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Days of Love 3

Look here, look back, look ahead, by [profile] marinarusalk. Avengers, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark.

This one is going in a Days of Love rec (rather than, you know, a normal set) for a single reason: I can't classify it. I mean, okay, it's a wonderful adventure story featuring Nazis and secret castles and lashings of hurt/comfort, but I don't know if it's an AU or not. Or I guess it would be more accurate to say that I don't know if it's a canon AU or a fan fiction AU or both. If you aren't confused, it must not be comics fandom, that's my motto.

But I don't care. This is fantastic. It's got Steve and Tony having adventures in Transylvania involving a creepy and legendary evil, and there are no pointy teeth anywhere. (Although, man, is Transylvania just unusually stocked with grim legends or what? I don't recall, like, Devon or Iowa having quite this kind of reputation. Maybe I'm just reading the wrong stories. Maybe there are a lot of stories about the unique eeeeeeevil lurking in Dubuque. "Beware of the place of three Us, traveler, or you will not see the corn ripen again." I guess Albuquerque would be in some trouble on that score, too.) Plus, it is a deeply awesome legend. I like vampires as much as the next girl, provided the next girl is not, say, Bella - never have I ever been impregnated by a vampire, and while I'm on the topic, why did I never play Literary Never Have I Ever while I was still playing drinking games? - but I am totally ready for fantasy novels to switch over to this legend for a while. (Oooo, urban fantasy featuring a graduate of this school. I'd pay money for that.)

And I really love how this story handles the Steve/Tony. I'm not going to go into it in too much detail here, because I don't want to spoil it, but I will say that midway through there is one of those scenes that leaves me wanting to applaud the author like she just did a backflip through a circle of fire, because it's an argument in which I am on both sides simultaneously. They're both right! And they completely disagree with each other! That is a sign of characters that are real people, right there. (In real life, when this happens it's just depressing. But in fiction, it's awesome.)

Anyway. This is wonderful. And I love it. And I love you. And you know how you always want to introduce the people you love to each other, providing they are not members of your family of origin? That's how I feel about this story. Go be happy together, fandom and fanwork! You're going to get along. (And in fact most of you have probably made out with this story and taken it home at least time. IGNORING THAT.)
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Astolat wrote a HP fic using the Scholomance. I think it might actually be called the Scholomance series? Draco goes there because plot, I think, and then the end battle of Hogwarts is a little different.
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You haven't heard? Every fourth year, Iowa is descended upon by hoards of vicious soul-rending beasts in human guise. We locals are tasked with discerning the true humans from these abominations, whereupon the candidates who are most likely human are encouraged to roam the country in the hopes that the remaining monsters will not be able to maintain the number of followers sufficient to feed without revealing their true nature. We're just coming out of a cycle now, even; I hear some places call it a "presidential race"?

*coughs* Seriously, though, give me five minutes with my dad's Iowa-related book collection and I'll find you something. If nothing else, we can stretch Field of Dreams until there's portals into both heaven and hell wherever you can't see the road through the corn, and you must be careful walking through 'cuz it can be really hard to tell which is which. (Watch me latch onto the least relevant part of your rec yet again, sigh.)
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But local folklore is cool!
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I'm definitely on board the Folklore Is Cool train, I just never caught much of Iowa's. I guess I was just too distracted by the Devonian Fossil Gorge, the mid-continent gravity anomaly, and the dunklyo-whatsit and giant sloth and mammoths and such. Oh, and the VLBA, though that's not been here quite as long.

Edit: Okay, I take it back somewhat. There is the Haunted Bookshop, but it was named that before it actually got a ghost, and I don't know if it followed the store to its new location or not. It was actually sorta-haunted at its old location, though.
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Oh, neat, Devonian Brachiopods! My college has a bunch of Brachiopod encrusted limestone blocks as retention walls, I love those things.
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The fossils were some of the coolest things to come out of the flood of '93, IMO. And the rocks are just so full of things, it amazes me still. I need to go visit again when it's more consistently warm around here.
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Okay, I'm honestly embarrassed that I forgot about this one, but we have the Black Angel. Which, after checking with Dad, is pretty much as close as we come. Well, Presidential Locusts (I am so stealing that name) and local Zombie March chapter aside (fun timing in 2007 for the march, tho). There might be some more stuff closer to the Mississippi, but the river's somewhat less of an Iowa-specific phenomenon. Edit: Oh right, we've also got Zadar. But he's an acquired taste. [/edit]

For a more sci-fi angle, I'm going to mention the local VLBA station, if only because this is the best chance I have of someone somewhere coming across this and getting the extra joke. See, a friend of the family works there, and he told us he got the job because he knows Jack; anyone else would have trouble, 'cuz they don't know jack. In my brief affair with Stargate fandom, my brain happily tittered away with that scrap of info. Sadly, I doubt anyone will ever do anything with it.
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okay, wait. is there canon where tony is alive and and adult in 1941? I'm confused. I mean, I'll read it regardless, but I thought that was Howard's era.

AU, eh?
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I'm hardly a comics expert, but I believe it's set in this universe:
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[personal profile] princessofgeeks 2012-02-18 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)
thank you! that makes sense.
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I've taken to assuming that there's canon to support anything in Marvel. There's a universe where Steve marries an always!a!girl!Tony; nothing surprises me anymore.
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Wait, hold on, that's canon? That's a genderswap AU that has Steve/Tony OTP as its premise. Did... did the entire comics industry turn into well-funded fanart and nobody told me? Should I... read canon?
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It's a long standing tradition, really - after all, this is an industry that many years ago canonically made Superboy the test tube baby of Superman and Lex Luthor.
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[personal profile] princessofgeeks 2012-02-18 10:44 pm (UTC)(link)
canon au's FTW!!!!!
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It's got good interaction, but it's yanking me out of the story that in 1941 Stark is telling all and sundry to call him by his first name. It's got no 1940s feel; it's more like an AU in which WWII was in the eighties. :/
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I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM WHEN I RECCED THIS: AU or not? I discovered the answer was 'not', but oh, comics. SO CONFUSING.
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i love that. i really do.
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This is the comment I left on AO3 for the author:

I don't-. I. Um. *clears throat*


1. Here via the rec by thefourthvine.
2. I don't know why. She has a knack for convincing me to click links, I don't know. *shrugs*
3. I have seen Iron Man and Iron Man 2 with the fabulous Robert Downey, Jr.
4. I have not seen Captain America.
5. I have not read ANY of the comics.
6. Ever.
7. I only vaguely know what "noir" means. I can't give a reasonable definition, but when I hear the word, my brain conjures up images of old-timey, black-and-white detective mysteries.
8. I don't understand - in any way, shape, or form - references like "Nick and Nora" (who? what? am I missing something?) or "Jarvis" (isn't Jarvis the name of the computer in the Iron Man movies, the one that Tony programmed and talks to in his secret little lab? I know nothing about anything important, ever).
9. I don't like slash. At all.

Yet despite all of these things, all I want to do is read this gorgeous piece of work again and contemplate ways to legally hitch myself to it for life. I don't know why. I haven't figured out yet how to analyze all the little pieces that go into making this up. Just-. Thank you. For coming up with it, and posting it so that thefourthvine could find it and rec it and convince me to click on stuff a random internet stranger I enjoy deems worthy of love and recognition.

So, um. Thanks for reccing? *wanders off, still baffled how this happened*
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You know, I actually live in Iowa, and I can tell you, you SHOULD avoid Dubuque.
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Basically, yes and no.

No, because anywhere in Iowa except for Iowa City is too boring for evil.

Yes, because too boring for evil essentially means that that is where evil will lurk.