories and a long HP that started with the war and ended with a mass funeral. So it's hard for me to take a step back and look at this fandom through the eyes of a stranger, as it were, which is really pretty comical when I think about how recently I became a DS reader.

Before I embarked on DS, I got helpful hints from Fametracker's Gwenyvere1, but I know nothing about the actual show. I've never seen an episode and I'd never heard of the show before I started seeing the name on FF. It took me a while to figure some things out, including, notably, the whole Ray K/Ray V thing, and some of the theories I formed in the interim were as strange as – well, as strange as the canon truth, in this particular case. And canon truth is, generally, pretty strange in DS. Also – surprisingly – fairly grim. Because despite the humor that apparently filled the series and certainly fills the FF, this is not the world's happiest canon, folks. Let's just take a little look at the characters, shall we?

Come and see the tragedy inherent in the canon. )
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No law says I have to do my fandoms in chronological order, folks. And when I realized I had a set of drunkfics waiting to be nominated and I had a PotC FIHL post ready to go - well, who am I to ignore what is clearly the mandate of fate?

This is my longest FIHL yet, so it should be no surprise to anyone that this is the fandom I know the least about. I probably don't know enough about it to consider myself a real fan, even. And there's two reasons for that: Disneyland and Orlando Bloom. Let's take them in order, shall we?

You must be at least this tall to pillage, plunder, rifle, or loot these characters. )
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The Sentinel was my first television fandom, so it was also the first fandom I entered without even the vaguest clue about the canon. I’ve learned a lot of helpful tricks for moving smoothly into unfamiliar territory, but I didn’t know them then, so I experienced some confusion at first. And when I say “some confusion,” I mean “an enormous amount.” I didn’t understand anything – for a while, I actually had (embarrassing confession time) The Sentinel and The Professionals mixed up.

I got that sorted after a while, but it made for some very interesting reading in the interim. Also some very interesting questions. ("Is Blair the ex-mercenary?" "What part of England is Cascade supposed to be in?" And so on. Looking back, it was a remarkably pathetic time.)

More on Bodie/Blair, Jim/Doyle, and other entirely mythological creatures. )
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Note: This is the start of an ongoing series that will take a look at the fandoms I read - what I think of them, what I want from them, and how you can read FF in them even if you don't know the canon. I've had this series waiting for a while; I've been hesitating to post any of the essays, because I know that's not why people come here. Ardent (aka [ profile] ardent_muses) said she'd be interested in reading the Due South FIHL, so I've decided to post at least a few of them. I have to begin, obviously, with my first fandom: Lord of the Rings.

I know I'm not the only one the Lord of the Rings movies led into the darkness of fan fiction. Some days, in fact, I suspect I have approximately the entire population of the western hemisphere for company. Lawyers looking for new class action lawsuits should probably check into this; New Line and Jackson have a lot of money, and there's been a lot of pain and suffering and lost work time as a result of their recent behavior, if you see where I'm going with this.

My sordid history with the One Ring, the Nine Walkers, and an estimated 7 million identical, terrible stories, not to mention all the identical, terrible fangirls. )


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