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There are lots of good game watching suggestions the comments! But there's one thing I found very useful to learn as a newbie sports fan, which is: sometimes you will have no idea what just happened. This is ok! It's still fun even if you're not quite sure what just happened/is happening/is about to happen (and sometimes all three at once).

I say this based on my experience of becoming a sporting fan, where I was initially concerned about my ignorance. (Last season I decided to start going to a-league (the Australian professional football/soccer league) games after a lifetime of sporting indifference.) Football is a bit more straightforward than ice hockey and I previously played field hockey, which is a similar sport to football, but still the were (and still are) times where the ref blew his whistle and I had no idea what happened, and at first I was a bit concerned, but then I realised that I was still having fun so what did it matter if I wasn't always on top of things?

I've also been to some of the Australian ice hockey league's games, and even when I've been baffled at what they were doing (I even went to two games by myself and had no-one to ask) it was fun.

The nice thing about sport is that, at its very essence, it is quite simple. The team with more points than the other team wins. Conveniently, they keep track of this for you on the scoreboard, so you can always be up to date on the essential part of the game. The other bits are enjoyable, sure, but even if you don't quite get them all you can always be up with the key happenings.

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