Alex ([personal profile] alexbayleaf) wrote in [personal profile] thefourthvine 2015-10-19 08:33 am (UTC)

Oh boy, historical farm is the best! I actually love Green Valley best of all tbh but that's partly because I was already a Stuart Peachey fan (I had several pamphlets of his including a very informative one about salads 1580-1660, what, shut up) and I also loved Chloe as the animal expert, so having those two as well was a bonus for me. And Alex and Peter being young and fresh faced and, like, being kinda SURPRISED that ploughing takes so long, vs now where my Personal Historical Farm Drinking Game starts: "episode 1, plough problems, DRINK." Also, can we just spare a moment for the wonder of that wartime all-carrot Christmas dinner? Best.

Btw if you are up for recs I highly recommend all historical documentaries by Dr Lucy Worsley. She likes playing dress ups and is a huge nerd and I fangirl her lots. Start with her series on the history of rooms (bathroom, kitchen, etc), which is on YouTube, and I think is the most Ruth Goodmanesque of them. Also IIRC [personal profile] oursin shows up at some point in one of the doccos but it might not be in that series, I forget.

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