aderam: (Me Like Hockey)
Aderam ([personal profile] aderam) wrote in [personal profile] thefourthvine 2012-02-19 02:29 am (UTC)

Yay Hockey! I would also suggest watching a game on the TV before paying to see a live game - especially if there is no AHL level hockey in your area. - because when it's on TV the commentators usually tell you what's going on. Which is important. Even after playing hockey since I was eight, I often have to rely on the commentators to tell me what's happening, but that might be related to the amount of beer I've drank and how much attention I'm paying to the game.

You should be able to pay for a single game of either the Ducks or Kings through NHL game centre (from the team websites) for a reasonable price (it's about $3 CDN up here for Canucks games) with high quality streaming. And there are several illegal options, although generally the picture quality is poor and sometimes hard to understand even if you do know what's going on.

In the debate of Ducks vs Kings (which I saw in some of your earlier comments). I hate the Kings less than the Ducks. Admittedly not much of a recommendation, but still. Also the Kings are better this year. My uncle used to work for the Ducks, but left because the organization was not good people. I have respect for the Kings even though I personally don't like them that much.

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