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leroux ([personal profile] leroux) wrote in [personal profile] thefourthvine 2012-02-19 09:02 am (UTC)

I have been to lots of hockey games! I FEEL LIKE AN EXPERT. THIS IS GREAT.

1) Hockey games are fun to watch even if you aren't an expert. All you really need to know is which goalie is your goalie, and cheer when the puck is far away from your goalie. Everything else is icing on the cake (heh, icing). I actually think I enjoy hockey games less now that I can critique my team's performance, but that also may have something to do with age. And the fact that the Canucks have rarely won when I've watched them at Rogers. My record is 1-4-1. :|

2) I'm not so good with crowds but am fine with hockey games because the crowd is quite organized. Much closer to "busy day at the library" than "Stanley Cup riot". Don't know if that is relevant for you, but thought I'd share. Also, the lower bowl is often less rowdy than the upper, particularly at the top of the lower bowl (which also has the best sightlines, in my opinion).

3) I've never been to the Staples Center but I have been to Honda, and it was quite nice. The Ducks would get my vote for team to see anyway, because they can actually put pucks in the net and they're on a desperate playoff push that should get quite exciting. Also Teemu Selanne is a legend and in his 40s, and everyone with an opportunity to see him play should take it while they can. He's amazing.

4) If crowds are really really not your thing I recommend a regular season game over a playoff game, both because crowds always pick up during the playoffs and because regular season tickets will be cheaper and thus less of a loss if you end up needing to excuse yourself or just not enjoying it.

5) It will be quite loud. Bring earplugs. Many people do. Also bring a sweater, scarf, and possibly mitts. It's not quite cold but it isn't warm, either, and you'll be in there for three hours.

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