thefourthvine: An exclamation point.  (!)
Keep Hoping Machine Running ([personal profile] thefourthvine) wrote 2014-10-19 10:53 pm (UTC)

WAIT WAIT WAIT. Remember I said they were the most fun books I couldn't recommend? I wasn't kidding. I love them for the pacing, the enemy, and Augustus (and Farragut), but there's a whole MAJOR PART OF THE PLOT that is horrifying (the romance of Kerry Blue and T.R. Steele, which basically all the misogyny and extreme authorial confusion about how romance works and what romantic even is, all in one giant basket labeled NO), plus less-prominent horrifying elements too long to list. I liked the series because a) fun and b) I've been reading hard and military SF since my teens, so I have learned to put up with a LOT of crap in pursuit of spaceships, robots, seven pages of explanation of abstruse theorems, or far futures where everyone is a computer program. But if you're not like that, just the description of Kerry Blue alone is enough to send you shrieking into the night.

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