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There is a lot, quite a lot, of fic involving Methos and soulbonds. In fact there was a whole subset of the fandom, back in the day, that derived itself from that one scene in canon (which is never explained nor mentioned again) where Methos and Mac have a spontaneous glowy conduit between them through which they share souls.

Buffy + various vampires has her own set of soulbonds, too. And there was at least one really highly rec'ced Sherlock fic (which I haven't read yet) where Sherlock, I believe, was Mycroft's soul, or something like that.

Most of those stories use the soulbond to change the characters, or at least fundamentally change the way they relate, though. It's sort of a shorthand for forcing characters into settled relationships and lives when they otherwise wouldn't, and it can be amazingly idtastically good that way.

On the other hand though what I loved so much about the Generation Kill story you rec'ced is that it doesn't do that - Nate and Brad don't have to change their lives, they just keep doing what they're doing, and add this one little wonderful secret to it. I want there to be more soulbond stories like that.

(I also really liked Eccentric Isolated Instances, which was rec'd to me on [community profile] kink_finders, and is MCR RPS. If you want to discuss inappropriate people to get soulbonded to, how about your brother's boyfriend?)

...I have to admit that it my private shipping my favorite soulbond pairings are the ones that are incredibly doomed no matter what, where the relationship is so broken that you can tell that even a soulbond won't fix things. Doctor/Master is my favorite - you can write a reasonable canon story that has them having been soulbonded all through canon and it really, really doesn't make anything better.

Similarly: Xavier/Magneto. XMFC fandom has come out with some stories where a soulbond fixes them, but there are at least as many where they were soulbonded all along and it didn't change canon, it just made their dreams less lonely in the decades when they were enemies.

(I also still want to write the XF story where the Cigarette Smoking Man and Mulder's Mom got accidentally soulbonded as a result of that time when he healed her stroke, and that their soulbond was the direct cause of her subsequently committing suicide and him hiding out in the Arctic and engaging in dangerous experimental brain surgery on himself, etc., because, um, that would explain a lot, but I am never going to actually write it, because it would also be horrendously depressing.)

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