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Hockey! I would suggest, based on the two very small games I have been to (I live in Australia, so):
- Dress warmly. It's an ice sport! Which means the arena will be cold. So obvious, but just in case. (idk, maybe your arena will be warmer, but I have my doubts. Everyone in the crowd always seems to be rugged up in their coats.)
- Enjoy the opportunity to kind of shout randomly. While generally discouraged on the streets, it's quite a lot of fun.
- Try and work out some of the referee's signals before you go, because there are a lot of them and it's hard to work out what they all mean. (I assumed I'd be able to work it out from how everyone else reacted, but - no.) In particular, there's the washout signal, which basically means you might have thought that was icing or a goal, but you were wrong. Everyone responds to this signal by continuing on as they were, which makes it particularly confusing if you don't know what it means. It's the one where they look like they're imitating a scarecrow.
- Try and get your head around icing and the offside rule.*
- Even after having done the latter two steps, give up any hope of knowing wtf is going on.

*(Icing: Intentionally shooting the puck from behind the centre red line over your opponent's goal line. The play is halted and a face-off taken on the side of the infraction, nearest the goal line in the defending team's end.

Off-Side: When a player precedes the puck into the attacking zone i.e. crosses the opponents blue line without the puck. The play is halted and restarted with a face-off outside of the attacking zone.)

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