Jan. 1st, 2010

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For Yuletide, I wrote There's No I in Team (Sports Night, Casey McCall/Dan Rydell), continuing my tradition of writing the longest story I've ever finished for Yuletide. Because I like to put my betas through hell, that's why!

(I keep thinking that one year my betas are just going to disappear, and next I hear of them, they will be on a tropical island, drinking fruity drinks and badmouthing me. So, you know, I'd like to thank them for resisting the urge thus far. Q ([profile] qe2), [personal profile] norah, and [personal profile] minervacat, I love you, and I promise to stop starting sentences with "and" real soon.)

Also, I would just like to repeat that I got amazing gifts, and you should all go read them, because I would like the people who wrote for me to get all the comments in the world. Now with authors! Note the new Motherlover story, which was a treat and not available for relishing during the last post. (Um. I don't need to warn you all, I hope, that the Motherlover stories define not work safe.)


Sentimental Reasons, by Frostfire, aka [profile] frostfire_17.

Sam in Casablanca, by David Hines, aka [personal profile] hradzka.

It Had to Be You, by [personal profile] karaokegal.


Cookies and MILF, by [personal profile] jozpierce.

New! Next Best Idea They Ever Had, by Flora, aka [personal profile] florahart.
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Based on the title, I thought this was going to be about a planet right on the edge of a singularity. But it's about time travel instead, and time travel is one of my all-time narrative kinks, so I don't mind.

But who the fuck edited this? The episode doesn't look internally consistent. At all. Close-ups often look out of synch with the rest of the shots to me, but this ep is particularly bad about that for some reason; all the close-ups look like they were shot on a different planet. And why, oh god WHY, are so many of these shots extreme close-ups? Close-ups that show JUST THE HEAD? (Producers! Directors! You're paying for the actors' whole bodies! Why not show me them?)

We join the Enterprise, already in orbit. )
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Thus far, we've been watching TOS mostly off of a Best of Star Trek DVD that appears to be marketed solely to me. ("You met Kirk and Spock as young men on the big screen, now join them on their later journeys." Yes, I know. The comma problem bothers me, too.)

So, now Best Beloved and I are arguing over whether or not to buy Star Trek: TOS. (BB: You like them. You never like TV. We should get them! Me: Have you seen what they cost? That's ridiculous! For that price, Leonard Nimoy should deliver them to me in person!)

Help us out, please. The three-season set works out to be cheaper per season, though it's still nothing like a bargain, but I've heard the third seasons sucks. Also, FYI, I can't obtain these through less legal means if I want to watch very many of them; I need subtitles.

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