thefourthvine: Geno Malkin and Sidney Crosby wish each other good luck. (Hockey Geno/Sid)
Keep Hoping Machine Running ([personal profile] thefourthvine) wrote 2013-06-24 07:05 pm (UTC)

OH MY GOD, Taylor and Jordan and just... can you be so dumb you're brilliant? Boys. BOYS. This is why they need a threesome with someone to mind them both and steer them gently out of danger. BOYS.

TRUTH. Gosh are they going to be surprised when their marriage makes headlines and they have to go on TV TALK SHOWS during the OFFSEASON, what is this injustice? Over a simple bro marriage? It was such a brilliant plan, too! Like, Jordan had had an awful breakup, and Taylor couldn't keep a girlfriend, and they wanted to play together forever - marriage was the obvious solution, right? RIGHT?

This is awful and horrible and I'm unreading it right now. Because Danny doesn't deserve to have to retire, ever, and he can play forever nyah.

Um. Sorry. Let's not speak of it.

This one is my favorite. If I get to vote on which one becomes an epic series, I vote for this one. I love how Anze understands and isn't threatened by Bobby's reactions.

Anze Kopitar is the BEST. True facts.

Of course it's a secret from Carter. He won't catch on until their second anniversary -- and I laughed at Tazer and Kaner being the ones in on the plans. I can only imagine how badly Tazer fucked up his attempts to domesticate Kaner before just luring him in with sex.

Jeff will just be so confused by how everyone on the team, but especially Richie, gets pissed off at him the ONE TIME he hooks up with a lady. Like. Is the Kings version of a Dry Island pledge a Chaste Island pledge? What the actual fuck is going on here?

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