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spinfrog ([personal profile] spinfrog) wrote in [personal profile] thefourthvine 2012-08-28 02:01 am (UTC)

Oh man! I know the fic you may or may not be writing is probably about Sid, but I would totally read Jeff Carter the expensive hooker and the hockey player who doesn't pay him for sex or even Kaner accidentally drunkenly divorces Tazer!! Weeee! (I am guessing that in last, Flyers, one Giroux is traight and Danny isn't?)

Other anti-tropes I can think of:

1. Anti-sex pollen
2. Not cuddling for warmth :P
3. Aging (opposite of de-aging?)
4. Someone only *pretending* to be a mail order bride
5. Tiny penis!!!
6. Not being abducted by pirates
7. Tazer secretly has a drinking problem and Kaner saves him
8. "Cinderella" isn't interested in the "prince"
9. the UN-collaring
10. Clumsiness (IN-competence) kink
11. Two people think they're about to die and they DON'T have sex or confess their love..
12. Everyone thinks Sid is a virgin, but he's secretly a total player, with mistresses in every hockey city!
13. A LIE-spell (someone can't tell the truth)
14. Your UN-friendly neighborhood barista! \o/

:D? :D?

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